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Free traffic sources to promote your website

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Everyone needs free traffic sources to promote their businesses. Traffic is the most important thing to a website. If a website does not get traffic it dies, and no one would like to see that happen to their site.

So as a website owner you need to find multiple traffic sources that you can use. Having many traffic generation platforms is always a good thing. It gives more options than having one.

Using free traffic does not mean you should exclude paid traffic sources. Paid traffic is also necessary because of its nature, it has more of an advantage.

With paid traffic like PPC you will get targeted traffic in most cases especially if you use search engine marketing. But here’s a thing with free traffic sources you get long lasting traffic.

Is very important to use both traffic sources though because you will get different results for both of them.

In this post I’m going to share some of the most important traffic sources. I wouldn’t say pick the ones that you like but I’d say use most of them.

Free traffic sources that should feature in your business promotion


Blogging is something that some people or some companies don’t think about. While it should be the first free traffic source on your mind. Starting a blog is easy and it brings free traffic to your website if done right.

What you need to focus on is to start a blog then write content and optimize your pages. Is really that simple, you need to write as much content as possible.

Content is king when it comes to online advertising or digital marketing.So blogging is one of the easy ways to drive traffic to your business.

Choose a self hosted domain

There are many free blogging platforms such and but I wouldn’t recommend them. You need a self hosted blog because it has more advantages compared to free blogs.

It is more difficult to customize a free blog than a self hosted domain. And it is also not easy to make money with a free blog. But all in all blogging brings more traffic than some traffic sources. Or perhaps I should say blogging should be the center of all your traffic sources in your business.

You will have to learn how to promote a blog in order to get maximum traffic. Doing so will help you generate traffic even while you’re sleeping. Find out how you can choose a web hosting company for your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With search engine optimization you are surely going to get free traffic to your website. It is actually the main traffic generation for bloggers. This method has come a long way, since the beginning of the internet.

The SEO strategy takes more time than most free traffic sources but it works like magic ones perfected. It lasts longer than paid traffic and you might not have to work on it again.

For you to rank your web pages high and appear on the search engine results pages(SERP) you apply on page seo and off page seo. The aim is to appear on page one of Google when people search your product.

Both techniques are crucial, on page seo focuses on optimizing your pages with different things. It includes inserting keywords on your title, meta title, meta description and the body. It also involves optimizing your images and including internal links on your text.

While off page seo mainly focuses on building seo backlinks which are links that point to your website. With seo you build natural backlinks on SERPs which are the most important backlinks.

These links will drive traffic to your website which is free traffic. That is the reason why we classify SEO as a free traffic source.

You need to build as many backlinks to your website as you possibly can. Optimizing your page with on page seo alone is not gonna work. You should have backlinks as well, find places where you can share your website url or your posts. That will drive traffic back to your website.

Social media

Using social networks is another way to drive free traffic to your site. All social networks have the paid option though, it is up to you if you want to use it or not. But you can still get good traffic without paying.

Knowing how to use social media marketing effectively always helps if you are doing online marketing. By just including social share buttons on your website or blog you increase your chances of free traffic.

You can create business pages for your business or for your website. Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google plus and many more, they all give you a choice to create business pages.

You can share your content and videos on those pages. That will also help you engage with your readers and get comments like and retweets. That’s the easy way to drive traffic to your website through this network.

Your traffic can increase exponentially if you use social networks the right way. You can also build a lot of following without paying a cent.

Social networks are some of the best free traffic sources by far. If you don’t have a social media presence you are loosing a lot of free traffic. You need to put more focus on it ASAP.

Email marketing

If you had already built a list before then it would be better for when it comes to email marketing. Your if you have not they you should start now. Build an email list so that you can capture emails for future prospects.

There are many free email tools that can help you build a list. They might not be as favorable as the premium ones but they are good to get you started.

Whenever you use email marketing your emails should be spam compliant. This would avoid you any trouble, test your emails several times and make sure the settings are correct.

Once you build your list, your email subscribers can be the first free traffic that you get. You will be able to share your recent posts with them, which can send traffic back to your website.


