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Internet Marketing Strategy: A all in one marketing guide

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A business that has no internet marketing strategy is missing out. Millions of customers are online, using the internet daily.

The internet is one giant ocean which streams water to big rivers. Those big rivers have a way of pouring back those water, back to the giant ocean.

Should one understand the flow of data within the internet system, one will build a successful stream of marketing strategies.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is a way of promoting your services or products online. This is a type of digital marketing that has been adopted by many small to medium companies. It has been perfected by internet marketers and bloggers.

Since the inception of the internet some companies and individuals have been able to leverage their marketing efforts.

It allows you to bring value, generate leads, engage with customers, build close relations and make sales. There’s also a lot of inbound marketing strategies within internet marketing.

That’s what the internet marketing strategy allows you to do. It does not follow the old boring traditional marketing strategy whereby a company focuses on making sales without engaging customers.

One major advantage of internet marketing is cost efficient and the high return of investment that can be highly appreciated by most business owners.

Though internet marketing is not a replacement to traditional marketing but an additional marketing strategy which can also stand alone.

Other companies depend mainly on internet marketing to get customers. If those companies are able to achieve such tremendous results, so can you.

Internet marketing has multiple marketing strategies which can be broken into separate marketing strategies.

Most of the marketing strategies will be covered on this blog post and they include SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Search Marketing and more.

Each one of these topics have been covered in their own dedicated blog posts. This on their own are broad topics that when combined make the internet marketing strategy.

Here’s a step by step guide that will help you leverage your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Start a blog or website

For a business to be found online, it has to have a website or a blog. It is highly recommended that you start a blog on your business website.

In order for you to start a blog you will need a domain name and a hosting account. You will also need a blogging platform, a great blogging platform is you can download it and install it in your hosting account.

A blog can help you get more traffic to your website. It also allows you to interact or engage with customers. You should start a blog so that you can share the latest news on your business.

If it is your personal website then you can also blog about yourself. Write about the things that you’ve been up to recently, places you have visited, food you like, music and so on.

On the business side of things you can share the latest upgrades, the new office space you’ve moved to. I’m sure you can think of many things you can blog about.

Use a call to action on your posts, ask your users questions or what would they like to see you doing. This will help you connect more with your customers and other potential customers. Engage with them in the comment section of your blog.

The more comments your blog receives the higher it will rank on search engines.

Content writing and content marketing

Whenever you start a blog post, you should have a way to approach your content writing. Proper content writing includes keyword research.

Keyword research is the core of your writing, you have to choose keywords that are being used by your prospects. These are the keywords used by most users who are searching for your product or service.

Usually these are long tail keywords, keywords that have more intent base and a high click through rate. Also they are easy to rank for on search engines. Don’t worry about some of the things I write here you will understand as you read.

As I said, proper keyword research will allow you to write great content for your website or blog post. This will help you in your content marketing strategy. Your content writing skills will also be featured in your email marketing strategy and newsletters.

One other thing that can help you is to write long content, say between 300 words and 3000 words. A reaching 3000 words in your posts will surely give you an upper hand in search engines.

Search engines are all about ranking text content, the more content you have the better. When writing your content you should do seo writing and think about people as well.

If you can not write all of that content on your own, you can hire someone to do it for you. Content writers can charge from $5 on Fiverr per post, up to $500 or any amount for bigger articles.

Another website that you might want to look at is Upwork. Or look for someone in your area, someone who has the skills and a passion for writing. Content writing will boost your internet marketing strategy, if done right.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique used to get organic traffic to your website. After creating you website and writing content you should optimize it for search engines.

The search engine optimization strategy is one of the search engine marketing strategies that is widely used by internet marketers. Including this strategy your online advertising is advantageous to your business.

You can use the seo techniques to send traffic not only to your website but your landing pages as well.

A website that does not have seo features does not do well in search engines. Implementing SEO in all your web pages and posts is a good internet marketing strategy and is free.

You might need some free seo tools to optimize your blog posts or your whole website. There’s quite a few of them, the one that I use is Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. You can also try the All In One SEO plugin. It has similar features as the yoast plugin.

If you have tips about SEO. You should optimize your titles, your meta description tags, your urls and include keywords and focus keywords on your text.

Similar to content writing, you can get someone to do your seo for all your pages if you don’t have time. There are many freelancers online that work as SEO Specialists you can find some of them at

Email marketing

If your internet marketing strategy does not include email marketing then it is incomplete. As I’ve stated earlier, internet marketing includes many schemes and email marketing is one of them.

With this type of marketing you can build an email list, communicate with your prospects and build trust. Some of the great things that a marketer can do is to give value. This can include educating your prospects, engaging and sharing your newsletters and blog posts with them.

As you can see, email marketing can also bring traffic to your website, blog posts and videos.

Another great advantage is that it allows you to limit your costs and increase sales. So it has a great ROI, which is why you should start utilizing it.

There are many free email marketing tools that one can use to start their email marketing strategy. The main one is Mailchimp. If you need the premium ones you can look at either Aweber or GetResponse.

These tools will allow you to maximize your email marketing analysis as well. Which is highly recommended for any email marketing user. Surely you would like to know who has not opened your emails, who has deleted it, and who has clicked on it.

