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White Hat SEO techniques vs Black Hat SEO

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white hat seo techniques vs black hat sao techniques

Is a clash of two search engine optimizations, white hat seo techniques vs black hat seo techniques. Which one should you go for or against?

Well it might not be easy to convince you which one you should stick with. But search engines will determine your results for you if you chose the wrong one.

By choosing the right technique you might see your site produce good results.

These days when it comes to SEO especially Google you have to be cautious about your seo techniques.

Because if Google catches you doing something that’s not particularly genuine, they are going to penalize you.

In order for your site to do good in Google you might have to leap frog other sites. One of the methods to do that is to do back linking. Which is one of the white hat seo techniques.

If you use black hat seo techniques your web pages might temporarily show up on the high pages in search engines. But that might not last for too long, if Google finds you, you are toast.

Everyone wants to rank high on search engines, but cheating is not an option, because there are repercussions.

Let’s go through the black hat seo techniques first. These are the things that you should avoid by all means.

Black hat seo techniques used to work well in the past, until Google changed their algorithm.

This strategy helped them to rank high on Google for a while and they saw their sites at the top.

After Google changed the algorithm it brought justices to a lot of sites who practiced black hat seo.

Here’s what people use to


black hat seo

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Black Hat SEO techniques include:

  • Keyword Stuffing

When we talk about keyword stuffing we talk about including many keywords in one page to trick Google to rank you high.

Including a high amount of keywords in page title, meta description and in the body of your page.

This is not required by google or any other search engine.

A bad technique that is used by most people who are now aware that they are applying black hat seo technique.

Another common black hat seo technique to hide keywords by changing to the same background.

  • Spamming Links

A black hat seo technique that uses software to spam links on different websites online.

This type of software can spread your links to social media sites, forums, blogs and so on.

If they find you they might de-index your site, meaning they could take it out of Google.

Spamming links can also be referred to as “Spamdexing”. Spamdexing is derived from two words “Spam” and “Indexing”. This simply means search engine spamming.

As you can hear by it’s name Spam, it can not fall under white hat seo technique.

  • Article Scraping

Another bad technique that falls under black hat search engine optimization. This can be described as taking a piece of someone else’s article and using it as yours.

Not allowed by Google or search engines in general. Is just another way of getting de-indexed by search engines.

  • Autoblogging

This is also applied by people who don’t want to create their own content. Instead they would use software that would generate a blog with other people’s content. The software would combine pieces of content like videos, articles and so on to create a blog.

  • Cloaking doorway pages

Firstly doorway pages are pages that you can design for search engine ranking purposes. Usually those pages might not have a link to any other page on your website.

Is very important that your web pages link to at least one page on your website. If you have a page on your website but it does not have any link. Google might take it to a Doorway page.

This includes baiting users with misleading links that would take them to irrelevant page destinations. For you not to commit a crime against seo you need to know how search engines work, that will give you clarity.

white hat seo techniques

White hat seo techniques:

Now we move to the good side of search engine optimization. The white hat seo techniques might seem time consuming for most people. But it is the correct route to take, search engines reward white hat seo. White hat seo also focuses on the on page seo techniques more than black hat seo.

The most important factor about this technique is that if you do it right the first time you will rank high on Google.

  • Do your keyword research

Keyword research should be one of the first steps you take when starting an article. If you really want to rank high on search engines results page you need to do keyword research first.

By doing keyword research you increase your chances of ranking high on Google.

Find the long tail keywords that your competitors rank high for on Google. Select a few of those keywords and look at the ones that have a high search volume.

Those types of keywords are usually easy to rank for. Include those keywords in the post title, url, meta description, image alt tag and in the body of your page.

  • Provide value in your content

The first thing is to provide value to your readers. The more valuable content you provide the greater the chance of your user to stay on your site. It is also good to learn how improve your content creation and content marketing strategy.

If users spend more time on your site Google will see that your site gains more time. By that they will increase your rankings.

Your content should be on point and answer people’s questions. Give answers to what most people are searching for in that topic.

  • Include internal links

This is one of the best white hat seo techniques that you should put emphasis on. You should link your pages together so that search engines can move from one page to another when crawling your site. This will also help users to navigate your site easily.

Try to use keywords that are related to the page you are linking to. Do not use a link like “click here”. If you are linking to an orange juice for example. Use the orange juices key phrase as the anchor link.

  • Build quality backlinks

Work on building quality inbound links. Google’s algorithm has a way of determining the quality of your inbound links.

Another good tactic you can use is to use social bookmarking. This is considered a good back linking seo method. Is similar to telling people about your site so they visit it.

You can bookmark your site on Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Delicious and more.

You can, as many social media networks that you can think of, share your links with a bit of content for people to click on it.

A simple way of doing this is to add valuable content like a short paragraph and an image.

Like so“Hey guys I just wrote a post about POST KEYWORD. I would like to get your opinion about it”. Then include your link to your website post.

The link juice that will go to your site, will increase the rankings of your page on Google.

  • Do blog commenting

With blog commenting you also need to provide value. Find blog posts that are related to your niche and read them.

If you have written an article similar to what the blogger wrote about but left something out. You can mention that in the comments section then provide a link to your blog post.

You can do that with as many blog posts as you want. But the key is to provide value. When you comment, write a paragraph explaining your post.

  • Do guest blogging

Find other bloggers in your niche and build relationships with them. Ask them if they would like a guest post, if they do write an article for them and give it to them.

Then choose one article on your blog that relates to what you talked about. Link that article with the one you gave that friend of yours.

Guest blogging is one great method known to build quality backlinks and increase seo rankings. You should prioritize it, and be a consistent guest blogger to many blogs.

  • Improve your site speed

For your website to receive visitors your website loading speed plays a good role. Google and other search engines will rank you high if you improve your web page loading speed.

Test your website speed using PageSpeed Insights and check on which devices your site is doing poorly. Work on improving your website speed to increase it.

Website speed might not seem like a white hat seo technique but it plays a part in your site. It will help increase your organic traffic both for desktop and mobile devices.

  • Optimize your website for mobile

Is very important that you optimize your website for mobile because there are now many users with mobile devices.

As they say, it is no longer an option to have your website optimized for mobile but is a command. If you are using wordpress find wordpress plugins that will help you optimize your site.


I hope this blog post helped you in your questions about white hat seo techniques and black hat seo techniques. As you can see, white hat seo techniques are the ones to go for on your website. And you should stay away from the black hat seo techniques.

If you still have a question you are welcome to ask, I would be happy to assist you. Or you might have something to add about white hat seo techniques or even black hat seo. You are welcome to share your own methods.

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