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The quality content marketing strategy to outperform your competitors

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content marketing strategy to outperform

Who does not need a quality content marketing strategy for their business? Everyone does, right?

So how about we take some time and look at content marketing for a change.

But wait, what are you going to promote if you don’t have content? So you also need a content creation strategy that will suit your business. Am I still correct?

If you have been searching for a way to build your content and keep customers coming back for more, then stick around.

On this article we’ll break down all the required techniques for successful content creation and content marketing strategy

You might be thinking of starting a blog or perhaps writing a book, either way, you need content.

What is content creation?

It is a form of researching and combining information that can be presented in some form. The content creation strategy will be incomplete without content marketing strategy.

The content strategy includes planning, development and management of information content. There’s a need for quality content now more than ever.

Companies are looking to build relationships with customers through the content strategy.

This creates a lot of pressure because there’s a need for continuous quality content creation in most companies.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the presentation of valuable content to create awareness and attract potential customers. The content should be related to what the customer is searching for.

This includes presenting it in multiple platforms, such as websites, ebooks, newsletters, whitepapers, press releases and more.

The importance of content creation is traffic a business that continuously creates content prospers. Because content has a way of driving traffic to your business. Content marketing plays a major role in search engine optimization, we’ll explain more later.

Let’s say you are an internet marketer for example. You are a person who run your business online, including bloggers. As an internet marketer you need to produce content on a regular basis.

The manner in which you produce your content and how you present it will determine your results.

Your content creation strategy and content marketing strategy can make or break you. Which is why you need to do proper keyword research most of the time.

If you consistently come up with new content you present it to the right people, say your potential customers. You are likely to make an impact and make sales if that’s your goal.

Apart from driving traffic, content marketing can help you generate leads. You can turn those leads into regular customers.

It allows you to build trust with your customers and partners.

And also quality content makes you look like an authority. It lets you engage with your customers while is more affordable than the old fashion marketing.

Another important fact is that it allows you to increase sales.

What you need to do to create quality content.

Identify your target audience and create your content with your target audience in mind.

Know where they spend most of their time, online or offline. If it is online which platforms do they use, social media, blogs, forums and so on.

Find out what type of content they prefer. Do they prefer short stories, fiction, facts, statistics, news or what? It should be your task.

You also need to find their medium of communication. Some people might not like to be emailed but prefer phone calls. Either way this should be included in your content creation strategy.

6 tips to help you improve your content creation

  1. Do your research

Do you research the content you are about to create? I’ve actually stated above, you need to find out a lot about your audience.

You can use the information such as their age, gender, spoken language if it applies and more. Combine that information and work on it. It might prove to be useful for creating that content.

  1. Brainstorm your content marketing ideas

For you to create great content that will be appreciated by your readers you might need to brainstorm. Some ideas might come while you are busy with other things. Learn to write your content marketing strategy in a notebook or where you will be able to retrieve.

  1. Write in a language that is understood by your target customers

This might seem challenging to most people, but as we know English is the most spoken language. But that does not mean everyone understands English.

You could be reading this post from a different language where English is the second language. If your target audience speaks their naive language more than they speak English it would be better if you create your content using that language.

  1. Do your own proofreading

Read the content over and over before you publish it to the public. Check for spelling mistakes, your grammar and rectify them immediately.

I’m also guilty of this in some cases I publish my content without rereading it. Publishing content that has many mistakes can damage your name and send customers away.

  1. Ask for someone else’s opinion

If you have someone that you can send your work to before publishing, send it to them. Ask them if they see any mistakes in it.

This will ensure that you don’t make too many mistakes in your writing or your overall content. If you are working as a team then it would be easy for you to do the proof reading together.

  1. Use content writing services

There are many people who would help you if you don’t have the time to do your own content creation. You can hire content creation companies to create content for you or hire a freelance writer.

A content writing service might be better for some of the content. Someone who has more experience might do a better job than you.

Their content marketing strategy might also be of high quality. We just have to acknowledge that and go for the best.

Where can you apply your content marketing strategy?

