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Social media marketing: how to do social media marketing for your business

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All businesses require social media marketing to build business awareness, engage with customers and generate leads and make sales. This blog post will bring insight into the most interesting marketing on the internet.

Many people want to use social media for a good course but don’t know where to start. There’s lots of potential in social networks, those who have seen it, are making their profits out of it.

Are you one of those who want to learn how to do social media marketing? Perhaps you have just started your internet marketing career or you have a small offline business that you would like to create an online presence for, well you’ve come to the right post. I will share some of the interesting tools and give you some tips about social network marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that uses the web and social networks for promoting products, services, entertainment and more. It is also a way used by companies to build trust, make awareness, and communicate with customers.

One of the most lucrative internet marketing strategies apart from email marketing is the social media marketing strategy.

Social media falls under Web 2.0 which is a combination of online technologies that came in the mid 2000’s.

Online marketing has changed the way people do business and do their marketing. In recent times social media has been one of the tools to let businesses build social media presence.

This allows them to engage with prospects, share their work, and build leads. When businesses engage with potential customers it makes it easy for them to make sales.

What is social media for?

Social media is good for communication and building social communities that can unite through the web or online. It is also good for building trust between those individuals, communities, businesses and governments.

How to use social media?

You can use social media to implement a social network marketing strategy for your online or offline business. If you also wish to start an online business, you should also consider looking at building a social media strategy. Since social media is being used by mostly bloggers or internet marketer it can also play a big role for small to medium companies.

What should one do to build a solid social media marketing strategy?

  • Have a clear goal

Set a time period that will assist you to achieve your goal. It takes six months to build a solid social media profile. Start by creating social media profiles that you can use for posting and sharing.

  • Start planning

Plan your social media marketing strategy on time before opening accounts. You should also plan your posts, decide what type of posts you want. Draft them on your word document or slides. Include images and videos in your posts.

  • Be consistent

Post on regular bases, if possible daily or weekly but not monthly because people are not will not recognize you. You can once in the morning and once in the afternoon if you have enough time.

Share your latest awards if you have won any in recent times. Include pictures in most of your posts or tweets, images have a higher conversion rate compared to text.

  • Engage with prospects

Engage with your customers and comment on your own post and their posts as well. Share or retweet other people’s posts if they have posted something relevant and interesting to share. Stay active in your profiles and encourage people to like, comment or retweet.

  • Do not over sell

Do not post about your business products or services all the time. Mix your posts with other interesting but irrelevant posts. Those could be places you have visited, waterfalls , mountains, road trips, rivers, animal resorts and so on.

  • Do the monitoring

Monitor your online performance, look at which posts bring more engagements and try to up scale the dull ones.

Create and upload videos in some of your posts. All social networks give you the option to upload a video. Develop a content strategy that you can use for most of your posts across different platforms. Find out about the social media guidelines that can help you improve.

Social media marketing networks

Here’s a list of popular social networks that you can optimize. You can use them for your social media optimization strategy to get traffic to your website in few months.

Facebook – The leading social network, it has over 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook is ideal for internet marketing for internet marketers, small to large companies and governments.

You can create a personal account and build a facebook page for your business. It does not end there, you can also create groups where you can share information with your audience.

Another great advantage with facebook is that you can buy ads. That is also known as Facebook Advertising or Marketing. Facebook ads can be targeted for people with special interest, the age, geographical area and more.

With facebook ads you can run your ad campaigns from as little as $5 a day. Facebook ads are considered to be the cheapest in the social media industry.

Twitter – One of the largest social networks that you can use for social media marketing. Twitter uses what’s called micro blogging. It allows you to post small messages of up to 150 characters called tweets.

Twitter also works well for internet marketing purposes. As a twitter user you can build a twitter page for your business and customize it the way you want.

Customizing it can include placing the company logo as a profile image, changing the background and including the website url.

LinkedIn – This social network was built for business purposes, it lets companies place their profiles and job openings. It also allows job seekers to update their personal accounts and set them as cv’s.

It works well for most job seekers but anyone can use it as an online marketing tool. You can design a business profile which you can use to share with your prospects.

YouTube – This is actually the second largest social network in the world after Facebook. It has over 800 million unique monthly visitors. Is idea for those who want to do video marketing, but it also works well for engaging with customers.

YouTube is owned by Google, so if you rank high on YouTube you can also rank high on Google. With YouTube you can also do what is called viral marketing, by creating interesting videos that can easily be shared.

The search engine optimization techniques also work when creating YouTube videos. You can optimize your videos for search engines and youtube users themselves. This will allow your videos to rank high when users search anything related to your content.

One can also customize their YouTube channel with profile images and backgrounds. You can build subscribers, the more subscribers the more viewers when you upload videos.

GooglePlus – Another social network platform from google. You can also share your posts on google+ and let your followers share or and a +1 to it. Having more +1’s you get to rank high on google.

Instagram – Instagram is an image related social network, you can upload your images and write a snippet text. Another social network similar to instagram is Flickr

SlideShare – The name explains itself, if you need a place where you can create and share slides this is the place. This network is appropriate for businesses who need to share their presentations with the public.

If we try to name all of the social networks in this blog post we could end up with over 200 networks. Instead we’ll share a special post dedicated to social media marketing sites.

Decide on which social networks you will start with, create profiles and build a following. You can start with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Managing too many social network profiles can be overwhelming.

Use social media management tools to manage your social network profiles in one place. Some of the popular tools that you can use include:

  • Hootsuite – This tool has a free version and a premium version for bigger accounts. You can manage all your social network profiles with this tool. It is available online for signup.
  • Sprout Social – You can use Sprout Social to manage all your profiles in one place.
  • Social Analytics – Measure your social media efforts on Google+ and other social networks including your blog and website.

Find the social media management techniques here, to better manage your social media campaigns.

Integrate your blogging platform with your social media marketing strategy and your email marketing strategy.

Install social share plugins on your blog. Allow your readers to share your posts on their profiles. This strategy will increase traffic on your blog.

You should also add the buttons on your email marketing campaigns. Let your subscribers share your content via their emails through their profiles.

Hire someone to manage your social network profiles

If you are too busy to take care of your social media marketing strategy, then consider hiring someone. There could be too much on your plate, taking care of the day to day tasks of your business might be too much.

Find someone within your area who can handle everything from planning, posting, engaging with customers and analyzing the social media networks data. You can also use the service of a freelancer or a social media marketing company.


I would like to end this blog post here, I hope you got some value on this post about social media marketing. And you will start implementing an effective social network strategy that will benefit your business or internet marketing.

Please note that most internet marketing strategies work well with a blog or website. If you don’t have one, learn how to start a blog as soon as possible. Share this article with your friends and family, allow them to learn as well.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask I would be happy to help. In case you have something to add on this post please do so, let’s see your marketing strategies.

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