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How to get targeted traffic to your website

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how to get targeted traffic to your website

Ways on how to get targeted traffic include search engine marketing, SEO and SEM, which are the tactics used to send traffic to a website.

Knowing both tactics can grow a website to a full online business with lots of visitors.

The aim is to deliver results that are close to what the user is searching for in “Search Engine Results Page” or SERPs, this is the page where search results are displayed on search engines.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links that may provide a commission to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, the links are for the best software and tools you need to start a successful blog and build a professional online presence.


How do you get targeted traffic to your website?

Firstly, search engines like Google are “intent base” tools, meaning people search on things that they are willing to buy within a few minutes, days, weeks or more.

Example: If someone types in “Affordable cars In Johannesburg” that person might be willing or ready to buy an affordable car.

So if you are selling cars you might want to place ads on Google with such keywords included.

When someone searches about a product they are likely looking to buy the product.

Both SEO and SEM are ways of getting organic traffic and paid PPC results respectively.

Using search engine optimization and which focuses on free tactics used by search engines to send traffic to web pages.

With SEO you are likely to get organic traffic to your site but you are not likely to get targeted traffic because you are not in control of what traffic you want.

SEM stands for search engine marketing which focuses on paid search traffic. And SEM includes things such as Pay Per Click or PPC, Cost Per Impression or CPM.

Since the early days of the internet, users have been focusing or wondering how to get targeted traffic to their websites.

In online marketing if your website, blog or landing page does not get traffic then it is as good as dead.

Which is why you need trusted traffic from reliable sources. The most reliable source or targeted traffic is search engines.

Search engines business model is dependent on selling traffic to advertisers, through paid search advertising.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising includes buying traffic on:

  • Paid search advertising
  • Social media (Sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more)
  • Display Ads
  • Retargeting

Search engine ads is mainly Google Ads. With paid search advertising such as pay per click advertising or PPC you can target your desired traffic.

You can target your traffic through Google AdWords or Bing search advertising.

If you go for Google Pay Per Click advertising it could be the best move since Google has the largest number of searches per month compared to other search engines.

Knowing how to get targeted traffic through Google alone might be enough because of the larger volume of searches Google receives.

But of course you can not exclude other Search Engines since you are targeting customers, every bit of traffic you receive is worth a lot.

Since we are talking about Pay Per Click advertising you have to understand how it works. Pay Per Click is the fastest way to get targeted traffic.

You get to bid on a relevant keyword or collection of keywords in your niche.

PPC is good at bringing sales results and return on investment(ROI) when used wisely.

Before bidding on a keyword you should do your keyword research carefully and also consider your competitors. You can set a daily budget for you daily AdWord ad campaigns.

With PPC you can target the geographical locations you want your ads to display, you can also set the time you want the ad to display.

One other good thing can be the cost of ppc ads, they start from a few cents to any amount you wish to pay for each click you receive and you only pay when the users click on your ads.

The picture below shows you the pad Google Ads for the the keywords “Cheapest car rental in Johannesburg”. The companies seen on this pic have paid Google to display their websites at the top for this keywords.

how to get targeted traffic to your website PPC

Google Ads Example

Email Marketing

With PPC you get to place a landing page instead of just the website URL.

Usually a landing page would include a capture email textbox for getting subscribers, which brings us to email marketing. This type of digital marketing can also help you on how to get targeted traffic whenever used appropriately.

It has been said several times that a person who has bought from you before can still buy again.

Building a list can bring targeted traffic since you will be targeting subscribers on your subscribers list. Your email subscribers are one of your first target traffic audience.

Just choose an email marketing tool for you to start building a list, 

This could sometimes be those who have bought something from you before.

But with email marketing you should consider adding value to your subscribers rather than just shooting a huge number of emails to them with no quality or value.

As you can see both pay per click ads and email marketing can be merged into one marketing strategy. If you are a person who wants to know how to get targeted traffic to your business.

