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Social media management for small businesses and individuals

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Whether you run an offline small business, large business or are doing online marketing you need social media management. You can either do it yourself or get someone to do it for you.

What is social media management?

Social media has grown to be one of the biggest platforms for everyone in the world. With social media you can connect with individuals, your potential customers, build an audience, become part of a world community. You can do all that through multiple social networks.

Social networks are social platforms that allow you to create and post powerful content. Your content can be distributed through the platforms to reach a wider audience.

Social media management is a strategy of using multiple tools and techniques to bring all your social network accounts under one administration. 

It includes creating your social media content, posting, content sharing, retweeting and analyzing the performances for all accounts. All of this can be provided through the social media management services.

Choose the most effective social networks

There are too many social networks to choose from which makes it overwhelming to monitor them. This makes social media administration come to the equation. Every company needs someone or a social media team to take care of their social network accounts.

It should come down to selecting the most effective social networks that will bring results for the business. Choosing a non effective social network or being unable to take advantage of how the social network works can be costly. This can bring a low cost or low return on investment and could be a waste of time.

The time taken to create and monitor the account and also the costs of running social media campaigns is important.

The most effective social networks include:

Facebook – This is the leading social network in the world with over 2 billion users. Suitable for individuals and good for engaging and building client relationships. business

Twitter – this a microblogging site that allows you to post up to 140 characters per tweet. Great for news releases and building a brand following.

LinkedIn – Build for businesses and a must have. You can create a professional looking business profile and drive traffic to it.

GooglePlus – A social network from google. It can be used to share posts, images, videos and can drive traffic to your website.

YouTube – A video driven social site from google. It is the second best search engine after Google.

Pinterest – A social network designed for picture sharing. Great for anyone who wants to promote their brand through images.

SlideShare – This is not just a social media site but a slide sharing using powerpoint.

Instagram – Almost similar to Pinterest but runs on mobile devices, is good for image sharing as well.

Blogs – Are one way to get traffic to your website and good for sharing latest news and reports. They allow you to engage with customers and build relationships.

These social networks work whether you run a solo business or a multiple employee business. Social media marketing is a great online marketing that can be used as inbound marketing.

Responsibilities of a social media management team:

  • Posting relevant content on the company’s social network accounts related to the business. Consistently adding new content keeps members coming. This includes videos and images. In fact videos and images do very well on social media because they tend to be attractive to the eyes.
  • Sharing valuable content from other people in your social network. This can be a good way to connect with your customers and build close relationships. The content should be relevant to the business and to other members as well. This can be done well on Facebook and re-tweeting on twitter.
  • Checking comments on various posts and responding to most of them. The more a post gets comments on Facebook or other networks the higher it ranks. It makes it easy for other people to see it. Comments should be monitored so that the negative comments should be dealt with accordingly.
  • Creating and monitoring blog posts for business blogs. A blog is another way to share company’s latest news and updates. Blogs can get traffic to your website through SEO, social networks and through videos. Social share can also be integrated to your blog for readers to share on their social media accounts.
  • Ask and respond to questions on those accounts. By asking questions on social media you get quick responses and can grow your business like that. You can also take related questions to your products or services from members or customers and answer them to improve your business. This can be a short way to customer service.

Use social media management services:

There are many ways you can get quality social media services for your business. Depending on your business size and budget. You can either hire a social media specialist, assistant or use the service of a social media management company.

This should be done wisely so that you can get good ROI. Hiring a social media assistant might be good for a small company or for individuals like celebrities. While a social media company might be good for medium to large companies.

The assistant should be skillful enough to understand your needs and be able to deliver on time. They should be able to use the necessary tools and analyse how the platforms perform. Likewise with the social media company, it should be able to give results.

The easy way to go about requesting services, you should ask for previous work. Social media is more like search engine optimization and search engine marketing, previous work results can be shown.

Social media management tools to choose from:

SproutSocial – A great social media management tool that allows you to manage and analyse your social media accounts in a single dashboard.

Hootsuite – Similar to SproutSocial, If you are looking for another tool that allows you to manage multiple social network accounts in one dashboard then hootsuite is that tool. You can either use a free version or upgrade to a paid version of this tool.

MarketMeSuite – This tool allows you to manage multiple social network accounts including the big ones Facebook and Twitter. It allows multiple users to use it simultaneously and lets you build customer relationships.

Brandwatch – As its name states, you can watch how many times your brand has been mentioned online. This is a more advanced tool and is a bit pricey. At 500 Euro per month you can analyse your brand performance but is more suitable for bigger companies with a lot of brand mentions.

Apply social media analysis

Is very important that your social media management analyse the performance of your social media accounts. Social media analysis gives you full results on all of your platforms. You can see which accounts are performing well and give you good results. The analysis can also show which ones are underperforming and which need leverage.

Some social media tools can do all the social media analysis at once. The most common tool to use is Google Analytics which is very good for website traffic analysis as well. But for a more advanced analysis you can use Buffer which can help you with all social networks.

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