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Local seo marketing: How to find reliable seo services

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Most businesses require reliable local seo marketing services to market their websites online.

But they don’t know how to go about it. In this post I will share ways you can find good seo services.

Looking for a local seo marketing service?

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Well, I have to tell you, you can do it yourself. And no I’m not kidding, you can do it yourself.

You are the one who understands your industry and your competitors, right?

You know the type of keywords that people use to find you online

The reason why I say you can do it yourself is because we tend to hear complaints on the net.

People complain that the company they chose is unable to get them to page one or two on search engines.

Complaining that they don’t respond to calls, or they don’t give feedback and so on.

That’s because they could be focusing on too many clients. They can not dedicate the amount of time required to get you to page one on search engines results page. Which is why I say do it yourself if you have time?

You can do your own search engine marketing, from search engine optimization to paid traffic or pay per click advertising, although it might take some time if you do it yourself.

You don’t need some degree to do so. Many internet marketers and bloggers learn seo while doing their own blogs.

Depending on the amount of time you have, you can start learning online, take a few tutorials. Then promote your own websites through local seo marketing.

Firstly you need to have an understanding of what you are looking for. There are two types of search engine marketing.

Search engine optimization

The first one is SEO, search engine optimization marketing. SEO focuses on the free methods to send traffic to your website.

You need to understand the amount of work required to accomplish your goal. This includes the period you want to get to the top page on search engines.

Usually SEO takes more time than paid traffic, but SEO is better when it comes to long term traffic.

The aim here is to get organic traffic, what better than getting it from local search engine marketing. The second aim is to optimize your web pages for search engines. This allows you to be found by potential local customers.

Another aim is to reach local seo pages and outrank your competitors.

If you decide to use the service of someone else choose wisely. Please don’t assume that you don’t have to pay the person because they use free methods.

Search engine optimization is a skill, and some have mastered it. You can find someone who can make you reach the first page in the search engine results page.

If you can not do it yourself you can find someone to do it for you

You can also look for a company to handle your seo marketing services. It’s all up to you.

If you are looking for a local seo marketing company then you can find a local web design company.

Some web design companies don’t have a special team working on seo though. Some might have one person a trusted specialist or they might be outsourcing for such service.

What can search engine companies offer you?

A well established local seo marketing company usually has seo packages you can choose from.

Depending on your budget, you can go with a seo company or an seo specialist also known as seo freelancers.

Seo companies might have three or four packages to choose from.

It can be the small package, the medium package an or the large seo package.

In most cases you will have to pay a monthly fee for them to optimize your site every month.

Those seo package usually include regular content update on your site blog, seo writing, keyword research and more

There are many seo specialists who can even outshine companies as individuals. You can find a seo specialist who is good in local seo marketing services and paid traffic. They are called freelancers, and you can find them online.

Where to find seo experts?

If you don’t find a reliable seo expert just contact me.

There are dedicated sites or forums that you can use to find SEO optimizers like and

Some of the places you can find freelancers are – freelancer is a website that is used by many freelancers, it can be any time of freelancing job.

You can go to this site and place an ad as a freelance seeker. Those who have the skills in that particular field will respond to your ad.

You can offer how much you are willing to pay for the work, you are likely to find a seo specialist.

Upwork – Upwork is similar to freelancer, but it usually connects small companies to big companies with clients.

You can find a lot of individual freelancers as well.

Fiverr – This website gives people an opportunity to provide their services from $5.

The advantage of using a company service instead of an individual is that you can find a big dedicated team.

They can work with you slowly, write content for you.

Optimize the site to be search engine friendly, and to be mobile friendly.

This could include mobile seo optimization, your site will be easy to use on mobiles as well.

Even with a freelancer you can also get the similar service if they are skilled enough.

Since you require local seo marketing services you need to be able to reach local customers.

Those people might have a certain level of experience in search engine marketing.

They can get your business to the top ranking in your local area. You can find a seo specialist online, you can even use an international seo specialist for that matter.

That’s what the internet is for, connect you with any expert anywhere in the world.

What the seo expert should be able to do in order to rank your site for a local seo marketing.

They should provide you with their previous results in search engine rankings.

They should be able to provide you with a brief report. Even though you might not be interested in everything in the report.

They should be able to connect you to their previous clients for reference.

SEM on the other hand, search engine marketing falls under paid search marketing.

It also requires a certain level of experience though, but nothing a normal person can not do. You can also do it yourself.

Still on paid traffic, you can bid for keywords in your niche through google adwords or bing marketing. Pay per click falls under this marketing technique.

The aim of using pay per click advertising is to get targeted traffic. It helps you target the exact keywords that are used by potential customers.

As a local business you can take advantage of the internet and use it to gain local seo marketing results.

You need to know who your competitors are, there are many seo tools that can help with that.

What you should always keep in mind is keyword competitiveness. This is part of search marketing keyword research.

This strategy can allow you to out rank other big companies in your area if used wisely.

Always look for long tail keywords they are easy to rank, and tend to have a high conversion rate.

Long tail keywords have a more direct intent than short tail keywords.

If you understand this then you can do it yourself. The seo expert or the local seo marketing company you decide to use should know this.

Should you choose to do your own local seo marketing, you will need some of this tools

Google Keyword Planner Tool – You can use this tool to do keyword research, find long tail keywords people are using to find you.

WordPress – create your website with wordpress. Is easy to customize and optimize for search engines.

Yoast SEO plugin – if you are using WordPress install this plugin to optimize your pages.

Pingdom – check your site speed and improve it for your pages to load faster.

Google Analytics – Monitor your site traffic with this free tool. Check where the most traffic is coming from. Improve all the areas that need improvement.

As you can see, you have three options to go about this. You either do it yourself.

This means take some time to learn how search engines work so you can know how to optimize your site. Work smart to get both organic traffic and paid traffic.

Another option is to find a seo expert, someone you can work closely with. They will need to know a lot about search engine marketing.

Then the last option would be to use the service of a local seo marketing company.

They can ask you to choose a search engine optimization package that has a few features. As I have stated above the aim is to reach local seo pages and out rank competitors.

In conclusion

I hope you understood everything on this post about local seo marketing. This can help you promote your online business or blog to your local customers.

When promoting something online it is better to start a blog and write some content related to it.

If there’s something that I left out you are welcome to share or ask. I would be happy to help.

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