Social media marketing

Now we get to another interesting part of online marketing, which is social media marketing. As we all know social media is not only for making friends and chatting the whole day.

You can use social networking sites to build brand awareness, to engage with prospects, to build leads and sales. On its own social media marketing can do wonders for any business.

You can optimize your social media profiles so that you can engage with potential customers and send traffic to your site. It can also help you make sales which is a dream come true for most businesses to make sales online.

There’s too many social networks sites to choose from, there’s a long list. You can’t run short of social networks to select from.

The easy way for you to start is to create two social network profiles, grow your followers. Post content once a day or twice a week. Comment on other people’s posts and share or retweet their post if it is relevant.

Having too many social network profiles to manage can be overwhelming though.

You can start with Facebook and Twitter which can not be excluded. Then add three more such as Instagram/SlideShare, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You don’t have to do that all at once, you can start with three social network profiles then add the other two after six months.

Social media management and social media analysis can be a bit confusing for most. So if you can’t do that for yourself, try finding a social media specialist. That person can be tasked to post relevant content and analyse the data about all our social networks profiles.

Video marketing

Most companies have not realized the power of video marketing. Millions of people spend their time watching videos online mostly on YouTube.

Video marketing is still seen as a technique for internet marketers and bloggers. A well structured video marketing strategy generates leads, it can educate, and bring sales as well.

Companies tend to shy away from it though. What most do not realize is the amount of traffic and company exposure they are losing. Video marketing is actually one of the cheapest internet marketing strategies to implement.

What one needs is a video camera, a high resolution one is advantageous, free editing software if necessary. Creating a YouTube channel is free and you can make it as professional as you want.

You can embed your videos to your blog or website and upload them on other social networks as well. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have the option to upload videos.

As a newcomer on the internet you have to add the internet marketing strategy on your list. Create videos about your products, services or even yourself depending on what you are doing online.

Your videos can be educative, entertaining and bring value to your audience. Consistency and relevancy is one of the things that will build an audience for you.

Also with video marketing you can find some who can do it for you. There’s quite a few specialists including video marketing companies.

Paid search marketing

This type of internet marketing strategy is also known as search engine marketing or Pay Per Click.

Most companies and internet marketers tend to use this strategy more often. That’s because with paid search marketing you can get targeted traffic.

There’s two disadvantages with it though, it is a bit costly and people tend not to click on PPC Ads. That should not stop anyone from using it. Research has shown that only 38% of Google users click on PPC Ads, 38% is a lot. Anyone should know that, which is why companies use paid search marketing more often.

The widely used PPC is Google Adwords and Bing Paid search marketing. If you use Bing, your ads can also show on yahoo. With PPC you can bid for targeted keywords in your niche.

Remember the keyword research we spoke about earlier? That’s what you should be using on your PPC. Target the long tail keywords that most use to search for when searching for your product or service.

One other great thing about PPC is that you can target email subscribers using your squeeze page. Even if you use PPC to target traffic you can also SEO on your site.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is used by many companies to promote their products through other people such as internet marketers and then pay them for their marketing efforts.

When a company use affiliate marketing it gains exposure and is also able to sell its products. You as an internet marketer or blogger can make money online through affiliate programs.

By promoting the affiliate products you earn a percentage whenever sales are made through your marketing. You can combine all your marketing strategies including affiliate marketing to earn money online.

Online Advertising

Online advertising refers to all types of online digital advertising such as display ads, social media advertising, search engine advertising like pay per click and more. Even though banner ads are the most referred to when people talk about online advertising.

Banners can include text, logo, animation but in recent banner ads videos are also used. This is known as the oldest internet marketing strategy, but is still widely used by companies. Video tends to have a high conversion rate which is why most companies use them more often.

Banner Ads can be placed on any web page, from the header, sidebar, the center or the footer section. Companies usually choose the header section or the sidebar section since it is hard to miss those sections.

Some of the online advertising techniques include the distribution of content online through guest blogging and article marketing. These two strategies are very useful for any one who wants to build backlinks or do link build for their site.

Website traffic analysis

We are coming to the one end of our internet marketing strategy. Now we look at analyzing traffic on our website. Website analysis plays a big role in your marketing strategy, it gives you insight on what works and what does not.

When analyzing your website traffic you might want to look at things like, how many visitors does your site get in a given period. You would also look at where most of your traffic comes from, which area they are and devices they use.

There are several free tools that can help you analyse your website traffic data. Some of them include Google Analytics, Site Condor and MixPanel.

Using such a tool can give you an advantage, you have to look for those minor problems and improve them. Another big problem might be site speed. Ensure that your website loading speed is fast, increase it.

There’s also some great tools that will help you check your site speed. They will also tell you where you should improve. You can use PageSpeed Insight from Google and also Pingdom.


Thanks for going through this article about internet marketing strategy which is very helpful to most online businesses or anyone who wants to do online marketing. I hope you learned a lot and you would now be able to enhance your online digital marketing strategy.

You are welcome to ask any questions and if you have some additional information that is not part of this article that you’d like to share you are more than welcome, you can just leave a comment.

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