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How to make money with your blog in 2022

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how to make money with your blog

How to make money with your blog in 2022?

If you want to make money with your blog then you are at the right place.  Making money online can be hard if you don’t know what you are doing.

People always want to get started online even though they do, they end up throwing the towel due to lack of skills.

The first thing I would recommend you to do before going any further is to start and set up a professional blog. Choosing a free blog can be costly in the future due to limits.

If you really want to make money online, create a blog then build traffic for it. Once you are sure about your blog then you can use one of these methods or choose a few of them.

What you should know is that for you to make money with your blog you will need to build traffic to your blog.

Traffic is the eyeballs that see your blog content. People always look for quality content, they will return to your blog if you create quality content for your blog.

The best way to write good content is to choose a topic(pick a niche). Find out how you can pick the best niche for your blog then start writing content based on that topic.

So now that you know what you need, let’s focus on how you can monetize your blog. There are many ways to make money from blogging, you just need to choose what’s best for you and your topic.

How to make money with your blog?

I’ll give you the most important methods that you can use to make money blogging. 

Most of these methods can be broad and they all have their pros and cons but you will earn from them if you focus.

These methods can also be divided into subsections that can produce higher amounts of income.

Advertising Networks

The first method to earn an income online is to use advertising networks. 

An advertising network is a platform where ad advertisers can buy ads and publishers or site owners publish the buyers ads on their websites or blogs.

Basically is a platform that allows you as the site owner to publish other people’s ads on your site. You then get paid small amounts when your site visitors click on those ads.

The best Ad Network  you can use is Google AdSense, it is the most used ad network in the world.

Google created AdSense in 2003 to help website publishers earn money online for their traffic. It also helps advertisers get traffic to their offers or products.

Google will show targeted ads based on what a reader searched for recently or what your content is about. The ads are shown based on the user’s interest.

Google AdSense is the best method to make money blogging for most new blogs. You need to sign up with AdSense for free and apply and get approved.

After getting approval from Google you can create ads and place them on your site. You will need to choose from different ad sizes and types(text ads, block ads or banners ads).

There are not too many requirements except that your site needs to be inline with the AdSense policy. It can take a few days to get your site approved and your site needs to have content.

Write and publish at least 15 articles before applying for Google AdSense.

There are alternatives to AdSense that also offer quality ads. You can try any of them and place ads on your site and earn for every click.

Other Advertising networks that you can use to make money with your blog:

Chitika – It provides ads targeted specifically to people’s interest

BuySellAds – It shows ads to most major sites

BlogAds – An ad network for bloggers, It gives you control on which ads to display. Bloggers can set their own price, accept or reject ads.

MTV Ad Network – an ad network for music, entertainment, kids and family.

If you want to make good money with this method you need to increase your traffic. As more and more people visit your site and click on your ads, the more money you will make.

How much money can you make with ad networks?

You can make as much money as you want if you have enough patience. As I’ve stated you need to build your blog, be consistent in creating content and build traffic.

Here’s one blogger who has made over $370 000 in 8 months with only 10 blog posts.

Some of the articles to help you in your online journey:

Promote Affiliate marketing programs

You can promote affiliate marketing programs on your blog. Finding the right products to promote can take time if you are new to blogging and it also depends on your niche.

There are a lot of online affiliate programs for bloggers. You just need to choose the ones that you think will suit you and your readers.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn because you can earn passive income. You might have to do a lot of work upfront, such as starting a blog and writing content related to the program.

You will earn commissions every time you refer someone to a program and they buy the product.

There are two types of affiliate programs, there’s a one time earning program whereby you only earn commission once when the person you referred to makes their first sale.

This type of affiliate program is good sometimes if the commissions are high. Even though you don’t want to use such programs they are still good to get started.

The second one is a recurring affiliate program whereby you earn continuously every time a person you referred buys the product.

Most people prefer the second option, I also prefer the second one. I can just promote the program and keep earning when members keep buying.

As I said you will need to do a lot of work upfront in order to earn affiliate marketing. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

There are several online affiliate marketing platforms to choose from.

 You use Clickbank, JVZoo or Commission Junction to find products to promote. You have to learn affiliate marketing strategies to be able to earn from this type of method.

How much money can you make with affiliate marketing?

The amount of money you earn with affiliate marketing depends on the type of program.  It also depends on your niche and the traffic you are getting.

One of the affiliate marketing gurus is Pat Flynn, you can get inspired by he’s earnings. 

Another person you can follow is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma from kudaonline. You can learn a lot from him especially if you are in Africa.

You can find recommended programs for online businesses here.

Be a freelancer

What skills do you have? Whatever skill you have you can offer them to someone as a service.

This is a part where you learn to be a freelancer. A freelancer is someone who offers their services to other people. This could be freelance writing, website designing , building apps for others and so on.

