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51 Blog post ideas you can write about and get traffic

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blog post ideas you can write about

Running out of blog post ideas you can write about?

I’ve got a whole list for you to help you write more content and get that traffic.

Everytime we write a blog post we often think about the amount of traffic it will receive. Traffic is the most important factor for any website to be online.

Without it many online businesses would perish, they often do when they don’t get traffic. But the problem starts when you run out of ideas to write about.

On this blog post I’ll cover blog post ideas that you can to produce content that will send traffic to your website. Whenever you start running out of ideas you can come back to this list to check it out and generate more blog posts.

When it comes to blogging creativity is always required but as we all know, you can not come up with high traffic blog posts all the time.

Please Note: Not all of this blog post ideas will be relevant to your niche, some might and some might not be relevant to your niche. Choose the ones that are relevant to your blog.

I made this list to accommodate many bloggers in many blog niches.But choose a niche that will suit your style. You can choose the ideas that you think will work for you in your niche.

Here’s a list of blog post ideas you write about in your blog

1. Write List post

A list post is a list of anything it can be 1 to 5 or 1 to 1000. List post often do well in search engines

2. Something amazing you recently learned

We all learn interesting stuff in our lives. And the best way to teach is to share freely. Write about it on your blog.

3. Take an infographic and turn it into blog post

If you start running out of ideas you can search for infographics in your niche. Turn them into a well written guest post. Only you will know that you took someone’s infographic, no one can prove that anyway.

4. Take a video and turn it into a blog post and vice versa

blog post ideas you can write about video to post

A video makes it easy and short to explain something. Take a video and turn it into an article. It could be yours or someone else’s. If not, don’t write word for word and create your own words out of it.

You can also do the same with a post, turn it into a video. this creates more content for you as your blog grows. Here’s a short tutorial from Ann Hoffman

5. Ask your friends and family for blog post

If your friends and family support you in your blogging career they might suggest some good posts. Ask them if they have any good article ideas in mind to help you out.

6. Your best blogs in your niche

If you are really into blogging, you will have a few favorite blogs in your niche. Write about them as if you are reviewing each and everyone of them.

7. Open a poll on your blog

Let your audience vote on anything interesting on your blog. Create a poll article and let it help you make some sort of a decision.

8. Write tutorial posts

The internet is built on helpful tutorials. People go online to learn things. This gives you an opportunity to write tutorials about any topic.

9. Best wordpress themes

WordPress has a lot of themes to choose from. You can select some of the best themes and write about them.

10. Best wordpress plugins

If you are using WordPress you will use plugins. Plugins help users to add an extra feature in their site. There are many wordpress plugins that you can write about. Choose them and compare how they work in blog posts or just write the ones you like. Example Yoast plugin is the best WordPress SEO.

11. Write ultimate guidelines

Ultimate guides are usually long and have useful information about something. People often search for ultimate guidelines in order to learn about a specific topic.

12. How to + posts

How to post is very common and it helps readers understand how to perform a task. Write a blog post, a good example is how to start a blog article. Every niche has multiple ideas on how to write this type of post.

13. Write a comparison post

Is always great to compare certain things. You can find a lot of things to compare, tools are just some of them. An example of such a post is “Difference between product A and product B”.

14. A- Z Post

You can write an alphabetical post from A-Z showing some of the important things in your niche. It can include tools, programs and other major blogs.

15. The books you’ve published

If you’ve already published a book then well done. So how about writing an article giving samples about your book? Sure you can do that, it will help you promote the book.

16. Use a popular quote

There are lots of popular quotes that can be turned into a blog post. Find the one that can resonate with you and be creative about it.

17. Quiz post

Questions are often the best way to produce more content. Write a quiz post

18. Ask your readers to write posts for you

Your blog can be a great platform for some of your audience to showcase their skills. Help them gain that exposure in your blog.

19. Share 5 best books in your niche

There could be some interesting books in your niche. In fact every niche has interesting books. Find them, read them and share as your one of the articles.

20. A book review

Review one of the books you’ve read. Tell people what you’ve learned from the book.

21. Profile your career

Some people might be interested in your career path. A blog gives that platform where you can share all of that.

22. 5 ways you get traffic to your blog

If your blog is already getting traffic and you can track the results, share that. Sharing your traffic strategies can also help you rank high and get more traffic.

23. What you wish you knew before getting started in blogging

What is it that you didn’t know before you got started in blogging?

You can write a whole list or explain some of them.This is one of the best blog post ideas you can add on your list. It works for for a lot of bloggers, here’s Adam Enfroy’s 12 things he wish he knew before he started bloggging. You can also do the same, dont copy but share about your own experince.

