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Email marketing strategy: A step by step guide

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If you are interested in any online business then you might require an email marketing strategy.

For every online marketing strategy that I cover I like going a bit deeper, this one is no exception.

This post will cover the prolific strategies of electronic mail marketing.

Email is one of the oldest communication tools and is still used by many companies and individuals. It makes it easy to send text, videos, images and so on to and fro.

But there’s always a common question that always arises, when talking about email.

An effective email marketing strategy to implement

What is email marketing?

When someone promotes their business or offers through sending emails or newsletters to various prospects they are doing email marketing.

A major advantage with this type of marketing is that it allows you to stay on budget.

And also with email marketing you can connect with your audience in a personal way.

Email marketing has been one of the best ways to build customer base, trust, bring leads and sales.

Another major advantage with email marketing is that you can build and schedule email campaigns for specific times. It is also known for the best return on investment(ROI).

Those email campaigns can be sent to the specified email addresses at a set time.

Every business needs an email marketing strategy in place, this is due to the cost and its effectiveness.

Although it has been the best marketing tool or strategy it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages include easy communication with customers. Is an effective way to share files, ebooks,  or reports with clients.

One can also say it makes it easy to get traffic to your website or blog, since you can share links.

Some of the disadvantages include emails not being opened by receivers, early unsubscribe, emails can go in the spam folder.

It does not mean you should stop considering it though, instead you should add it to your online marketing strategy.

How to build an email list?

Since you could be wanting to get subscribers to your email list you have to be creative.

You will need an email list to be able to start sending emails. An email list is a list of email addresses that you collect from different people. Those email addresses will help you promote your services to them.

Some creativity is required to attract subscribers Everyone on your list should opt in willingly.

For people to opt in you should catch their attention. You will need a capture page for that. A capture page is also known as a Landing page, opt in page or squeeze page.

Capture Page/ Landing Page/ Opt it page/Squeeze page

A landing page is a page that you can design through an email marketing tool. This landing page should include a Call To Action.

A call to action should be some text explaining what the user should do. Next to it should be a small form, it can have a Name, Surname and Email Address field.

Even an email alone is still fine, and a Submit Button. The call to action should be clear and precise. Tell the user what they are opting in for.

Include a opt out option

Every email subscriber should have an option to opt out. Yes, It does not sound good, who wants subscribers to opt out on them? No one.

But that option should be there, you should do that so that you don’t violate anyone’s right or privacy.

Well no one will unsubscribe if you stay true to your words. Email your email list only when it is time to do so.

If you promised to email them once a week and they subscribe to that then don’t get off track.

Offer an incentive

One of the best strategies is to offer an incentive, like a free ebook, a free video tutorial or series. An incentive should in-hence your email marketing strategy.

A ten page ebook should be good enough for anyone to opt in to your email list.

Prepare the ebook before creating your landing page and upload the ebook on your email marketing tool.

Remember you should be preparing future products or content that you will be sending to them.

Opt in and ask the user if they will be willing to receive more emails from you.

Tell them how they should download the free ebook or watch the videos.

The best way is to send them an email just after they submit the form. That email should include a confirmation link.

Upon clicking the confirmation link it should take them to a page where they will find the free ebook or videos.

Email Marketing Tools

You will need to choose an email marketing tool to be able to create a landing page and build email campaigns.

These tools are linked all in one, you will create email campaigns, create landing pages and build a list.

I mean store those subscription emails from your subscribers.

There are also many free email marketing tools you can choose from and paid tools or premium tools to select from. The best free email marketing tool is MailChimp.

MailChimp – Gives you all those options I just spoke about and it allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers. It allows you to send up to 12 000 emails per month.

It is ideal for someone who has no budget yet, but wants to start building a list.

There are other free email marketing tools but so far MailChimp is the number free tool.

For premium tools you can look at Aweber and GetResponse.

With a payment of $15 and $25 a month respectively you build perfect email marketing campaigns.

That’s unlimited email campaigns and unlimited email lists. These tools should improve your email marketing strategy.

Other email marketing tools that you can look at are Litmus and iContact. Try them and see which one you like. Here are the best email marketing tools for any online business.

How to get email subscribers?

In order to get subscribers on your email marketing list, you will need traffic.

Your landing page should come in contact with potential customers. There are many ways to get traffic.

