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How to fix broken links on your website

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So are you looking for ways to fix the broken links on your website? That’s great because your website is not gonna perform well if you have broken links. Learning how to fix broken links is very important for anyone who owns a website or a blog.

There are broken links and broken backlinks. I will explain both broken links and broken back links in this article. You will also learn how to fix both of them in easy steps.

What is the difference between broken links and broken backlinks?

What is a broken link?

A broken link is when a web page on your website is linking with another page on someone else’s website that is not available anymore. This leads to a 404 error page in most cases.

Yet again we can create broken links when updating our sites. The only links that we are in control of are internal links and external links. These are the links that we should handle with care so that we don’t break them.

Well if you do break a link you should find a way to fix it immediately so that you don’t ruin your seo rankings and user experience. Consider this as a on page seo since you are dealing with internal links within your blog.

When it comes to inbound links we are not that much in control because they are coming from other sites. A better strategy is to have an automatic system to handle them.

What is a broken back link?

A broken back link is when someone else’s website page links to your own website  or web page that is dead. This might also happen in two ways, is either the person’s website is dead or your web page is dead. If your web page is dead then you can point the incoming link to the right direction. I consider this to be one of the off page seo techniques since you are dealing with off page backlinks.

Broken links have three major disadvantages, the first one is that it is bad for your seo.

Google does not give value to broken links. It makes it difficult for Google spiders to crawl and index your website. Google also uses links as a measure of website quality and authority.

If google spiders find that you have broken links it devalues your site. That will lead to your website ranking lower on SERPs. Therefore, fixing broken links help your site to get traffic from many other search engines.

The second reason is bad user experience. It would be bad for your readers to click on a link that wont take them anywhere. Your users will demoralize and eventually abandon your website.

Sometimes we make changes while we are not on top of things. That might cause us to make changes in some of the links which would cause broken links. Then we need to find those broken links and fix them.

Finding broken links

There are two methods you can use to find broken links on your website, you can either do it manually or find an automatic method.

Trying to fix broken links manually can be a waste of time. It can only work for you if you have a few pages in your blog or website.

A person who has many pages on their website needs to find an easy way to handle their broken links. No one would be able to fix broken links manually on a 500 page website. That would consume most of their time, which is why the manual method is not recommended.

No one wants to lose users on their website or blog. If you lose readers you lose money.

How to find broken links?

I’ll start with the easy way to find and fix broken links in WordPress. I personally prefer to use a plugin to fix the broken links on wordpress. That’s because a plugin can do an automatic job for you. Instead of going through each single page you can just install one of many wordpress plugins to help you find broken links.

Here are some of the  WordPress plugins you can use to find broken links and fix them:

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin. This plugin is one of the oldest broken link plugins, it can handle broken links for you. You install the plugin then you have to configure it’s settings.

Is very important that you set it according to your needs, especially when it comes to the time period. The most recommended time to check your broken links is 72 hours.

If you set it to check the broken links after every short period it could slow down your website speed.Is plugin is known to consume a lot of resources. That could also slow down your website speed.

WP Link Status Pro

The WP Link Status Pro is a premium plugin. Is similar to the Broken Link Checker plugin but it has a bit more advantage compared to it.

It can still give the same results as the one above but is not going to slow down your website. Also with this plugin you can configure the settings and also give you more features.

Another advantage is that it can manage redirections if you want your links to be forwarded to another page such as the home page.

Other ways to find ad fix broken links and broken backlinks

Free Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a free online tool that you should use to check for broken links on your website. It will enable you to check for both internal links and external links.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

The Ahrefs site explorer is a great keyword research tool that will also allow you to check for broken links. You can be able to check both internal broken links and broken backlinks.


I hope you learned something about how to fix broken links on your website. There might be other ways you might know about broken links that I did not cover here on this blog post. You are welcome to ask a question or share with me some of the things you know.

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