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The ultimate guide to paid traffic sources for any business

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Most businesses rely on paid traffic sources to get more customers. If you are relying on free traffic sources alone you are losing more customers. You need to diversify your traffic sources so that you get maximum results.

What is a paid traffic source?

A paid traffic source is any platform that you can pay to get visitors to your website, landing page or blog. Unlike free traffic that takes longer to build and might bring certainty, paid traffic can bring traffic much faster and give you a high ROI.

In this blog post I will cover some of the biggest paid traffic sources that you can use. I will categorize them as:

  • Advertising networks
  • paid social media traffic
  • media buy
  • directories
  • forums
  • email marketing

All of these traffic sources will help you if you do affiliate marketing and can help you leverage your sales.

With most people using free traffic, you can surpass them by using both traffic. Although there are many free techniques that you can use to get quality traffic, one of them is SEO. SEO takes much more time than to build, which gives you the reason why you should use paid traffic.

The benefits of using paid traffic sources include:

Fast results – you can get traffic much quicker on your website with it, within 24 hours or set up.

Scale it up or down – You can either scale it up by putting more money in different traffic sites.

Easy to setup – It easy to setup most paid sites

Saves time – instead of wasting most of your time in things that might never work you can pay to get the results you want.

The disadvantage that come with paid traffic are:

Cost – Paid traffic can be costly if you don’t know how to use it.

Higher Budget – You need a very high budget to maintain paid traffic.

Advertising Networks or PPC Traffic Sources:

  • Google AdWords

This is a leading advertising network in the world with over 70% of online traffic. You can bid on relevant keywords and to get targeted traffic to your website.With pay per click advertising you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site.

With Google Adwords you can target both the google search engine and YouTube videos. In fact YouTube you can select YouTube Search Results as well.

  • Bing Ads and Yahoo! Search Marketing

Both Bing and Yahoo! Have merged to be one powerful PPC provider. You can manage your ads through Microsoft AdCenter and are free to sign up. When creating your ads on AdCenter they display on bing and yahoo!.

What’s good about these two is that you have less competition when it comes to your PPC ads. But you should not exclude Google AdWords because it brings more traffic.

You can bid on individual keywords, matched keywords, suggested and incremental bids. Both of these networks allow you to pay what you are willing to pay, you can do so via PayPal.

  • Chitika

This ad network is similar to AdWords, it displays ads on search engines. Chitika is amongst the biggest ad networks. You can use it simultaneously with Google adwords.

  • BuySellAds

An advertising network that has been running since 2008, that’s more than 10 years of advertising service. BuySellAds has strict rules on the type of content that their advertiser provides.

This platform has a dedicated customer support which makes it easy for launching queries. Advertisers can also target specific sites that they want to advertise on.

Paid social media advertising:

Part of social media marketing is paid social media advertising. This is advertising that you can buy within a social network and your ads are displayed in that network. Paid social ads should be identified as Sponsored.

With paid social you have control on who sees your ads, you can use as many social networks as you want. Here’s a list of social networks you can use to get traffic. Social media paid traffic sources have a way of targeting an audience based on their interests, age, demographics and more.

Facebook advertising

I can’t talk about paid traffic sources and not include Facebook Advertising. Facebook provides the most affordable ads in the social network industry, from $5 a day.

You can buy ad target traffic based on the users interest, age, geolocation and more. Facebook can also help you build leads through Facebook Lead Forms. You can even send traffic to different pages including landing pages, videos, fan pages or business pages, etc.

Twitter advertising

Even though twitter might be a bit expensive compared to Facebook, you can still use it. You can sponsor your tweets and make them go viral to reach more people. You can get traffic to your website, build a following and engage with your customers.

LinkedIn Ads

This is a social network build for business purposes. You can use LinkedIn Ads to promote mostly to processionals who are interested in your business.

LinkedIn ads are good for targeting business to business. You can sponsor two types of ads on linkedin, text ads and image ads. Set your own budget and create your ads and target your audience based on their industry, job title, etc.


This is a good traffic source that you can use to promote your brand. Pinterest gives an option to pin things like images, text, videos and more. You can promote your pinned content through paid ads and reach more users.

Paid Directory Listing:

Directories can be good paid traffic sources if they are used the right way. There are few major directories but not all of them are equal. Some directories are not considered good quality backlinks by Google and other search engines.

Is usually easy to get listed in a directory these days but some of the listing can be manipulated. So you need to pick wisely when it comes to these types of listings.

  • Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo! Has its own general directory that acts separately from the search engines. Even though you submit your site on yahoo you can still list your site in the directory. With Yahoo! you have an option to submit your site to their directory for an annual fee of $299.

If you are looking for good quality backlink then this directory is the one. It is a high authority site that is valued by Google.


This is another major directory that can give you quality backlinks. You can list multiple links on this directory within multiple directory categories.

Pick a relevant category that will make it easy for your potential customers to find. falls under the good paid traffic sources because it is well respected by Google. The traffic coming from these directories is considered to be good because it is a high authority site.

  • Niche Directories

Almost every topic has its own dedicated forum online. Find a list of directories that are related to your niche and see if they offer paid ads. Usually these types of directories can bring good traffic since the members on those directories are looking for similar sites.


There are many forums online, there’s a forum for every niche or something related. Check for them and find a list of forums in your niche.

  • Reddit Ads

If you are looking for a big forum that can get traffic to your site then Reddit is the one. You can post sponsored links on your subreddits. Reddit works as a PPC ad network.

It uses an auction base system where a bit determines the price you are likely to pay per CPM(cost per impression). The reddit ads can cost from a couple of cents per click.

As a reddit advertiser you can use all types of content to promote your site, including images, videos, text, etc. There’s over 250 million active users on reddit so the chances of getting traffic are high.

Buy Banner Ads also know as Online Advertising or Media Buy:

Banner Ads have been one of the main traffic sources for most online advertisers for more than 2 decades. They have been able to give good results during that whole period. Here you find websites that sell advertising space and buy them to promote your own site or products.

An easy method is to find platforms that allow website owners that sell their advertising space. Those Media Buy platforms allow you to buy ads and they will publish your ads and let them display on multiple major high traffic websites.

The banner ads might differ in size and format. The most common are animated banners, image ads, video ads, text ads or combinations. Banner ads can come in 250×250 pixels, 125×125 pixels, 416×60 pixels, and Skyscrapers 120×600 pixels. Find out their prices and which high traffic sites will your ads appear on.

  • Blog Ads

This is a good platform that allows you to publish ads and let them display on big blogs with high traffic. It has over 3500 high quality blogs that can show your ads. Some of the high traffic blogs include:, Dlisted, Dailykos and more.

  • SiteScout

Similar to blog ads you can use it to place your ads and send traffic to your site through other high traffic sites.

  • BuyAds

Both sitescout and buyads are some of the popular paid traffic sources that work as media buys. Get your website listed on these sites and they will display it on high traffic websites.

  • Alternative Banner Ads

If you don’t want to approach media buy sites you can find other websites that you can buy banner ads on. This method can be effective if you find a high traffic website to buy their ads.

There are many people who sell ads on their ads, you can try if you are in the tech or make money online niche.

Email Marketing:

This might not seem like it falls under paid advertising but it does. For you to run professional email campaigns you will need reliable email marketing tools to create your campaign.

The best email marketing tools cost between $15 to $100 per month. Two of the most trusted tools are Aweber and GetResponse, and they will give you a good ROI when used right. These tools can help you build an email list, but once you build a list, you will always have people to market to.

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