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21 SEO tips to increase traffic on your blogs: Increase website traffic

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seo tips to increase website traffic

This post will share 21 seo tips to increase traffic for blogs and websites. How to increase your blog traffic with these simple tips.

Every blogger needs a few basic ways to get traffic to their blog posts. But sometimes we overlook the most important tricks and tips to optimize our blogs.

So which seo tips should a blog owner follow in order to rank high on Google and other search engines?

1. Do your keyword research properly

As a newbie you might not know this. Before you start writing any post, you should do your keyword research first to find relevant keywords.

Keyword research will help you decide which keywords to use for your posts. The good thing about keyword research is that you will get good traffic if you get it right.

Most seasoned bloggers usually follow this seo tip to write good content. It also helps you write content that people are looking for.

There are many tools that will help you find relevant keywords. I have compiled a list of different tools you can use to do keyword research.

2. Include the focus keyword in the title tag

Some of the seo tips for blog include the title tag.

After finding the right keywords you need to include the focus or main keyword on the title of your post.

The title will help the readers and search engines to know what the post is about. When search engines crawl your post, it should find the keyword and index your page.

3. Include a keyword in the meta description tag

The meta description tag is one of the seo features that help you optimize your posts or pages. Your keywords should be included in the meta description tag.

Almost similar to title tag, the meta description has more space so you can write a short paragraph. Explain what the post is about with the main keyword included.

4. Write in short paragraphs

When writing your post content, write in short paragraphs of about 20 words per sentence.

Separate your paragraph texts to be readable, have spaces in between the paragraphs.

After writing two or three paragraphs you can press the enter button to make spaces.

5. Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the most easy to rank in search engines. People tend to be more specific when searching the internet.

They tend to use keywords like: “how to write a fiction book”. This is a long tail keyword that has a lot of intent, is very specific and straight to the point.

Use such keywords in your content when writing your content. This way you will also be doing some seo writing, which will help you in search engine page ranking.

Long tail keywords are some of the top seo tips for blogs or bloggers and should be prioritized.

6. Include internal links

Whenever writing your content you should include internal links to your other blog posts and pages within your blog.

Internal links are good for search engine rankings but also they help people navigate your blog.

You should only link your pages only if it is necessary to do so, the page you are linking to should be relevant.

Do not link your text to a non relevant post, the post should talk about the same keywords or be related.And also try to find broken links and fix them cause they can lead visitors to nowhere.

7. Include External links

Is always good to link your content to other external pages. Those external pages could be a friend’s blog or wikipedia.

But the links should point to related content, perhaps for readers to find out more on that page.

Although you don’t need too many of this in your site like internal links, having two or less in a page is good.

8. Don’t use keyword stuffing in your content

No keyword stuffing at all, keyword stuffing is when you repeat the focus keyword too many times in a page or post.

This is done by people who are trying to trick search engines to rank their pages high. Keyword stuffing falls under black hat seo and is against search engines.

9. Sprinkle the focus keyword on your content

When writing your content you should sprinkle your main/focus keyword through your text content.

This should happen naturally, make it look readable, don’t just place them anyhow.

Having enough keywords on your post is good for seo and highly recommended. Definitely one of my best seo tips for blogs.

You can apply the strategy of placing one focus keyword after every 50 words. That should provide you with enough keywords on your post.

10. Include supporting keywords in your content

You should have a few supporting keywords in mind when starting a post. Having three to seven supporting keywords should be enough.

Writing them on a notepad or somewhere you would remember would help. Those supporting keywords should be related to your post.

Try to use long tail keywords as supporting keywords as well, similar to the focus keyword.

Every time and again you should include supporting keywords in your post when writing.

11. Have social share buttons

Include social share buttons on your post or page. A social share button can be a great post booster.

It will allow your readers to share your content on their posts, this will create a lot of backlinks.

Install social share plugin on your blog. Encourage your readers to share your posts, some of them will share your posts, thank them in return.

12. Do guest post on other blogs

As a blogger, it will help you to connect with other bloggers. Some of the blog owners are always looking for guest posts.

You can write a few or as many blog posts and give them away to other blog owners. In return you can ask them for links to your own blog posts.

You can also ask them to guest post on your blog and let them have links to their site.

This can become a give and take strategy that can benefit all parties involved.

This can also give you a lot of quality backlinks which is good for search engine optimization.

13. Optimize your images

You have to optimize your images for search engines. Optimizing your images can be beneficial.

When search engines index your site they will look for such things.

Give your image a meaningful name related to your blog post. Also include your keywords in the image alt tag and description.

The image description can be a long line with more text related to your blog. It can explain that the image is about or the blog is about.

14. Increase your site speed

One of the top seo tips for blogs you should look out for in your blog.

No site user will keep on returning to a slow loading site. Your blog should load fast, find out about site speed.

The most recommended website loading speed is 2 seconds, increase your website loading speed, use this tools to check your site speed:

Pingdom, Page Speed Grader, WebPage Test and more

Find other tools like W3 Total Cache plugin to increase your site’s speed.

15. Write long content

Search engines love long content, having 1000 words on one article can be good enough but I personally would tell you to add more words, like writing 1500 words or more in one post, because the more words you have the better for your post.

It might be hard to maintain 1000 word articles for a long time but is worth more than the short articles.  Writing long articles takes a long straining research which then needs to be narrowed to a short article or hundred or thousands of words.

Write your articles in short paragraphs not in long paragraphs this allows your content to be readable for both search engines and for people.

Remember, you could be competing with bigger articles who have more than 2000 – 3000 words at times, that alone could put you under a lot of pressure, so yes, aim high.

16. Update your content

Keep your content fresh, update your content every chance you get. Your reader will always enjoy fresh content.

If there are posts that need some additions you can always extend them.

Many seasoned bloggers use this strategy a lot, they will write a post that will contain 1000 words.

Then after a few months or years they would increase the content to 2000 words.

You should also write on regular occasions, set yourself time to write, post and upload. You can upload three posts per week that should be enough for your readers.

17. Use subheadings

When writing your content, try to highlight your sections using subheadings. H2, H3 and so on, those are the html subheadings, they are good for seo.

Search engines recognize these subheadings and take them seriously. By using them you are telling search engines that this following section is essential.

One of your subheadings should include the focus keyword that your post is about.

18. Optimize your homepage

In most cases most bloggers don’t optimize their home pages. The home page is what your readers see first when coming to your blog.

Search engines as well, they visit your front page, optimizing your home page is also crucial.

Write a short description about your blog, that is about 300 words. Include the keywords related to your blog, and link all the important pages to the home page.

19. Stay away from black hat seo

Do not use any black hat seo tricks on your blog. Search engines hate black hat seo.

You should never attempt to trick them into ranking your posts high or else they will find out, You will be penalized for that.

Stick to white hat seo tips, which are the ones listed on this post. Never take for granted this seo tips for blogs, you could really be penalized

20. Engage with your readers

Respond to your readers’ comments and keep in touch with your social media followers.

The more comments your site gets, the more likely it is likely to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Comments keep your content active, it increases your site’s popularity.

21. Avoid content duplication

Always try to have one keyword for each post, you would rather use a previous keyword as a supporting keyword.

Don’t use the same keyword twice in one two different posts. This is known as keyword cannibalization, and is not recommended by search engines.

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