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Multiple traffic sources: Why you should diversify your traffic sources

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Have you thought about how you should use multiple traffic sources? I think you should, every business needs multiple ways to generate traffic.

Multiple traffic sourcesImage: Pixabay

What is a traffic source?

A traffic source is any type of platform that sends visitors to your website. There are paid traffic sources and free traffic sources that you can use.

Using multiple traffic sources means you should also create multiple content for different platforms. In this case your content marketing strategy needs to be introduced.

This will help you whether you are into affiliate marketing or any internet marketing business. Even if you run an offline business that requires local seo marketing.

You can turn the visitors into leads or subscribers. Those subscribers can be turned into customers or clients.

If you have an online business you will need multiple traffic sources. Having one type of traffic source can lead to disappointments and loss of money.

In case one traffic source does not do well you should have multiple backups.

It happens a lot that one traffic source just doesn’t perform to its expectations.

Which is why you need to diversify your traffic sources.

Having a few or multiple traffic sources that will backup the other will give you an advantage than having one.

You need to design a strategic plan on how you are going to manage your multiple traffic sources.

You need to follow the plan and grow your traffic in each and every traffic source that you choose.

Here’s how you should diversify your traffic sources:

Use organic traffic

Organic traffic should be the first on your list, why? Because it is free traffic and it last longer and it can be lifetime traffic. You should not throw away a free traffic source.

But the first thing that you should have is a blog. If you don’t have a blog it is not going to be easy to get continuous organic traffic so you website. So you need to start a blog first. You might want to know how search engines work so that you can promote a blog effectively.

It takes time to build organic traffic compared to paid traffic, but the rewards are higher.

You need to apply search engine optimization on your web pages to get organic traffic.

SEO includes two types, on page seo and off page seo. Both types SEO’s play a good role in search engines. You can optimize your on page seo manually whenever you write blog posts.

With off page seo you need to apply inbound marketing or seo link building. Which means you will be building links from other websites that point to your website.

Using both methods on page and off page seo increase your chances if ranking high on Google. Your potential customers need to see you on the first page of SERP.

If you want organic traffic you need to focus on white hat seo techniques. The use of black hat seo techniques can lead to search engines penalizing you.

While using white hat, seo can help you get traffic to your website on a daily basis.

Over all, organic traffic should be the first traffic source that you utilize.

organic traffic - multiple traffic sourcesImage: Pixabay

Use paid search traffic

Paid traffic can come in many ways but the most valuable is paid search traffic. Is also known as Pay Per Click or PPC, the leading pay per click is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Pay per click is the best traffic source in paid search advertising.

With PPC you can target the exact people who are searching for your product using targeted keywords. This means you can get target traffic with pay per click.

You only pay when some clicks on your ad. The main aim of Google Adwords is to reduce your cost and improve your results.

This source of traffic can yield good results in a short period of time if utilized properly. Keyword research is vital when it comes to PPC.

You should research your competitors most ranked for keywords and target them with a better strategy.

You need to find long tail keywords that have a high click through rate. This can be your second best traffic source or even your number source of traffic.

But never rely on it alone no matter how good it gets. I believe that is the reason you are here.

While you are still building your organic traffic you can use paid advertising.

Other types of PPC are Bing advertising and Yahoo advertising. These two have joined hands so when you buy traffic on Bing you can also appear on Yahoo.

They might not be as good as Google though, but are still a valuable traffic source you can use. You should use them, this is to help you diversify your traffic sources.

Use multiple social media networks

You can build your social media profiles for social media optimization. Social networks are one of the good traffic sources.

You need to diversify your traffic sources with the inclusion of social media.

You should choose at least four or as many social media networks as you can handle. Choosing too many of them can be overwhelming though. So pick a few that you can use to get traffic to your website.

The most popular social networks that you should have are:

Facebook – it has many users compared to all social networks. It makes it easy for you to promote whatever product or services you might be providing.

With facebook you have many options to promote, you can use a facebook page, promote in groups, post on your wall or use facebook ads.

Facebook ads are a paid version and they might be helpful. You can target people you have similar interest to your product. You can target them by age, geo location and gender and so on.

