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There are a lot of people who have not figured why they should do email list building for their businesses. But email marketing has been and still is the way to get your message to your customers fast and cheap. It also allows you to promote several products to the same list.

You might have heard some people saying you should not use build a list because it doesn’t work or whatever.

Well it’s a big lie, If you spend time with most online marketers you will see that they all use email marketing to gain their customers. The only people who don’t build a list are the people who have build their reputation in some way, only they know how.

But for you, if you are still starting out, you need to put more effort on it from now. It will help you gain credibility in your industry. Anyway you can rely on social media alone because not everyone checks their social network messages everyday.

There are still a lot of people who checks their emails on daily bases and you will be missing a lot of them them if you don’t build a list.

Why you should do email list building?

Email marketing allows you to get traffic to your website and you can use is as one of the affiliate marketing strategies. You can include your website url when sending your email.

With a email list you always have people to market to whenever you have a good offer.

People in the email list belong to you and they are willing to be there for as long as they want. The only way for you to loose them is if you annoy them and they unsubscribe.

Most people who use the internet have personal emails, which makes it over 4 Billion internet users globally.

Many people check their emails on daily basis, to find out who has sent them what message.

Emails makes it easy for you to communicate with other people on a personal level and make easy to build relationships.

Selecting email marketing tools:

For you want to do email list building you need to choose a email marketing tool or email software provider. The email tools come with easy to use features that will make you productive.

Email marketing tools enable you to collect email addresses, send bulk emails at once, manage emails, and give you statistic about your emails.

Why you should never use Gmail, YahooMail or Webmail?

This emails are not designed for build email, and they could close your account if they find you doing that.

There are free email marketing tools that you can use but the premiums ones are better and more advanced. One of the free email tool is MailChimp, you can build a list of up to 2000 subscribers with it. It allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month.

The only disadvantage with MailChimp is that it does not allow affiliate links. So if you are planning to do affiliate marketing then you should consider using a premium tool.

Which brings us to Aweber or GetResponse, both of them are good email marketing tools. They both offer free trial, then they will charge from $15 month depending on the package you choose.

Creating a compelling squeeze page or email capture forms:

Don’t worry how you will create a capture form, the email marketing tools I explained above have that feature. You can create your own squeeze page using them or find other software to help you with that.

Squeeze page or capture page is the page that will give a user an idea that they need to provide their email. It should be designed in away that will attract the eye.

Follow this simple tips to design a squeeze page:

Use the right color combination on your text, background, images and more. A simple example would be to use a white text on a black background.

Use a bullet list to describe some of the things on squeeze page. A bullet list is easy to scan, and can simplify a complicated scenario.

Include a opt-in form on your squeeze page, make it visible so that users won’t miss it.

Create a video if possible to explain why the user should opt-in on your email list. People like videos so using a video instead of text can give more subscribers.

Include long tail keywords when explaining something on your pages. Long tail keywords are easy to rank on search engines.

Include a call to action

After explaining everything on your squeeze page you should include a call to action. A call to action should be some thing that tells a user what to do. If you don’t tell them what to do they might leave without giving you their email address.

An alternative to a squeeze page is a capture form on your website.

You can place a form on your website or blog. There are multiple ways you go about this. This include placing a form with a email and sign up button on the header, sidebar or footer section.

Using this method enables you to stand a chance to get subscribers direct from your website or blog. Another way is to use a Pop Up form on your website. This can be destructive to your readers but it words in most cases.

Offer an incentive:

You should not expect people to give you their email addresses without proving to them what the will get. Giving them something is in exchange will increase your chances.

An incentive also called a “bribe”, it will allow you to get the required email subscribers. There are many incentives to give away to your subscribers. They include the following:

  • E-Book
  • Video tutorial
  • White paper
  • Infographic
  • Blog posts
  • Podcast
  • Webinar

This are just some of them that I could think of. You should be preparing a other offers in advance so that you don’t keep them waiting for too long.

Make it easy for your subscribers to get that incentive, once they enter their email and submit. Send them a thank you message and a link to their incentive.

If is a ebook, infographic or white paper show them how to download it so that they don’t struggle getting it. If its videos or podcast tell them how to play them step by step, or setup a autoplay.

Opt-in and opt-out or unsubscribe

Most emails have an automatic opt-in, so you don’t have to worry much out the it. But the email opt-out is the one that you should put more focus on.

You should include a unsubscribe button on your emails so that whoever decides to unsubscribe can do so easily.

There are Electronic Communication laws concerning email marketing in every country that bind all email marketers to obey. You should abide those laws so that there ant complains directed to you.

Include a confirmation link:

When subscribers enter their email on your squeeze page send them a confirmation email. This email should enable them to confirm that it is them who enter that particular email address.

By clicking on it the confirmation button or link they acknowledge that they really want to be subscribe to your list.

Include a thank you page:

After receiving an email address from your subscribers send them a thank you email that will acknowledge that you have received their email address. You can cut the process short by including the incentive link on the Thank you message.

What should you do after receiving email subscribers

Schedule emails that you can send out to your readers either on daily, weekly or monthly bases. Notify your email subscribers when you will send them emails.

Try not to stay out of line by sending them emails when they are not expecting. That will cause you to loose subscribers.

Increase your email open rate:

Choosing a headline

A headline is the first thing that will help you have most of your emails opened by your subscribers. It should be short and to the point.

The easy method is to as them a question that will attract them to clicking your message.

You can also include their name on the headline if you have collected their name and email. This way it makes them feel special and make them want to read more.

If you promised them to send email during a certain time, continue doing so, so that they would know when to expect your email.

Avoid spam filters by asking your readers to send you a message through their personal email addresses that they have subscribed to you with.

Additional tips about doing your email list building for your business or website:

Schedule your emails

Is very important that you schedule your emails in advance. This will allow you some time to breath in case you happen to be out on a trip or whatever.

Most email marketing tools come with this feature, so you have to worry about creating it from scratch. All you have to do is create your content then set it up and come back later to check how it went.

Analyse your emails:

Keeping track of your email campaigns is a very wise decision. You wouldn’t want to waste time on creating emails that wont convert.

Track the most important things such as, who has opened you email, who has deleted it, who has not opened it yet. All that information will give you a good understanding on what needs to be improved.

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