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How to do online advertising for your business

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how to do online advertising for your business

There are many ways to do online advertising and get a lot of traffic. In this post we’ll share some of the best internet advertising techniques you can find. 

Since the beginning of the world wide web advertising on the internet has become one of the major marketing strategies one can use. There’s free and paid advertising and they will all be fully explained, it is always up to you which one you choose. They all come with their advantages and disadvantages, but you can choose what’s best for you.

The difference between free and paid advertising

Online advertising is using ways to promote your services online using either free or paid advertising or a combination of both. It is a digital strategy that can not be ignored at this day and age.

There are major differences between free and paid advertising since free advertising does not require a budget. The belief that free online advertising is limited to banner ads is a misconception that needs to change. There are many other free advertising methods that one can use apart from banner ads such as submitting your site url on search engines and directories, distributing content and more.

Paid advertising is a bit costly and can require a huge budget yet again it can yield fast results. The most common paid advertising techniques are pay per click advertising, social media advertising and display ads. All of this and more will be covered in this post.

Free online advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By using free advertising techniques you are increasing your chances of being found on search engines. All free advertising techniques can be used to build backlinks to your website. That is one of the two great search engine optimization techniques called off-page optimization.

Display Adverts

There are many ways one can display adverts on different websites to gain traffic to their website. The most common display ads are banner ads, pop-up ads, video ads, wallpaper ads and middle ads. All of these types of display ads differ in how they work and how they are placed.

Media buy and display ads

The best way to use display ads is through media buy, there’s several media buy companies that you can use to buy advertising spaces. Media buy allows you to buy ad spaces from a company which then displays your ads on multiple major sites.

Some of the big media buy platforms available include SiteScout, BuyAds and other major blogs. Media buy helps you get your ads to high traffic blogs and websites. Your ads can be displayed on blogs like PerezHilton, Dailykos, Dlisted, etc.

This online advertising technique can be measured and the performance of your adverts can be analysed and scaled up. You are able to select from any banner size depending on the options you are given.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are very popular amongst internet marketers but they are not as effective as they used to be. The click through rate of these display ads has dropped to less than 1%, which makes it less effective. Online users tend to ignore banner ads or some of the display ads due to lack of interest in the ads.

Yet if you want to use banner ads or any type of display ads, you can find major sites that have high traffic and place your ads.

Distribute articles

Distributing content is one of the free methods that you can focus on. It takes time to write or create content so it needs patience and dedication. When you distribute content you help increase inbound links back to your site.

There’s two types of methods that you can use to distribute your content. One is article marketing where you can write articles for major sites like Ezine Articles, GoArticles and article directories.

What you should not do, is submitting the same article in two or more sites because search engines will see it as duplicate content.

And the other methods you can distribute articles across multiple sites is through guest posting. For guest blogging to work you need to build networks with other bloggers. It takes time to build networks with other bloggers but is worth a lot.

Writing articles as a guest blogger on other blogs gives you an advantage to increase your content and have links back to your site. Both of these methods are good ways to gain backlinks to your site and do well on search engines.

Paid advertising in-depth

In most cases paid advertising can be the most effective online advertising because it brings fast results. Another added advantage with it, is that it offers targeted traffic which free traffic sources fail to do. Out of all online paid advertising that brings targeted traffic is ppc. Though there are other online marketing strategies close to pay per click but they don’t bring targeted traffic.

Paid search advertising

This is a type of advertising used by search engines also known as pay per click (ppc). Paid search advertising which can also be called search engine marking is good because you only pay if the user clicks on your ad.

Paid search advertising also requires keyword research and you can only advertise to people who are looking for that particular key phrase. This makes it easy to set up your ads based on what they search for on search engines.

You can set up your PPC ads based on your budget and set the amount of money you are willing to pay per click.

Is not that difficult to set up ppc ads, you can do it through Google AdWords or Bing search marketing. You need to open an account with either one, and start creating your ppc ad campaigns.

As you set up your ads you can group them by geographic location, product other settings. There are multiple ad types to select from, either you create text ads, image ads, or WAP mobile.

If you don’t know how to do it you can find an online advertising agency that offers the ppc services. Some online advertising companies also offer SEO services which you might need.

Social media advertising

If you are looking for a way to get traffic through social media then you should look at social media optimization (SMO). But if SMO is too slow for you then paid social media advertising is another option.

With paid social media advertising you can target customers based on their interest, age, region and more. Facebook advertising is a leading social network when it comes to paid social media advertising.

Through facebook ads you can sponsor your post, videos, capture pages and many other types of posts. Alternative to facebook ads you can use twitter and linkedin to sponsor your tweets and posts.

Other social networks might be a bit expensive compared to facebook ads which can cost from $5 per ad which can run for a day. Facebook is by far the most affordable online advertising social network.

It will also depend on what time you want the ad to start running. Of course you should do your research so that you show your ad to the right people at the right time.

Video advertising

If you have not started using videos as part of your content marketing strategy then you should start today. Many people enjoy watching videos over reading blog posts, which makes it even more interesting for most marketers.

Video adverts are good for attracting the eye since there’s some kind of movement or animation in them. You can create videos for all age groups and all types of businesses or products.

There’s quite too many video distribution sites, with YouTube being the leading video sharing site. Apart from YouTube your video ads can be shared on social networks like facebook, twitter, and others.


I believe you learned some valuable information about online advertising as I have during my research. If you have more questions about this topic and you want to share your own personal experience you are welcome.

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