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Online video marketing : How to increase sales with video marketing

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Getting your sales increased through online video marketing has become so easy. But how come companies overlook video marketing?

This post will cover some basic insights that any company can follow. This is not only for companies, even as an individual you can use the same approach. Videos have made online marketing easier than before, some people enjoy watching videos more than  reading blog posts.

It does not mean you don’t have to start a blog and start writing content, but it means you can create both text content and video content. You can even turn your blog posts into videos.

Videos are more powerful than text since they provide visuals. Also videos provide an easy way to educate and entertain.

So when you create your videos you should be able to combine the two. With a good video marketing strategy a company can turn their potential customers into buyers.

Since the early days on the internet videos have become an additional form of marketing.

Companies and internet marketers have taken advantage of online video marketing and built huge wealth.

We’ve seen internet marketers doing video blogging (also known as vlog) alone. At the same time becoming multi millionaires on YouTube. Some of them do this without even having a website or a blog.

What should that tell you, it should tell that there’s a huge demand for online video marketing.

You don’t have to be in the corporate world to achieve those tremendous results. All on your own, you can do it.

If you are doing it for the company you work for, that’s also great. You could get a lot of clients for that business, probably a raise as well.

You will need a few things, the basic ones are reliable internet access and a video camera or mobile phone.

How simple is that?

There are two more things required for you to succeed through dedication and creativity.

Scrape the expensive video devices, your creativity and dedication can take you far.

Want to know what’s good about video marketing?

You don’t necessarily need to show your face on your videos. With animation or other strategies you can produce quality videos that could sell.

It is well known that videos that include the following tend to do better, get more views:

  • Comedy
  • Animation
  • Music
  • News
  • Scary
  • Sport
  • Fiction and more

But who said corporate videos have to be formal and boring.

All those above can be incorporated within a business video and still bring results. As I said, creativity plays a good role in video creation.

You need to have thorough planning, for example a cooking show can turn into an entertaining show and bring sales.

If you decide to do tutorials. Remember they can also be entertaining and fun to watch.

Why do online video marketing?

Organic traffic

Using video marketing can send a lot of organic traffic to your site if you optimize it. You should learn how to optimize a video.

A well optimized video can rank high both on YouTube and Google SERP. I believe you’ve seen some videos showing on Google result page when you search for something.

That’s free, organic traffic. The more a video receives views and comments the higher it goes.


You can brand yourself or your company with internet video marketing. You can look different than your competitors.

Have some kind of signature, that people will remember you by.

Building a email list

You can build an email campaign running on your videos. There’s always someone who’s willing to subscribe to an email list, so they should belong in your list.

Building an email list will also help you build trust with your subscribers and closer to sales. Learn how to build an email list through this email marketing strategy.


Build authority, it becomes easy to build authority with video marketing. People can already see you or the people on the video.

They then tend to trust you, trust is very important. Be honest all the time or else you ashh is on the line.


It becomes easier to convince potential customers to make a sale with a video. The more leads you have the higher your chances of sales.

So how would you go about doing a highly converting video which is also entertaining?

Video planning strategy

  • Planning your videos in advance will give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing, you don’t want to appear as if you copied their content. This applies mostly to business owners or corporate companies.
  • Watching how your competition does it can give you a few ideas and motivate you as well.
  • Though in some cases as an internet marketer, copying from other internet marketers might work.
  • That’s what makes online marketing so interesting, they say you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Create content for your videos, if it means you have to sketch some diagrams in order to reach the final point.
  • Determine your target audience, decide what type of audience you would like to be appealing to.
  • Create your videos with your audience in mind, insure
  • Educate and entertain your audience, that’s what they are looking for. And they’ll be coming back for more.
  • Don’t be too serious in your videos, make them feel easy to watch even for the person who’s not in your niche

Tools to help you take quality video

You need a high resolution video camera that will help you take quality videos.

You might need a software or two, if you take videos via your computer you can use screencast-o-matic. Find other software’s for editing and whatever you might need

There are many free tools online, do your research and learn about them.

You can use to create professional looking thumbnails for your videos.

Where or how to promote your videos?

You will never run out of options to promote your videos. There’s a long list of social media platforms. Most social networks give you an option to upload a video. You can even upload multiple videos at once in some of them. Videos can enhance your social media marketing strategy if done well.


Most definitely YouTube is the number one social network for internet video marketing.

You can upload as many videos as you like, and as often as you like. Apply the strategy of  creating one video a day. By the end of every year you will have hundreds of videos.

You have to learn how to rank youtube videos. Ranking your videos gives you a chance to show on google as well.

Youtube is owned by google, if you do well on youtube you also do well on google.

What’s good about YouTube is that you can build subscribers and monetize your videos.

That’s how most Youtube internet marketers earn online money. They also use affiliate marketing as well, which you might want to consider looking at.


This is the number one social media not by videos but by social connections and advertising.

Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide and it also gives you an option to upload a video.

Damn, it also gives you a live streaming option. By the way you can live stream with both Facebook and YouTube at the same time.


Upload your videos on twitter with a small tweet above it. I watch videos on Twitter while scrolling around.

If I’m doing it, can you imagine how many other people do it, millions of people right? Those are your potential clients or customers.


Apart from YouTube there are other video platforms, vimeo is one of them. It has millions of viewers as well.

Upload your videos on vimeo and promote your content. Eventually someone will come across your videos and become a regular visitor.


Do not forget this one no matter what. You can embed your video with your website or blog.

You can even create a special page where you post your videos on your blog. Learning how to embed a YouTube video with a blog is just a copy and paste kind of thing.

Can you see it now? It means all your content can be connected together. That on it’s own brings traffic, since you’ll be getting backlinks to your blog.

This is the best internet marketing strategy or you can call it an online video marketing strategy. Whatever name you give it, it works.

Consider looking at other places online where you can promote your video content. Some of them are LinkedIn, include your videos in your emails, Instagram and others

Few more tips

A few more tips before we conclude

Create content

Create lot’s of videos, you will always hear internet marketers saying “CONTENT IS KING”. That’s true, the more content you have the more money you stand to make. Video marketing is one of the content marketing strategies that you can focus on to build an online presence for your business.

Be consistent

Post regularly, if you decide to post one video a day you. Imagine how many videos you will have at the end of each year. Can you imagine the amount of traffic that will be coming your way. Is easy right?

Hire someone

If you can’t do videos for yourself then, you have an option. You can hire someone to do it for you. There are some online video marketing companies out there and freelancers, use their service.

Ask them how much they charge and tell them what type of videos you need. Their experience might come in handy.

If you run a business you can find someone who has the interest of doing video marketing. Hire them and let them work to promote your business on the internet using videos. This strategy might be cheaper than using a service of an internet video marketing company, since you could be paying them monthly.

So keep going and integrate your marketing strategies together. Blog videos, social network profiles, email marketing and all.

Use Google Analytics to track where your visitors are coming from. Your online video marketing strategy might be bringing lots of traffic, sometimes less.

You need to know what type of videos bring more traffic and which ones don’t bring traffic.

Analyse the data, it will help you improve the side that you are lacking.

In conclusion

That’s all, I hope you learned something from this post, if I left something out, feel free to add. I would be happy to hear your online video marketing strategies and more.

I would also like to know if you are making money with your videos or not. This will help a lot of people who come across this post seeking help. Share with us.

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