Twitter – Is one of the largest social networks with hundreds of millions of users. Is a great tool to help you diversify your traffic source.

Twitter can bring a lot of traffic if used well. You can extract small text content from your content marketing strategy and use it as tweets.

With Twitter you can also keep track of what your followers say about your brand. You can engage with them almost anytime.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is another major social network. It might not be as good as facebook and twitter but it can bring good traffic.

Create your business profile on LinkedIn and connect with prospects. Post regularly and build your profile to be attractive to users.

You should always include your website url when posting and include images. Your profile might build up over some time and you could start receiving good traffic.

Another good thing about LinkedIn is that Google ranks LinkedIn content high. So having a profile on Linkedin gives a bit of advantage.

You should use other social networks as well, like Instagram, Flickr, Mix and other social bookmarking sites to bookmark your posts..

Using different social networks can be a great backup. It is surely a good way to diversify your traffic, they good way to have multiple traffic sources.

Use email marketing

Not only can it act as additional multiple traffic sources but it can act as a way to get targeted traffic. Email marketing has been one of the best traffic sources for most internet marketers. It still continues to be one of the leading ways to build leads.

With a great email marketing strategy you can get traffic to your website. This can be done over and over when you send email newsletters.

You need to create attractive campaigns that will help you build a list. Building and growing your list can help you with constant traffic.

In some occasions you will have to include your website url on your campaigns. You can only exclude your site url if you want to direct a user to a sales page.

Using the email marketing strategy can also help you with targeted leads and also with re-targeting.

Use videos marketing

Videos have been on a rise in the past few years. Most social networks have included videos as one of their main features.

YouTube videos have received over 400 Billion views in one day. This shows how many people prefer watching videos instead of reading articles.

You should implement an online video marketing strategy in your marketing. Having videos is surely a great way to diversify your traffic sources and get more traffic.

Video marketing should be part of your content creation strategy because it brings more traffic and is free as well.

With social networks as well you can build traffic by posting videos on regular bases. Facebook has become one of the social networks for video marketing.

We can not exclude other social networks like the ones mentioned above. Twitter, and LinkedIn, and even other social networks allow you to do video promotions.

multiple traffic sources - podcast

Image by Pixabay

Make use of Podcasts

You can add a podcast as one of your many ways to get traffic. Starting a podcast can be one valuable traffic source that can bring constant customers.

A podcast can help those who want to consume your content by listening to an audio.

You can take the videos that you have created and turn them into audio. Take that audio and upload it on iTunes or any website designed for audio content.

Then take that audio and embed it on your blog. That will make it easy for your site visitors to get it.

Make use of forums

Forums have been available online for a long time and have been bringing traffic for many people. They will help in building multiple traffic sources. You should consider forums that are in your niche and participate on them.

There’s also almost a forum for every niche. If you are in the food and cooking online business you can find a lot of forums related to food and cooking forums.

Also with forums you should not just post your link, answer peoples questions and provide valuable content which should be the one on your blog.

Some of the forums that you can look at are:

Reddit – Reddit is a big forum that has sub forums in it called SubReddits. This means you can find a SubReddit for food, music, programming and more. Use that Reddit as an additional way to diversify your traffic sources.

Quora – this one of the biggest forums that also has many questions users tend to ask. Find related questions and start answering them and share your links on some occasions.

Keep track of your traffic sources

Now that you have diversified your traffic sources, you will need to track them. You have to analyse how each one is performing.

Is it bringing traffic or not? If not, look at where you should improve.

The best free tool to track website performance is to use Google Analytics. You can also find other website analysis tools that you can use.

Is good to see all of your traffic sources in one place, this makes your job easier. Manage each traffic source and grow it and keep on analyzing their results.


I hope this blog post was helpful. I believe you have found some valuable information about building multiple traffic sources. This should help you in most of your online business or even if you are running an offline business.

If you have any questions I would be happy to assist you and give you more tips. Or maybe you have an additional traffic source that I did not specify here, you are welcome to share. I know there are too many traffic sources that one can use, but you can not know all of them.

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