After content creation you need to let that content work for you. You can do this in many ways. Here are the platforms or places where you can share your content.

Blog or Website

Website content creation is a vital way to get traffic to your website. A blog is more ideal for marketing your content, a blog is content driven. So the more blog content you create the better your website’s performance on search engines.

Those who are doing internet marketing use blogs which is how they receive traffic. If you have not created a blog yet you need to learn how to start a blog right away. It will help you get more traffic to your website. You should also know how to promote your blog to get constant traffic.


One of the easy ways to use your content marketing strategy is to combine it with online video marketing strategy.

Videos are more popular now than ever, and they have become a great tool to share content. Including videos as part of your content creation will boost your business awareness online.


Images are an easy method to convey a message, content can be shared via images. You have to design images that will speak to the people.

Another advantage with images is that they rank high on search engines if they are optimized. Include the right keywords when optimizing your images to be found on search engines. That way your content will reach the right people.


A good form of communication tool that has been here since the inception of the internet. Easy to transfer information, is used by small to large companies.

If you are into internet marketing then email marketing should be on top of your list alongside major marketing strategies.


Books have been a way to share content for a long time. Now we have electronic books that can be easily shared via the internet. Writing and sharing your content through ebooks makes it easy to promote your product and services.

The good thing with ebooks is that people don’t have to carry them around like hard copies. Having a PC, Laptop, or mobile devices they can have as many of your ebooks.


The content marketing strategy will not run out, there are many new things coming out. One of the latest ways to share company information is through infographics.

Is like a shorter version of an ebook, you can show company images, statistics, graphs, and explain everything. They are also easy for people to get, they can download them on your website or through email.

Social media

Apply your social media marketing strategy every time you create your content. You can create social media content that is directed to your followers.

Social networks make it easy to share content these days. Another way is to let your website visitors share your content through social share buttons. Social networks can help you with seo link building for your website or blog.

Slides or Presentations

Slides can also be included in your content marketing strategy. Create your content and present it in slides and share it on SlideShare and other social networks.

With slides you can apply the same method of content creation strategy as infographics. But this time you will be using slides.


A newsletter is also another good way you can share your content. Do this when you create your email, email marketing plays a good part with newsletters.

Press release

An old fashion marketing technique. This might probably seem inappropriate for most of you but companies do it. And if you can also afford a press release you should consider it. Distributing your content to the public through print media can also bring traffic.


A podcast is an audio version of a blog. The content creation strategy also works well with podcasts. A podcast is voice recorded of a blog, any one can start a podcast.

Is an easy way to create content for those who don’t want to write, they can just talk and record.

The podcast audio can also be transmitted into a blog post. You can integrate podcasts in your content marketing strategy and let people listen to your podcasts.

White paper

A white paper is good for people or companies who want to do bigger research. Is an in depth way of sharing information, a company can use it to promote their products or services.

It can include the pitfalls of the current problem then present a solution. I think it is good for big companies, not just anyone, that is my personal opinion though.

Case study

A case study is good for B2B and is related to white papers. In some cases you will find a case study inside a white paper. It usually focuses on the problem solution, how it was solved and all that. And yes is part of content creation and content marketing.

Business plans

A business plan is reported on how to lure investors. Is great for aspiring business persons or companies who are seeking start-up capital.

It can go into deeper details on how they plan to start the business, make profits and maintain the business for the long term. Creating such content can be beneficial at the beginning of any business venture.

Direct Mail

Is still in use by many business to business companies, usually big companies. Even though most people don’t believe in it any more. It can be combined with email marketing and yields good results for most companies.

Annual reports

Most large companies need annual reports. This details everything on how the company performed in the previous 12 months or so. It can include company profits and losses and many other things relevant to the report.

Annual reports can also fall under the content marketing strategy for businesses.

Some of the online content marketing tools

There are many tools that you can use to make your job easier when you create your content. I will list some of them here, I hope they will be helpful.

Content Strategy Generator Tool

Here’s a tool that will help you create more content faster. Since you need to create a lot of content for your business, you will need tools that will generate content. All you need to do with the Content Strategy Generator Tool is input a keyword related to what you want to write about.

