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7 best affiliate marketing strategies you should use today

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best affiliate marketing strategies

Get ready for my best affiliate marketing strategies, these strategies are very useful. Every top affiliate marketer follows this strategy.

So if you are new in affiliate marketing you might find it hard to make even $1 online. When it comes to making money online it shouldn’t be so difficult.

But most of us struggle and end up abandoning the online business dream. In this post I will share the best affiliate marketing strategies that you should use to build your business. 

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Strategy 1: Pick a legit product

Picking an affiliate product is very important. Pick a product that you know you could also use.

Stick to legit affiliate products. There are many products that are designed to scam people. Scamming can come in two ways, it could be that the affiliate company does not pay. It could also waste your time and your potential customers’ time.

When someone invests time in promoting a product or service they expect to be paid. Is everyone’s right to earn  for their hard work.

You will find that when you buy the product it does not work as specified. So pick products that you know for sure that they work as explained.

You should put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and see how you would feel if the product does not provide value.

No one would buy from you again if you promote shitty products. You could lose a lot of valuable potential customers as well.

So pick products that will benefit you and the people you are trying to sell to. If they see that you promote good offers that are helpful they will stay with you.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies that will work for you even when other people are struggling.

Strategy 2: Buy the product and learn about it

Buy the product and learn everything about the product. Usually affiliate marketers try to promote products that they have not tested themselves. Or they promote  affiliate products that they know nothing or very minimal information about.

If you can not afford to buy the product, find as much information you can about that product. Learn about it, about the founders, its longevity and more.

If you skip this step then you could make a few mistakes along the way. This is why it is considered the best affiliate marketing strategies and shouldn’t be skipped.

Find out the history of this affiliate program that is very important. If it is a new affiliate program you should know how many days, weeks or months it has been running.

Is it sustainable or is it just a shiny precious program that will pass before people even make money out of it.

The amount of time that people invest in promoting that affiliate product should be considered.

Basically, know everything you can about it. This step is very important because it is linked to the second step. You have to know everything about this product that you are promoting.

This will help you answer most of the questions that you potential buyers will ask. If they see that you are able to answer their questions based on facts they will be your customers.

Strategy 3: Create a product review a video

Now that you have learned all that information about the product is to create a review. Create a product review whereby you review the product. Using video marketing on its own is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies.

Most people who are doing internet marketing will tell you, you need to create videos. Videos are also good for your content marketing strategy.

So do an honest review about that product on a video. Be genuine about it. Mention all the advantages and disadvantages about it.

Show people that you, yourself have bought the product. That will make people want to buy the product.

If it is an online product or information product that runs online, show the back office. Record your screen or write a blog post about it.

Tell them why you chose that product and how it benefits you. Explain to them why you joined this business if it is a business.

People would usually want to know why you joined that business or why you bought that product.

Show your face in that video explaining about this affiliate product that you bought. Showing your face makes people know you and trust you.

Explain to the people why they should buy the product. You can cut the screen in half or have a little box camera in the bottom where by is just your face.

Then the rest of the screen will be where you explain about the product and show how it works.

Put yourself out there, so that you can build a relationship with your customers before they get to the product.

There’s a saying that goes “People buy from people”. They don’t buy from companies. If they know you and trust you, they will be inclined to buy that product from you.

Give value, make your potential customers feel the importance of having that affiliate product.

The only thing that will make people buy that product from you is value. If you don’t do this step you will make people feel as if you are a con man.

If you are not a conman and you know that the product is legit then this step should be easy for you.

Strategy 4: Do a comparison between two similar affiliate products

Do a comparison between this product that you are promoting and another that is similar to yours. Basically find another product that you can compare it with.

Show the difference between the two products without ruining the other one. Your comparison should be clean and highlight major differences between those two products.

It should be genuine, do not bash the other product just show the differences.

Also in your product mentioning the advantages and  disadvantages. If you mention the disadvantages does not mean people won’t buy the product. People will still buy the product more even if you tell them about drawbacks.