Firstly you will need to optimize your landing page for seo. A well optimized web page is easy to find, place it everywhere there’s traffic.

Create a website or blog

Starting a blog might seem like it has nothing to do with email marketing strategy but, I’ll explain why you need to start a blog. You will have to link your landing page with your blog or website. If you don’t have a blog, you will have to learn how to start a blog.

Place it where the eyes won’t take too long to see it. You can place it on your sidebar or make it pop up on the front page.

You can even place it on the header section if your design complements it. Promote you blog if you have already embedded the landing page to it.

Use SEO in your blog posts

In order for you to get more subscribers you have to optimize your blog posts or your website. The use of search engine optimization will get organic traffic to your website.

The more traffic you get the more email subscribers to your list you might get. You will have to optimize your website with the relevant keywords. For that you will have to do keyword research.

Use social media to get traffic

Allow your subscribers to share your emails with their friends. They can share the emails via email or social networks.

This will ease your email marketing strategy, allowing your content to multiply.

If possible include share buttons on your blog or emails.

Is it possible for emails to have social shares? I don’t know, find out.

Use Facebook

Share your content that has your email marketing links on facebook. Join relevant facebook groups and post in them if you have to.

Tweet about it

Twitter gives you a chance to share a tweet, your tweets should include your blog posts or landing pages.

Tweet about it once in a while or daily. Be creative on your tweets and include images or videos.

Post it on LinkedIn

You can do the same on linkedIn, the same thing you do on facebook and twitter.

Post about it on regular bases, and encourage people with the incentives.

Create YouTube videos

Create 5 minutes videos and upload them on YouTube. On the description include the link to your blog and the landing page as well.

You will notice that this takes us back to the video marketing strategy. Apply this strategy for almost every content you might be creating.

Use Paid Traffic

There’s one more way to get traffic which will help you get those email subscribers. which is paid traffic. Paid traffic comes in many versions, such as Pay Per Click(PPC), Social Media Ads, Directory Ads and more.

If you choose PPC, you might as well use Google Adwords or Bing Paid Search. Google is a much better option since it is being used by billions of people in the world.

An advantage with PPC is that it can help you get targeted traffic to your landing page. This means you can get people who are already searching for the product or service you are promoting.

Social media marketing as well comes with it’s paid traffic version, an example would be Facebook. They have Facebook ads that start from as little as $5 a day. You can target people in certain areas, with certain interests, certain areas and more.

How to retain subscribers

After you have built a long list of subscribers you might want to retain them. The key to a successful email marketing strategy is to keep the old subscribers.

The aim is to build your email list growing slowly and keeping the old ones.


As an internet marketer you might have to create newsletters. A newsletter will help you send the latest news to your subscribers.

This includes the latest posts, announcements, upcoming events,and so on.

If your subscribers see that you are not sending anything they might opt out.

Make your newsletters look nice, simple and professional.

Email campaign analysis

As you manage your email marketing strategy you should also analyse your email campaign performances . Learning such information will help you scale your email marketing strategy up for more readers, and more subscribers.

Most of the email marketing tools have the features required to analyse the actions taken by your readers.

You should check how many people opened your emails, how many deleted them and how many did not click on them.

Knowing such information will help you implement better strategies. You should be able to determine statistics and learn how to improve your skills.

Some basic email marketing tips

  • Be professional on your campaigns, keep the looks of your email campaign designs consistent.
  • Be consistent on sending emails, if you decide to send them weekly or stick to that.
  • Write a compelling title for your emails that will make your subscribers want to click on it.
  • Keep your newsletters on point, stay within the topic of your title of that particular newsletter.
  • Prepare your email campaigns and set an automatic sender for most of them so that you don’t forget.
  • Include a call to action, ask your subscribers if they would like to receive certain types of newsletter that you have.

In conclusion

I hope this post helps you to get to a decision on how you can get started with email marketing strategy. Implementing this strategy should include your social media marketing strategy and also your video marketing strategy.

This means all your internet marketing strategies should be combined for your business to be a success. You should form one giant internet marketing tree that includes all of the above. Surely you can’t do all of this without starting a blog or creating a website.

If there’s anything that I left out in my email marketing strategy, you are welcome to share with us.

You are also welcome to ask questions and I will be happy to respond to them, or anyone who sees these posts can do so.

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