This tool will then give you ideas about the keyword you have input in the search query. It will give you several content from big company websites that you can select from. You can then take those ideas and create your own fresh content.

  • Canva

A great online tool that you can use to design your own professional looking images. You can design almost anything from brochures, flyers, business cards, thumbnails and more. It has a premium upgrade of up to $1 and can work with it online and save email your designs


This tool has a free version that can be useful to anyone who’s interested in creating infographics. Design and customize your own infographics, include images, graphs, chat and more. You can create professional infographics which can help you send traffic to your website and generate sales.

  • Google Trends

There are many top free google marketing tools and this is one of them. This tool is great for someone who’s planning to out rank their competitors. Find out how many times some keywords or subjects have been searched in a specified time.

You can keep track of which keywords are doing well on Google and target them. Enter up to five keywords and do your analysis.

Enhance your content marketing strategy. Take the keywords and create your content with them.

  • Piktochart

Piktochart is good for those who want to design killer infographics. You can either choose from hundreds of templates or create your own from scratch. It has built in images and icons that you can use.

  • Ping-o-matic

Is a free tool that runs online you can submit your site URL and site name. This tool is good for letting search engines know when changes have been made on your blog or website.

  • Brightinfo

Find out what your audience is up to when visiting your site. This tool can analyse your site visitors behaviour based on their actions, then it will suggest each content to each one of them.

  • UberSuggest and Google Keyword Planner

These tools are great keyword research tools that you can use to research the long tail keywords that you can use for writing your content.

Learn how to use the Keyword Planner and find keywords that will help you get traffic.

UberSuggest can also help you find long tail keywords that you can include in your content.

There are many other content creation tools that you can use in your content marketing strategy. I can not name all of them here even if I could. There are just too many, you can search for them on search engines.

Remember you get a content creation agency to do the job for you or a freelance content writer.

You should also consider seo writing in most of your content. Especially the website content and other online content. This will ensure that you increase traffic to your blog.

A recap on content creation strategy for the web

Here’s how you can speed up your content creation for multiple platforms:

Content 1: video

You could create a 20 minutes video talking about a specific topic. That topic will have one to three keywords. You can cover the in depth of the topic and make sure you put as much emphasis on the topic at hand.

A 20 minutes video can cover a lot, you can have a few examples, statistics, graphs or reports in it.

Then you could upload the video on YouTube and optimize it for SEO. By optimizing the video you are making sure that it does well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and so on.

The video is a visual type of content for people who would want to sit and watch you. This should be the first part of your content marketing strategy which will give your first form of content. Then you will move it to the second form of content blog post. This strategy will improve your video marketing strategy big time.

Content 2: Podcast

Now the second form of content which is an audio version of the first content. You could take that 20 minutes video and turn it into an audio which is called a Podcast. This will be for people who want to listen to you while they are busy with other things like driving or jogging or whatever.

Since the video would cover everything they won’t have to see what you are talking about but they will have a clear understanding. You can take the podcast and upload it on iTunes or any platform then link it to your website. Then you move the same content into the third type of content.

Content 3: Blog Post

You can then take the same video or podcast and turn it into a written article, have a blog. This means you will have to transcribe the audio into text. Take that text and post it on your blog or website.

You can actually use the text anywhere, from social media networks to emails or newsletter.

But in social networks you might use snippets of that content, say 2 lines or 3 lines. Twitter can only accept a few characters anyway but you can do the same on Facebook, linkedIn and so on.

Having that text should complete your third stem of content marketing strategy or content creation.

Content 4: Images/Infographics

The same 20 minutes video can be converted into images or infographics. That part of content can be shared anywhere as well. If images can be shared on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other social networks that you can think of.

Using this content marketing strategy would give you a lot of content. You just create one content and convert it into different forms of content and distribute to multiple platforms.


I hope this post helped you find the right answers in content creation. This should improve your content marketing strategy and help to succeed.

I might have left something out of this post that you might know of. You are welcome to share or also might have a question regarding this post. I would be happy to assist you.

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