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How to build your social media presence

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how to build social media presence

You should be having a few social networks on your name by now to build your social media presence. If you have not opened any social network accounts yet then you should start now.

Social media is a way of connecting with people, sharing ideas, and interacting. You should treat it as such but don’t forget that it is also a platform to engage with potential customers. One other important thing, You get to promote your products or services to a wider audience.

Social media will also help you get traffic to your blog or website with ease. It is a very good way to share your content and drive traffic to your sites.

I will now go a bit deeper into social networking sites that you can use to create profiles on. They all serve different purposes and can be used for specific content.

But first you need to understand that in some of these social networks for you to build a social media presence you need to provide a real name and surname. In some of them if they find that you have provided false information your accounts can be closed.

But if you are serious about your personal brand or business then why would you provide false information about yourself? Though in some of these social networks a username is fine for it to be used on your profile.

Here are some of the social networks you can use to build your social media presence:

  • Twitter

Also known as a microblogging site, which allows users to type up to 140 characters per post, which are called tweets. This is one of the largest social media networks in the world with over 250 million users.

Twitter provides the fastest way to get your message out to the audience. It can be used by individuals, companies and government agencies.

People can tweet and retweet their messages. If someone retweets your posts you should thank them cause they are making your messages go viral.

You should also put more focus on building followers because they are the ones who see your tweets. And they are also more likely to give your retweets. With a single tweet you can reach a very wide audience in a few seconds.

  • Facebook

The leading social network with 200 million plus users. Facebook can be used for many things, you can use it for personal stuff, socializing, branding and building relationships.

If you are running a blog then Facebook is the first social network you should have a presence on. Facebook is built for all types of businesses and organizations.

You can create a Facebook page dedicated to your type of business or even a website. Other features of facebook are Facebook Groups that you can manage for yourself or being a member. You can use the groups to educate, entertain or promote your business.

Facebook marketing also includes social paid advertising. In case you are someone who has a budget, you can sponsor your ads and send traffic to them.

  • LinkedIn

A social network built for business and processionals. LinkedIn has over 200 million users which is a huge number of potential customers or readers.

The best thing is to have a completed profile which includes the most important things about your profession. Don’t forget to include your website url and other links on your profile.

You can then connect with individuals all over the world and build a network of highly respected professionals.

Focus on creating a business page for your business or for your blog or website. You can also benefit more on LinkedIn Groups and question areas, where you can share your knowledge.

  • Google+

The Google social network that can be used for business or personal stuff. Google+ is good for connecting with people and also for Live video Hangouts. You can share everything from posts to images and other types of social content.

Google has integrated Google+ results into their search engines so by posting on Google+ you increase your chances of being found on the google search engine.

  • Instagram

This social network is built for image sharing, whereby you can share your images with millions of users.  There’s over 90 million photos being shared on Instagram per day.

The only drawback is that it runs on mobile devices only.

If you are into blogging then this is a good platform for you to share your post images. This will help drive traffic to your website and get more visitors.

  • YouTube

A good social network for video hosting, sharing and online video marketing. This is a video platform owned by Google. With YouTube you can create videos about almost anything and upload them via any device for the world to view.

You need a YouTube account to publish videos. All users can upload videos of up to 15 minutes long. But if your account is not verified you can publish much longer videos.

You can embed your YouTube videos on your website or blog and can share them on other social networks. Similar to google+, your YouTube videos can be optimized for search engines to rank high on SERPs.

  • SlideShare

This is a different kind of social network, is not just a social network to build your social media presence on,  is good for sharing your presentations. You can use SlideShare to host your presentations.

Create your powerpoint slides and upload them on your SlideShare account.

You can also create videos and audio files and embed them in your presentations. You can also integrate your SlideShare presentations to other social networks.

Having too many social network accounts can be difficult to manage, so choose only the ones that you can handle. If you can’t do your social media management then it would be hard for you to achieve your goals.

Is very important to get found on social media because most people spend most of their time on social networks. The ones listed above are big and can serve you with all your needs. But If you want other networking sites though you can look at the ones below.

Additional social networks to use:

  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp

A few social media tips for your business if you want to build your social media presence:

You should post content on your social network accounts on daily or weekly bases. In order for you to establish yourself on social media you need to be consistent.

Share all your blog posts on this networks to drive traffic to your site. Sharing your blog posts helps you with link building which is good for seo.

Including images or a video when posting on your channels, images and videos are very attractive to the eye.

Engage with your followers or fans on regular bases so that they see that you pay attention to them.

Retweet or share other people’s posts on your wall so that they can do the same for you. But only choose the relevant posts, images, videos or tweets.

Once you know how to build social media presence you can be able to help others. Is one of the best online business ideas you can start from nothing. You can create a work from home job with this idea. Here are just some useful social media guidelines to help you succeed in building social media presence for your business.

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