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How to do seo link building for your site?

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If you have been trying to figure out about seo link building then this post will explain just that. In order to do well with seo, find out how search engines work so that things can be better for you.

In the beginning of the internet you only had a few ways to move around the internet. Either someone had to share the website url with you or just have to have the link to that site since there were no search engines.

Now we have search engines but the link sharing is still being used and seems to be powerful.

What’s good about link sharing now, is that it is recognized by search engines. Though in the early days of the internet some people abused the technique.

Some people would link their sites to none relevant sites, trying to rank high on search engines.

It was all about quantity instead of quality links, getting a huge number of sites linking back to your site.

It worked for a while until search engines like Google realized that there are people who are misusing it. Then changed their algorithm, which caused a lot of sites to lose their high ranging status.

Though in search engine optimization you have to apply the seo link building technique in order to rank high. You still need to use it wisely so that Google does not penalize your site.

The emphasis of having links in your website

It seems like I have already covered this, but I strongly believe in emphasizing it.

If you have created a website but no one knows about it then there’s no point in having it. There’s a saying that goes like “What good is knowledge if no one can find and use it”.

The same goes with your website. What good is your website if no one can find it?

The actual job of seo links is to help your website rank high on search engines or get traffic to your site, mostly organic traffic. Even though you can use paid traffic it still works for search engine rankings.

A web page that does not have links is like living in isolation. But the more people know about it the more it comes alive.

When creating a website or starting a blog, all your web site pages should include links both internal and external links.

This should be considered to be on top of the list so that your seo link building can have more power. Apply the link building strategy also for mobile seo  strategy.

The importance of internal linking

Before you think about getting backlinks you should first consider internal links.

This link strategy falls under on page optimization. Internal links are one of the most important techniques you can use to increase your rankings.

Your web pages should be interlinked to each other. It also makes it easy for your site visitors to move around your website.

If search engines crawl your site and do not find any links to it, they might ignore your web pages.

When linking your web pages you should do it in a manner that will be tolerated by search engines.

For example, when you link within your content do not link to another page using the focus keyword. You can use supporting keywords, and only link to the most important pages of your site.

And also your links should be visible, do not try to hide them or put too many links in unnecessary places.

Another good technique is to link within your sidebar or footer section of your blog or website.

Choose the most important pages and internal link them in either one of those areas.

If you have written a blog post and feel it is important then have a few related links to it within your blog.

By doing so, Google will see that your page is important and automatically rank it high.

What’s good about this seo link building strategy is that it is manual, you can do it when publishing your posts.

How about backlinks?

Getting links that are pointed to your website is every internet marketer’s dream. But just like I’ve mentioned above, you should aim for quality backlinks not quantity.

There’s many ways to get seo backlinks, some are free, some are paid methods. But the most important thing is getting quality backlinks.

When it comes to getting backlinks you can find free methods and paid methods.

Another great thing is that there are many free seo tools that can help you get quality backlinks. We’ll discuss those tools later in this very same post.

Even though getting links that come to your website can be time consuming, you still need to do it.

When doing your seo link building you should look for only relevant websites to link to. Linking to non relevant sites can cause your site to slide down the SERPs in search engines.

There’s no point in linking your site to a web page that does not relate to your site content.

Example, if you are blogging about food, you would like to have other food bloggers link to your pages. Another big food blog or site can increase traffic to your own blog.

Do you see any point of linking a food blog to a tech blog? Obviously not. You need to find those like minded bloggers or websites and link to them to increase your traffic.

By using this seo link building strategy, search engines will start to recognize your blog as one of the main authority sites and rank it high.

How to find backlinks

This strategy falls under off page optimization. Finding backlinks is one of the longest and time consuming methods in search engine optimization.

But we need this strategy to get quality traffic to our sites. So let’s look at ways you can use to get links back to your site.

Guest posting

This strategy here is one of the best strategies to get quality backlinks from authoritative sites. Wring posts for other people in your niche can get many backlinks.

Most people are reluctant to do guest posting because the thought of giving away their content haunts them.

Yet again they fail to understand that in return they will get more than their single post. The recognition and amount of traffic they will receive will be more than they bargained for.

Try guest blogging and see what happens, you are likely to do it over and over if you see the results.

The focus of guest blogging is not to have a backlink immediately, but to get recognition or being mentioned on a big website.

You need to write good quality content the same way you write on your blog. By doing so you could get more people wanting to guest post for them.

When that happens you will eventually start getting backlinks to your blog. In that instance the seo link building would have been accomplished successfully.

Here are 13 Reasons why you should do guest posting

Commenting on similar niche post

If you can target your niche post and comment on them you can get blog commenting links. Also in this one you should not just post links all over the comment section.

You should get to know the blog owner and the people participating in that blog post.

Once in a while a question will arise that could need your link. That would be quality seo link building.

Participate in Forums

Start posting on forums and answering some of the questions related to your niche. I am a member of the internet pro club which is an online forum for anyone who wants to understand how online businesses work and more.

There are many people who are looking for the answers to some relevant blog posts you are writing.

Be a regular in your niche forums and be “a go to guy”, try to understand everything you can about your topic.

One of the trusted forums is Reddit, there’s a subsection for almost everything on Reddit.

People ask questions all the time there, some of the questions can be answered by your blog articles. You can share your link with them on those questions.

Social media links

This is another great method, social media networks can help you get a lot of seo links. Social networks are very big now, building a great following and sharing your knowledge on them is a good technique.

Be a member of many groups on Facebook since Facebook is the biggest social network in the world.

Build other social media profiles, and target like minded people who you can learn from, can learn from you.

Submit on directories

There’s too many directories online and they can help you get links to your site.

Try finding online directories that are related to your blog or web site content and submit your site there.

If you have enough budget you can buy ads on those directories and appear on the front page.

You should check how the directory is performing before buying an ad on it.

Social bookmarking

Use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your web pages on different social sites. There are many social bookmarking sites you can find online. Learn how to do social bookmarking here.

SEO link building tools

There’s many tools that can help you build links faster for your blog or website. Some of the seo link building tools are good for showing link prospects. I’ll try to show you just a few of them here.

It helps to have a few tools to work with, some of them are free.

  • Open site Explorer from Moz – This tool can help you analyze backlinks and compare seo backlinks of your competitors
  • WordTracker link builder – You can check and analyse your own links and competitors links, you can find relevant sites to link to and many more.
  • C Block Backlinks Checker – Helps you study how competitive the marketplace is by viewing c blocks that are linked to your competition.
  • Backlink Analyzer – sort competitors links

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