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We often need social media guidelines for either ourselves or businesses. On this post we’ll share some of the most important guidelines that you can use to handle your social media profiles for better performance.

Social media guidelines for posting as an individual

As we all know by now that there are certain guidelines that one can follow to post on social media. This is to insure that your posts reach your target audience and they don’t violate anyone’s feelings.

Do your research

Not all content is suitable for all social networks and might perform differently. You can do a research which content will work on which social network. A research should also include other social networks a part from FB, Twitter and Linkedin. You can find out what type of content your audience interact with most and create similar content. Having your presence on social media is important.

Connect with real people

If you want real response from real people don’t buy fans. Buying a following can only lead you to many fake accounts which can hurt your reputation. You can buy followers on Twitter or other social networks but only few will work. Rather build your profile slowly to reach real people who will interact with your content.

Be yourself

When posting as an individual, make sure you be yourself don’t try to be someone else. Most people will appreciate your originality and keep on coming back on your time-line.

Protect your identity

There’s lot’s of identity theft happening on the internet that you should be aware of. Your personal information such as your phone number, residential address and others should be kept private.

Never use any company’s logo

By using any company’s logo you are violating the terms of use of that particular company. You should avoid images that contain some any kind of logo so that you don’t get yourself in the wrong side of the law.

Make use of social media management tools

Social media management should be highly prioritized. There are many social media management tools are designed differently and can make your job easier by helping you handle multiple social media accounts. The can also help monitor the performance of your social media campaigns. Some of the most used SMM tools include Houtsuite and Sprout Social.

Respect your audience

Whatever happens, you should respect your audience. Your audience is the one that builds your list or account so respect them by all means. The more respectful your content and your comments the be better the chance of building more audience.

Keep track of your comments monitor

Comments should be part of social media management strategy, they play a vital role in social media and in your website by building credibility. You should make some time to monitor them. Don’t leave comments unattended there might unrelated or sperm comments that needs to be deleted.

Social media guidelines for posting on behalf of a company

There might be slight differences between posting as an individual and posting on behalf of the company. Even though you are the business owner, you still need to follow some social media guidelines. This is to ensure that the reputation of your business stays intact.

Look for approval

If you are posting on behalf of the company and not yourself your should always seek approval from the company’s management. Any incorrect information that is posted might back to haunt the company.

Use facts

Being accurate with all the facts before posting is very important. The information needs to be verified before it reach your audience. An easy way is to cite your sources whenever necessary by linking to the sources url.

Post on regular bases

Is wise to appoint a social media administrator, some one who will post on company’s behalf. This person should have post on regular time intervals the suites the company. Choose the most appropriate times and post frequently. Posting twice or thrice a week can be enough.

Build relationships

The best way to make sales in a business is to build relationships with your potential customers before turning them into buying customers. Similar to building a email list in email marketing, you can build relationships through social networks. Interact as much as you can with your followers to get their attention.

Use a disclaimer

If the content you are posting not of the view of the company or contains subjects not associated to the company then use a disclaimer.

Use of company logo

When posting on behalf of the company the company logo should be included. It should be clear and visible for everyone to see. People tend to remember images more than words. If your create good quality content that your audience can associate with they are likely to remember your logo.

Handle negative comments politely

You might come across negative comments once in a while but don’t throw turn-trumps. Learn to handle them politely so that the whole situation might work out well for everyone.

Monitor your performance

There’s no easy way to see how your campaigns are doing without monitoring them closely. Some social networks like Facebook Insights offer you the required statistics on about your followers, such as their age, location and more. Another free tool that you can use is Google Analytics, it can give you more data about your site.

Encourage feedback

Feedback is one of the most important social media guidelines that you pay attention to. Encourage your customers to give you feedback about your products so that you can see where you need to improve. There could be some negative feedback that needs to be looked at, but if you handle it well it can help you improve your product or service.

Apologize if you make a mistake

Mistakes happen all the time but don’t make them a habit. There might be a mistake on a special offer or anything that you published. Apologize on time and rectify the mistake, tell people the truth and move on.


I hope you learned something valuable about social media guidelines and you will start applying them. You might have more information regarding this topic and you are welcome to share. For questions leaves a comment below.

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