Again, your comparison should not feel like you are attacking the other product. Keep it nice, simple and clean

If is a blog post that you chose to use, make sure you write everything about the about products

Strategy 5: Create an in between

Now that you’ve created this video you need to create an in between. What’s “an in between”?

An in between is a page that you are going to send you potential customers to before sending them to the product.

If you are promoting another company’s product do not send traffic/potential customers directly to that affiliate product website.

Create a bridge page, also called a landing page. On that bridge page you should embed the video you created on step two.

Strategy 6: Give a bonus

Give a bonus to the people who would buy the product from you. A bonus can be anything, it can be video training, it can be a short report.

Your bonus can be a newsletter or blog post or anything that you can think of. This would be like a thank you for buying the product from me.

You should do that with most of your affiliate products. Prepare an incentive that will be of value to your buyers, maybe live call or special webinar, just anything.

A bonus gives you an advantage over other affiliates who are promoting the same product.

Strategy 7: Build a list

Whenever you decide to promote a product you should think of using email marketing strategy. You should build a bridge page that contains an email form.

On your bridge page you should have a small form where potential customers can fill with their name and email.

An email list is very important if you are doing affiliate marketing. It will help you sell another product one day.

Some of the people who will fill the form might not buy this product that you are promoting now. But they can buy your next product or the third product.

Having them on your email list helps you to promote other offers to them. This means you will have an audience for your second product.

Also a list will help you build a good relationship with your audience, which is very important. You can always contact your audience when you have something to share.

You are not going to start from scratch when it is time for you to sell another product. You can just go to your email list and start there. Building an email list works for most or all internet marketing businesses. This is how you could also make money online.

Are these the best affiliate marketing strategies or not?

What’s the next step?

Practice and Promotion

For you to see whether these are the best affiliate marketing strategies or not you should practice them.

The best way is to practice by doing, don’t do it once and expect good results do it over and over with different affiliate programs.

The next step is to get traffic your affiliate links. You should use multiple traffic sources to get more traffic. Since you have created the bridge page you should get lots of traffic to it.

Following these strategies requires a lot of time which you should invest in. Spend more time practicing how you promote your business and increase sales.

So you can choose to use organic traffic this means you will use search engine optimization to get those links in front of your potential customers.

If possible start a blog, it will give you an upper hand. You could share your progress, this could bring more traffic to your landing pages as well.

Use social media to get traffic, affiliate marketing products do well with social media marketing.

Social networks are very big. That’s where most people spend their time.

Another way is to optimize your landing pages and email campaigns if they are not optimized already. Search engine optimization will help you get traffic to your website.

Since people are using mobile devices more than they use desktops or laptops you should make sure that all your affiliate marketing content is mobile friendly. Therefore optimize your site for mobile seo to perform well on mobile phones.

If you can afford paid traffic then you should use it as well. This as you might know, it will help you get targeted traffic, invest a bit in pay per click.

Other forms of paid traffic that might help you is social media paid traffic. Try buying ads on Facebook or other social networks.

You can also get leads directly from facebook using their Lead Ads Form. Lead Ads Form is a feature on facebook that helps you collect emails from facebook users.

Is good for anyone who’s promoting affiliate marketing promotions. The lead ads form could add value on your best affiliate marketing strategies and bring sales.

It can help you build a list much faster and increase your sales in a short period.

Look for other ways to diversify your traffic sources so that the other one does not give you results you few more.

Since we’ve already talked about creating a video, it should be uploaded on your YouTube channel. Then linked to your bridge page, you can even share it on social media.

Videos will bring you more traffic than most traffic sources when it comes to affiliate marketing. So you should make use of them all the time.

As you can see this is no longer a 7 best affiliate marketing strategies blog post. Is a full course. Well I didn’t plan on getting this far it just happened.

It took me a long time to learn all of this, but yes I’m willing to share it with those who are really interested in making money online.


I hope you got value in my best affiliate marketing strategies blog post and you will start applying them.

Whether you are a beginner or a well established online marketer these strategies should help you. If you have a question you are welcome to ask. I would be happy to assist you.

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