Taking videos for your business is now one of the things you should do when looking for traffic. YouTube is a great platform for online video marketing and a free traffic platform.

You can take videos and teach people about your products or services. Take video tutorials or small video clips and go through step step processes.

Even 3 minutes videos can have a great impact on your online marketing. The amount of people who are watching videos is growing every day. Your YouTube videos can also be shared on your social network pages.

Embedding your videos on your website is also a good way to grow your views. Your YouTube videos should get more views and you should also consider getting subscribers.

By doing so you will be multiplying your traffic and growing your brand. As you keep on making more videos the more traffic you will receive. Video marketing is one of the good free traffic sources that you should include.

There are other video platforms that you can try. Vimeo is one of the biggest traffic sources that is not utilized by many. But you can tap into it and see how it works for you.


Find forums that are related to your business and start sharing your knowledge there. Forums are free platforms where you can share your skills. You just need to sign up and find topics that are related to your niche.

In some cases you might have to help answer some of the questions posted there. You can answer those questions then share your links so that they can read more.

You should provide helpful information that will be beneficial to most people who might have the same problem. People will start being aware of your help then start following on blog and social networks.

Some of the big forums that you can use as free traffic sources are:

Reddit – You can find a subreddit in your niche and start participating on it.

Quora – This is one of the biggest forums where you can find many questions related to your niche.


A podcast is an audio version of a blog post. Podcasts are good for anyone who wants to get free traffic. It can be an additional free traffic source. You can just record your voice while explaining everything about a particular topic.

Using a podcast you can go deeper and make your listeners fully understand you. This can be a good traffic source and it would work for you to share it in the right places.

Guest Blogging

With guest blogging you get to write blog posts for your peers, or other bloggers. You should find other bloggers in your niche that you can work with.

Help each other by writing articles for each other then have links back to your website. You can do the same for them as well.

Take your guest blogging seriously so that you write quality posts that would be read by many people. Make sure that you don’t include broken links on your guest posts.

Doing guest blogging might seem difficult but is not and you should consider it. You will get free traffic as you keep on doing more guest posts.

Answer Sites

There’s few answer sites online, you can answer people’s questions and have links to your site. The most popular answer sites are AOL answers and Yahoo Answers.

You can find questions that are related to what you already wrote about. You should make sure that you provide good answers so that people can trust you.

Blog commenting

Commenting might be similar to using answer sites. You find blogs that have related topics to yours. You might find that the writer left something out. Or you might find some questions that might not have been answered by a blogger.

That’s when you should provide the answer and if you have a full post dedicated to that question then share your link. You should provide value as well in guest blogging.


When it comes to directories you might have many options to get free traffic. Directories are not the best kind of free traffic sources which is why I listed them at the bottom.

They are not much valued by search engines but you can choose a few that you can use. Place your ads and have links to your website. You might get a few clicks if you are lucky. In most cases it will depend on the type of business you are doing.

In some directories you can place free ads even though Google believes there are only two directories that can give you good traffic. Those are DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. These directories will charge you a fee for listing your site on them.

Niche Directories can also bring good traffic since the are related to your business. Some niche directories are free and some are not, find the free ones.

Article sites

This is similar to guest blogging, you can either get paid to write articles or you can have links to your site. If you write good quality articles then your links might be helpful.

There are many websites that will pay for writing articles you can earn from $30 per article. If your email is to get traffic back to your site, you can get up to 3 links to your site.

Is always wise to use multiple traffic sources to get more traffic on a website. These free traffic sources are one of many traffic sources that you can choose from.


I hope this article was of good use to you. And you have found some interesting free traffic sources for your website. Please note that free traffic might not help you get targeted traffic but it should be used. If you want targeted traffic consider looking at paid traffic. More especially paid search traffic or pay per click advertising.

If you still have questions you are welcome to as I would be happy to assist you. Or you might have something to add on this post that I left out. You are welcome to share your opinions or other free traffic sources that you might have.

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