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How to get organic traffic to your website

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Whenever you build a website you will need ways on how to get organic traffic to your website. After building a website or blog you will have to get traffic to it or the site will die.

You need to obtain website visitors in a natural manner, to do that you have to implement some search engine optimization on your website pages so they can rank high on search engines.

Then turn your site visitors into frequent visitors, subscribers and/or possibly customers. But first you will need ways on how to get organic traffic to your website, which is more vital than paid traffic.

There’s a huge distinction between organic traffic and paid traffic, they both have their own limitations but organic traffic always seems to have an upper hand because once built, you can obtain natural traffic for a long time compared to paid traffic.

Receiving site traffic is what internet marketers long for, it is the source of making money online, without it an online marketer will not go far. So as an internet marketer you need to master the art of obtaining organic traffic, it should be on your top priorities.

What is organic traffic?

Most definitely you would want to know and understand what organic traffic is or what it is about. Organic traffic is part of search engine optimization which is a technique used by search engines to retrieve and rank web pages.

Put in another way, organic traffic is a form of receiving site visitors in a manner which search engines prefer. Search engines rely on keyword search for them to show search results.

The results are chosen from thousands or millions of web pages based on the keywords specified by the search engine user while doing their search query.

One of the first things to do is to do a thorough analysis of your keywords you wish to include in your blog or website.

You have to do proper keyword research, Keyword analysis gives you statistics for including, short-tail and long tail keywords.

Keyword analysis is done through a process called “Keyword Research”, this process is very vital on how to get organic traffic to your website and rank high on search engines.

For that you will need several tools. There are many keyword research tools that will help you accomplish a good keyword analysis. One of the main keyword research tools is the Google Keyword Planner.

Doing your keyword analysis to obtain traffic should include keyword competition. Knowing in due point about your competition will increase your probability in getting traffic and also reduce inefficient time.

In your keyword research you should select long tail keywords. Long-Tail keywords are good in channeling organic traffic to websites and are more advantageous in that they have high specific intent, low search volume, low competition, they also have high conversion rate and those are three or more letter words.

On Page Optimization

High organic traffic is mostly increased by on page optimization. By optimizing your page for search engines you stand a good chance of ranking high. You have to consider on page seo before you publish your web page or post in your blog. There’s also some great on-page search optimization tools and if you are using WordPress then you can use the YoastSEO plugin.

On Page Optimization Include:

Site URL – Make your URL readable for both human and search engines, Include your long tail keyword eg, if your chosen keyword for that page is “blue woman skirts”, your URL should look like this

Post Title – Ideal for the H2 tag. Your post title should be a short description of your whole page, and it should include your focus keyword as well.

Subheading – In your subheading you should have your focus keyword and you should use the head tags, H3, H4 instead of just using the bold tag.

Meta Tag – The meta description tag, which is a place where you give a brief paragraph description of your web page. Be creative with it and as usual your focus keyword should be in the paragraph. Your search results include this description when they are displayed for users.

Keyword Density – In your main body of your page you should include not more than 4% your keywords, this is known as Keyword Density, 2-4% to be exact, stick to that simple rule in your writing.

Images – Optimize your images for SEO, give clear names for each image and also your ALT image tag.

Home page optimization

While optimizing your website to get organic traffic you might forget to optimize your homepage which is as important in sending traffic to your site, so do not forget.

Increase your site’s speed, and the home page will also load faster.

Have links to the most important pages in your site on your home page. You can do that on the header or footer section of your website or blog.

When optimizing your home page target your most relevant keywords that you would like to be known with

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization also plays a good part on how to get organic traffic to your website and you should add it on your list. This is the thing that you will have to do outside of your blog to get organic traffic. Basically off page optimization is promoting your website or blog posts in other big sites that have great user interactions.

Social media is good when it comes to off page optimization. You should market your content on social media networks. As we all know by now, Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and more, they will send a lot of traffic to your blog.

By constantly sharing content on social media you are building a big long list of quality organic traffic. You should also be active in groups on your niche in Facebook and other social networks to build your brand.

Link building

Get quality backlinks, backlinks will build a lot of good traffic to your site. Connect with other bloggers, comment on their posts, do guest blogging and ask for back links to your site, you should also link to other sites on your blog.

Also part of link building, you should find forums that are related to your blog. Sign up and participate in some of the blogs and build a reputation for yourself, answer questions related to the blog posts you have written and share your link if possible.

In return you will get a lot of backlinks to your blog, which is good for getting organic traffic. The more your site has quality backlinks from big interactive websites the better.

In your link building list include directories. Similar to forums you should add your content and links to as many directories as you can. Find directories that are close to what you are doing, market your services there an link back to your specific pages

There are a lot of directories online, free and premium ones. If you have a good budget you can upgrade your plan or buy ads so that your content can display in most viewed sections of the directories.


Search engines love fresh content so having a blog can be a great way to get organic traffic to your website. Make blogging part of your website.

If your website is just a static site you should consider adding a blog section to it. Blogs have high chances of getting organic traffic since they are dynamic. If you don’t have time to write your own blog posts, hire someone who can write at least one or two posts per month for you.

Do a lot of guest blogging, it offers some good quality traffic from other bloggers. Feature in the top sites in your niche. Organic traffic will eventually start to increase as you share more pasts and get mentioned in big blogs.

Write for humans

Write quality content, your content should be readable for humans. If English is not your native language just like me, it might seem a bit hard to come up with words, but of course you can improve over time.

You should check your grammar and misspellings and correct them before publishing, do some proofreading, before you publish your post. I’m also a victim of such, sometimes I might not give myself a bit of time to recheck my work and go live, then later come back and rectify my mistakes.

Increase website loading Speed

Increase your website loading speed. Search engines are interested in how fast it takes for your web pages to load. The faster your page loads the better for seo.

Find tools to increase your website loading speed, I use W3 Total Cache and Pingdom which are good WordPress plugins for loading your site.

Submitting your site on search engines

Submit your website in all the major search engines, by submitting your site you ensure search engines can crawl and index your site and list it amongst the best ranked sites in your niche. There are plugins designed specifically for that, just a click on a button and your website is in all the main search engines, this is an easy way on how to get organic traffic to your website.

Sitemap – Create a site map for your website. A site map is a collection of all the links in your website. Create it and upload it in the file host of your website. When search engines crawl your site they get to see the link connection of your.

Website Analysis

Do a website analysis once or more often to see how your website or blog is performing, you can use Google Analysis Tool for that.

Once you start getting traffic, check where the traffic is coming from and which pages your visitors visit most. Regularly analyzing your website can give you a chance to improve your website pages.

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