24. Where do you prefer to blog(5 area)

Share five of your best places where you would love to blog from. This could be areas you’ve never been to and you might wish to visit them.

25. What you could change about your past

Even though we can not change the past but can prepare for the future. There might be certain experiences of your past life that you can write about. Share some of them as blog posts with your audience.

26. Your recently visited places

If you have a travel blog then you could write a blog post about a place you’ve just visited. Well, if you have a personal blog that includes random topics then this can also work.

27. Write a list of FAQs

Blog post ideas you can write about FAQ

You might be getting frequently asked questions in your niche that you can answer. Create a blog post dedicated to responding to those questions.

28. Blogging resources

There are many blogging resources online and every marketer has their favorite. Choose a list of blogging resources that can be of good use to your audience. Here’s my list of blogging resources that can help you in blogging.

29. Charity work you’ve done

If you are involved in a charity it would be good to give it exposure to help it grow. What are the things other people can do for that charity? explain it in the post. The charity managers or people involved in it would thank you dearly.

30. Share your best advice

Which advice would you give to your audience? Create a post that explains it in full.

31. Marketing strategies work for you

We tend to apply some online marketing strategies, some of them work while some don’t. Choose the ones that work for you and create a post about them.

32. Continue your previous posts

You might have written a blog post but left something out. Create another similar post to continue the first one. You can do that with two or three posts.

33. What makes you differ from most bloggers

There must be something you are proud of that other bloggers might not have. Share that with your readers but don’t over do it. Stay inline so that you don’t offend other bloggers.

34. Profile a reader/customer

Readers or customers are often overlooked. Profiling one on your blog post can bring a smile to many readers. Share how they’ve helped you grow your blog, give them that kind of exposure. More readers will start paying attention to your blog.

35. List the best Forums in your niche

Forums are one of the most used platforms online. There’s a forum for every niche, list them and share how they send you traffic.

36. Share how social media helps you gain traffic

Social media is one of the best places we often get traffic. So choose one of the social channels that you use to get traffic to help your audience. E.g Pinterest Traffic, Twitter Traffic, Facebook

37. Interview someone

Interview someone that is doing great, an expert in your niche will do. But you can also interview someone who just got started and their results are great.

38. Share a list of experts in your niche

Every niche has experts, those are the people who have made it big in your niche. Create a list of those experts and share their achievements or stories.

39. Use animated images, GIFs

A compilation of GIFs images can tell a story. Find or create GIFs that you can use in your blog post.

40. Share a funny moment

What’s the funniest thing that happened that you can share with your audience?

41. Choose a funny joke to write about

Depending on your niche, but in some profitable niches you use a joke to write posts. Find a few jokes and select one and be creative about it.

42. Your blogging routine

If you already have a blogging routine and it works for you then share it. It might help some of your followers get inspired.

43. Create a free giveaway

People like the idea of receiving something for free. So you can create something printed with your blog name or anything to give it to your readers. Write a post about that.

44. Monthly goals

If you are one of those dedicated bloggers surely you will have monthly goals. An example would be to give a list of blog posts you are planning on writing in the current month.

45. Share your best tools

This is usually one of the best blog post ideas in the industry. Every internet marketer has their best online marketing tools. Give a list of your most recommended blogging tools as one of your blog posts.

An example of best tools are these email marketing tools I shared  here.

46. Your income reports

Income blog reports tend to attract a lot of visitors. Top bloggers use this strategy every month to have an additional blog post.

47. Important Monthly expenses

Everyone has monthly blogging expenses and you can turn that into nice blog posts. That can help your readers know what they should spend their money on.

48. Things you do outside of blogging

If you are not blogging what do you do? Write about that someone might find interesting.

49. Write a series of blog posts related to each other

blog post ideas you can write about. blogging series

A good example of a blogging series is a blogging series where you educate your readers about starting a blog and things for follow ones they install WordPress

How to choose a blogging platfrom when you start a blog

How to promote your blog online and offline

11 blog post topics that make money fast

List of profitable blog niches or blog post topics you can choose from

50. What motivates you?

People are motivated by a lot of things that share with your readers what keeps you motivated in life.

51. How you got into blogging

Every blogger can tell you how they got into blogging, write an article about that.

Final thought

I believe you will never run out of blog post ideas after reading this article. You can also create your own as time goes so that you can grow your blog. As you create more content you will get traffic to your blog.

There’s a great chance that I might increase this blog post idea to a much higher number. So keep an eye on this article so that you don’t run out of ideas. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Happy Blogging

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