Try this email marketing tool

Directories related to your niche

Another way to get targeted traffic is to use online directories that are related to your niche. An example would be if you have a Law Firm.

You can get targeted traffic by placing ads on Law Firm or Attorney directories.

There’s almost a directory for any or every niche out there. Placing adverts on these directories gives an assurance of your desired customers.

Usually these directories have different packages, the free ones can only mean you won’t appear at the top of the first page for too long, you will slide down as other people keep posting free ads.

Rather go with the paid packages to stay at the top of the directory listings.  Whenever people visit the directory your ad could be at the top of or the sidebar of the directory.

That is still the way on how to get targeted traffic since the people who are visiting that directory are the people who are looking for that type of service or product.

You can go submit your  website/blog on this directories, you can either choose free submision or paid submission.

I believe you can see that directories can also be better than search engines in terms of targeted traffic.

All a user needs to do is find the directory via search engines and then find you on the front page on it.

You should always check how big the directory is. Some directories are very small. How many visits on estimation does it get per month or per day before buying a paid ad.

Surely you do not want to put your money where there’s not enough traffic.

Forums related to your niche

Similar to online directories, forums are just some of the places that will help you on how to get targeted traffic to your website.

There are many forums, almost a forum for every niche or for every type of business out there.

Find the forums via search engines like Google and pick the ones that you would like to participate in.

The good thing with forums is you get to interact with like minded people. You can also find people who are looking for answers about a certain topic.

Answer their questions and if you have a link to your blog where you have written about that topic, share your link for them to read more about it.

Start a blog

If you do not have a blog, you should really start a blog, because blogs can be a very interactive tool to communicate with your customers.

Having a blog is also a good way for getting traffic to your website.

And also search engines love content. Having a blog can help you rank high on search engines if you know how to optimize your pages for SEO.

A blog will help you on how to get targeted traffic if you work on it long enough or smart enough.

When you are looking for traffic you can’t leave a blog outside, it should be one of your priorities.

Get started here


how to get targeted traffic to your website Post

Use Social Media

Even though paid search marketing used by search engines is number one when it comes to receiving targeted traffic.

Social media marketing has grown in the past 15 years or so. In most social media networks you get the targeted traffic you want.

What you should know though is that Social media networks like Facebook are not intent base.  I have already spoken about this in the upper sections.  Search engines like Google are the ones who are intent base.

Meaning Facebook is broad based, you can only target a broad audience.

You might not find people who are willing to buy on the spot. You might have to take your users to an educational page first before converting them into buyers.

I would say use social media but in fact I should say look at Facebook Ads. Just like pay per click with Facebook advertising you can target the type of traffic or type people you want.

You can send ads to be seen by potential customers or send your ads a bit closer to your targeted audience.

Facebook uses a similar kind of method used by search engines. It will display your ad to the people who liked the pages similar to the one you are advertising.

And also you can set it up for geographical locations, select which area you want to target. You can also specify the age group and so on.

This could help you on how to get targeted traffic to your site. Do it if you have enough budget for online advertising. Set a certain percentage of the amount that you can use for social media advertising.

Social media Sponsored post

Buying ads on social media is very common. The good thing about sponsored social posts or ads is that you can set them up to your target audience. You can target your audience based on age, geographical location, interests and more.

Here’s VistaCreate/Crello sponsored ad post example.

how to get targeted traffic to your website Sponsored

Target related Facebook groups

If you don’t have any budget for the paid traffic, you can do it manually. Post on relevant Facebook groups any time you get a chance.

But first you need to find out from the group admin whether it is allowed for someone to post in those groups or not. Ask first before posting before you get banned in those groups.

Facebook is not the only social network platform you can use to target traffic.

Target other social networks as well

You can also look at other big social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Linked, including sites like Medium and so on.

Most of these social media networks have a paid version of traffic. You can use that and you can scale it up to target relevant traffic.

Remember the email is to receive targeted traffic, so you can’t leave anything outside if it can help you get those sales or potential customers.

To schedule your posts try AgoraPulse

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