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Mobile seo techniques: How to master mobile site optimization

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mobile seo techniques

There’s no website that does not require mobile seo techniques nowadays. Every website needs to be accessible on all types of devices including mobile devices.

There are some factors that need to be considered when creating a mobile site, they will be discussed in this post.

Mobile search

It has been shown that mobile users search differently from desktop devices. Mobile searches tend to be short compared to desktop searches.

Mobile devices play a big role in online advertising or on mobile advertising.You need to know how search engines work then optimize your pages for seo to work well in mobile devices.

This gives you an opportunity to do your research about your topic and implement good mobile seo techniques and improve your mobile site optimization. For your site to do well in mobile search you have to include all the mobile optimization discussed here.

Mobile seo keyword research

Since mobile users use different searches this means they use different keywords. When doing keyword research consider checking which keywords in your niche do well on mobile devices.

A good keyword research process will bring you quality traffic from all users. Mobile traffic is important because of the huge number of mobile device users. You can use a tool like Google Analysis to check which devices bring more mobile traffic and which keywords bring more traffic.

You can also use Mobile Trends Data to see which keywords are mostly searched by users. This data should give you keywords that you can include in your blog posts or site description.

How to design your site for mobile devices?

Back in the day people used to design two separate sites, one for desktop computers and one for mobile devices. There’s no need for that any more, you can design one website, and optimize it for all devices.

Responsive web design

Nowadays, if you want your site to be accessible on all devices you should use responsive web design. Responsive web design is a technique used to configure a website to display well on all devices including desktop computers, tablets and other small screen mobile devices.

If you want to change your website to a mobile design or responsive design you have to learn html and css. This might be too technical for most people, or you should choose a responsive theme.

Most free and premium themes WordPress come with a responsive web design feature. You don’t have to worry about your site being mobile-friendly if you are using WordPress. If your theme is custom made then your designer should already know about this. Choosing a WordPress theme is just a simple mobile seo technique that will insure your site’s visibility on all devices.

Content on a responsive design website appears on a single line on a smaller screen This is better than letting users scroll sideways or zooming in.

Navigational menus

Your website menus should be one of the important things you pay attention to. A site’s navigation menu is important because it allows users and search engines to move around your web pages.

Navigation menu should be clearly visible and like most relevant pages on your site. And make it easy to go to the homepage of your website.

Why responsive design for mobile seo?

It provides better user experience which is highly recommended by search engines. If a user comes to your site and enjoys using it whether they came through a mobile or desktop device they are likely to come back.

Call to action

A call to action can be placed in many ways on your website. It can be placed on the header of the page, on the sidebar, on the footer section or it can be a pop up.

Out of all this, a pop up can cost you visitors and scare them away. If you decide to use a call to action choose one that will not cost you any traffic.

A good method is to center your call to action on your front page so that your visitors won’t miss it. Make sure that you test and retest your call to action on all devices and make them visible enough.

What you should avoid when designing a mobile seo website:

Separate URLs

In the early days of mobile web design people use to design two websites one for desktop and the other for mobile devices. This meant separate urls for both desktops and mobile devices.

It worked for a while but since there’s responsive web design now, separate urls are no longer necessary. Having two versions can be time consuming and costly at the same time.

Separate urls also mean different traffic for different websites, they can also cause confusion. It also requires you to optimize both sites for search engines. Those websites perform differently on all search engines since they are separate.

This approach also requires you to inform search engines when your site is opened on a mobile device. You would do so by placing a viewport meta tag on your header section. This is a technical html feature that will need you to fiddle with the html code.

So why not use one website url and optimize it for all devices and track traffic for all devices?

  • Website loading speed

A website loading speed can be one determining factor in mobile seo optimization. A slow loading website is not required by most users and search engines.

People have become impatient in recent years when it comes to the website loading speed. Make sure to test and improve your website loading speed so your site loads extremely fast. Your website loading speed can either help in search engine marketing or break slow down the traffic.

  • Compress and optimize your images

Images can be heavy and take much longer time to load on browsers. So you should compress your images before uploading them on your website.

A few kilobytes is required for most images for them to load as fast as possible. This will also keep your file storage on your cPanel on your website to a good size.

After compressing your images you should optimize them for seo. You can do so by renaming them according to your web page title and including the keywords on the alt tag and description.

  • Avoid heavy plugins

Plugins can consume a lot of disk space and cause a website to load slower. They should be monitored wisely so that you don’t install too many of them that won’t be of good use on your site.

  • Avoid sideways scrolling

A website that forces users to scroll sideways is not optimized for mobile devices. Your visitors will get tired of scrolling sideways when viewing your site.

A user should only scroll up and down on your site. So if your site is not mobile optimized make sure you use responsive design techniques and customize it for mobile devices.

  • Avoid zoom in and zoom out

Just like scrolling sideways, zooming in and out on any website is not good for your site. Visitors don’t want to spend a lot of time zooming in and out of your site.

  • Avoid Mobile Redirects

Redirects tend to add more loading time on your website and can be irritating for your visitors. This means a bad user experience which you should avoid at all cost.

Mobile seo tools that you should use:

You will need some mobile seo tools that can help you optimize your site, track your site visits and improve.

Responsive web design test tool – you can use it to see how your site looks on multiple devices.

Moz Local – This is a tool from moz one of the biggest seo websites. It allows you to keep your search engine optimization intact.

Google Analytics – I’ve already mentioned google analytics here, it can help you with all website statistics. It includes mobile devices, mobile operating systems, browsers and more.

Mobile seo plugins for WordPress:

If you are using wordpress then you might want to look at ways to improve your mobile seo for better user experience. Here are some of the wordpress plugins you can use to optimize your site for mobile devices..

Touchy – This plugin turns a normal wordpress site into a mobile accessible website in minutes. This allows its navigational menus to be placed according to the smaller screen size.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – You can install this plugin to increase your website loading speed on mobile devices.

When optimizing your site for mobile you’ll be adding to your digital marketing strategy and to mobile users.

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