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List of profitable blog niches or blog topics you can choose from

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profitable blog niches

List of profitable blog niches or blog topics you can choose from

Okay, So you want to start a blog and looking for profitable blog niches but you don’t know what you should write about. Well, you are not alone, I’m here to help you.

In this post I’ll give  a list of blogging topics you can write about on your blog. Many of these niches are profitable in their own way and get enough traffic if you focus on them.

Most niches are broad in nature but they have sub topics that you can go into.

Learning how to pick a niche can be a challenge for most beginners.  If you decide to pick a niche because you want to make money with it you might backfire.

You need to love the topic, love writing, but most importantly you should provide value.

So if you go into a niche with a mindset that you want to make money that might not work for you. Blogging is a marathon not a sprint. Is very important that you choose a niche that you will be able to provide value in a long term.

Your content should help people, what’s good about blogging is that there’s a niche for every one. All you have to do is choose the one that you can provide value on.

I already covered a topic on how to pick a niche for your blog so on this list I’ll focus on the types of profitable niches you can choose.

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Getting your basics right

Have you decided on your domain name yet? Is very important that you choose a self hosted blog. I bought my domain at Namecheap before choosing a hosting plan. As an experienced blogger I prefer to host with BlueHost. 

I prefer Bluehost because it offers a one click WordPress installation. It also has great support and high up time. If you are a blogger you would appreciate all the benefits.

Namecheap also has similar benefits and is one of the web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin. That’s a plus on their side and is also good for if you can’t use PayPal in your country.

A list profitable blog niches or blog topics you can choose from:


When you start a blog there are certain things you need to know. All of them can be covered in a blogging niche or they have a subtopic. Here are some of them:


Social media

Paid Advertising

Online Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Content Marketing

Video Marketing


Writing and Guest Posting

Money or Finance

Money does not go out of fashion and the money niche is very lucrative. Some of the sub topics that you can get into include:

Make money online

Make money from home

Money saving tips

Passive income

Getting out of Debt

Making extra cash

Make money with your hobby

Health and Fitness

As long as the human species is alive, health and fitness will always remain one of the topics to focus on. When it comes to the health niche there are many subtopics to go into. For example take a look at this list of sub topics you can blog about.

Weight loss for women

Weight loss diet

Lose belly fat

Daily Nutrition


Natural health

Quit Smoking

Pregnancy tips

Building muscles

Workout tips

Alkaline diet


Stress management



You can also start a fitness channel like this Nkateko.


Since people travel to different areas in the world, this niche makes one of the best niches to get into. The travel niche is also broad and can be divided into sup topics. You can target a certain audience and get traffic to your blog in this niche.

Here’s a list of profitable travel markets you can blog with:

Adventure travel

Luxury travel

Travel Destinations

Travel equipment


Disable travelling


Sports is also one of those broad topics that can be classified into sub sport niches. You  or your child might be participating in one of these sports. All of them can be profitable if you put your efforts into them.




American football





Sport betting tips



Wrestling etc.

Food and Drinks

Do you think food will ever go out of style? We all know the answer to that question. Then you start a food blog and choose the food as your blog niche. If you are wondering how you can monetize a food blog then worry not. There are many food affiliate programs and you can also find endorsements.

Here’s a list of food niches you can start today:

Cooking recipes

Organic food

Alkaline food


Home grown foods


Wines and Beer

Dating and Relationship

Humans are always longing for a compatible partner or often face problems in their relationships. You can provide content that will be helpful in their lives. Your blog can be a go to guide for their problems if you know the subject of love and relationship. One of the blogs to follow in this niche is madame noire.

Take a look at the dating and relationship market:

Dating tips for woman/men


Online dating

Family relationships tips

Divorce handling tips

Dating for people over 50

Teen dating tips

Sugar daddy or sugar momma dating


When it comes to technology there’s no such thing as we’ve seen enough. So this is a niche that is always profitable depending on what your blog covers and how much traffic it gets. A technology blog can cover many facets that can be broken down into subtopics. Examples

Latest software in a particular field(e.g Operating Systems)

Cell phone reviews and fixes

Camera reviews

Latest trends

And many other types of technologies

Fashion and Beauty

One of the  best profitable blog niches for ladies. Fashion and beauty are very huge markets both online and offline. Some of the fortune 500 companies fall under this category. Starting a blog in this niche would be beneficial for you since traffic is huge in this niche. Some of the sub niches in the fashion and beauty industry are: Take a look at Cynthia Gwebu

Women fashion tips

Men fashion

Clothing store reviews

Makeup reviews

Makeup tips

Sunglasses reviews and tips



Just like sports, music is also very broad and popular. There are many music genres to focus on, you can just pick one and make it your online business. This means you can cover some latest news, latest albums, artists and so forth. Here are so some of the examples:

Hip hop news, latest albums

Old school music

Mixture of genres

House music(Deep house, Electro, Commercial and so on)

Gospel music(Old school, latest, national)

Jazz music(Classical, Smooth Jazz, Deep Jazz)

RnB(International, Old and New, Trending)


Movies can be a form of inspiration, educational entertainment. If you are a movie fan then starting a movie blog can work for you. These are the types of movies you can review in your blog.

Classic movies

Comedy and Romance

Action or fiction

Latest movies

Horror movies


There’s quite a lot of profitable blog niches to choose from. Every niche listed above has a successful blog on it. If you take your time in implementing and creating  content your blog can reach the same level as others. These are some of the blog topics that make money fast if you do your research thoroughly.

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