For example if you choose freelance writing, you could write website content, user manuals, research reports etc. 

You could write content for blogs, online magazines, start up companies and a whole lot more.

Being a freelancer gives an advantage to work from home. It is also one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just need to promote your skills to the right people.

Some of the platforms to help you find freelance work are Freelancer, Upwork, Guru just to name a few.

It does not matter which country you are from, if you work hard you will make money with your blog.

In fact a blog will just be a bonus for you, you can start freelancing without it. But having a blog gives an added advantage.

You can get paid via Bank transfer,PayPal, Payoneer or even Bitcoin. There’s also a lot of bitcoin freelance platforms that you can enter and work for bitcoin online.

The are many careers associated with freelancing, here are just some of them:

Freelance Writing – Write content for different websites, publications, magazines and so on. I also do this as side gig

  • SEO Specialist – Help people optimize their websites a
  • Web Design and Development – It speaks for itself
  • Graphic Design– Design any graphic related images for others
  • Virtual Assistant – This is when someone hires you to assist them with their day to day work like, scheduling their meetings, handling their social media and more.
  • Build Apps – Help people build apps or software.

There’s too many skills you can offer as  a freelancer

How much money can you make doing freelancing?

Well, it also depends on your skills and how much you charge, you can charge as much as you want.

For example a freelance graphic designer can charge $20 per hour, while another can charge $200 or more per design.

Here’s my personal experience, when I first started as a freelance content writer, I was working for someone. I was making $20 for 2000 words.

Writing is a lot of work, you have to do research and write for SEO to make sure you include the right keywords. It would take me hours to write such long content.

$10 for every 1000 words is a small amount for so much work right?

Well if you are still starting don’t expect to make too much money until you gain experience, build your reputation. Then after that you can up your rates, you can charge any price.

Here’s a guy who makes between $5000 to $10 000 per month as a freelance writer. Get inspiration from him and start working.

Create an sell your own products

What product idea do you have in mind? A product can be an E-book, Online Course, Images or more. This is similar to creating an online store. You can sell your products  on your blog.

It is a more advanced way to make money with your blog. It requires a lot of time upfront and it might require  a starting capital.

What you need to consider first before creating your product, is your target market. The product should be useful to the users so that it will be easy for you to promote.

Online Course – There are many places where you can find people to help you create your product. For example, you can use platforms like Udemy or Teachable to create and see your online course.

You can sell the course from anywhere between $25 to $5000 depending on what the course covers.

Ebooks – For smaller products such as ebooks you can use PressBook, a free website that helps create your own ebook. You can edit, create chapters, add images, page numbering and more.

Another tool to help create an ebook is the Beacon WordPress plugin. You can use the plugin to turn your blog posts into an ebook.

If this is not enough you can use more sophisticated tools to create your ebook or hire a professional to create for you.

For ebooks you can give it away for free or charge anywhere between $1 to $1000. This also depends on what your ebook is about.

Some of the platforms to help you sell your products are Amazon, Shopify, Clickbank,  JVZoo and others.

If you are looking for cryptocurrency platform to sell your online products you can use Bitify . This is a platform that helps you sell your products for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

How much can you make by selling online products?

Well, it depends on your product and how you promote it.

Similar to an offline store, the more people get in and buy the more money you make.

Sell ad space

Another method you can use to make money with your blog is to sell advertising space on your blog. Online advertising is one of the major revenue generators for most internet businesses.

This means you charge a fee to someone who wants to advertise their business on your blog. Ad spaces can range from any amount to any amount.

The price of an ad can depend on how big the ad is where it is positioned on the web page. Ads on the header section often cost more than the ones below the content.

One of the top bloggers Yaro Starak explains how he used to charge for a single banner

That was $50 per month for one banner that was from the year 1999. He then increased he’s price to $1000 per banner per month for 10 years running.

What you should and keep in mind is the amount of page views you receive. When someone buys ads space on your site they might want to know how many views per day or month your site gets.

So learn how to increase your site traffic, that way you can name yours with confidence. And the ad buyer won’t be able to resist it if your page views are good.

How much money can you make by selling ad space on your blog?

As I’ve mentioned you can name any price if your site does well in your niche. A simple tip to earn more with these methods is to increase your page views.

Did I forget something? Maybe you should know some of these topics abroad and are covered in their own unique articles.


The best way to make money with your blog is to increase your traffic. If you get enough traffic nothing will stop you from making money as a blogger.

But, for that to happen you need to set up your blog to gain traffic. Then you should do proper keyword research and write long content.

Remember, the average blog post to rank in the top 10 on Google is 2000 words. Start working on your content and other online marketing strategies.

If you wish to be one of the best you need to put all your digital marketing efforts in your online business.

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