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On Page SEO: Simple steps to increase your page rankings

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Every web page needs on page seo and off page seo optimization to rank high on search engine result page. On this page I’ll share the steps you need to follow to optimize your web pages.

Without optimizing your pages your site can not get traffic. You need to add some basic seo features, and follow simple steps all the time.

Before optimizing your pages for search engines you should do your keyword research first. You need keywords and supporting key phrases when doing on page seo optimization.

The most easy to target keywords are long tail keywords. Is easy to rank for a long tail keyword than short tail keyword. Always target keywords that won’t take you long to rank high for.

With proper search engine optimization your site could reach the top pages in search results.

The good thing with optimizing your site for seo is that you can get organic traffic for a long time.

If your website pages are properly optimized you can even get to page one of Google.

Is every internet marketers dream to get to page one on Google since getting there gives you more free traffic.

You can also get to the first page on Google with pay per click, but it is costly and you can’t stay there for too long.

With on page seo you can be number on Google and other big search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

When optimizing your site you might need on page seo tools. One of the great tools is the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

In case you are not using WordPress you should consider moving your site to WordPress. This will help you because it is easy to optimize your web pages with WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.

The Yoast SEO plugin has all the features required to optimize a web page or post. It is the most accurate and very much recommended by top internet marketers.

Take note of every thing I already spoke about on this post because we will be following the yoast seo plugin.

Site title description

The title is one of the first features of on page seo that should be emphasised. Your post title gives your readers and search engines a clear idea what your post or page is about.

Therefore your title should include your targeted keywords and be brief as possible.

Search engines crawl your page to see whether your page is relevant or not. If search engines find the focus keywords attached to your content to be relevant it ranks it high.

Supporting keywords also have a big impact in telling search engines about your keywords. Your title description should relate to the supporting keywords.

Include meta tag description

The meta description might not seem important to most people, it helps a lot. The meta description is the second most important for on page seo.

With a meta description you can write a short paragraph that will explain your main content

In meta tags you should write a paragraph with at least 320 characters, that could be or three lines long.

Also in that short paragraph you should include your main keyword. Those keywords will help search engines to rank it a bit high on search engines.

SEO Friendly URLs

For your site to be easily indexed by search engines your site URL should be readable. Make sure your URLs are seo user friendly, change the settings especially if you are using WordPress.

On your left site of your WordPress Dashboard click, scroll down to settings, then click on Permalinks.

Then select the radio button that says Post Name, by doing so, your URLs will look like this

This is very helpful to the search engines in the human eye, it is much readable compared to other Permalinks.

Content Writing for Pages/Posts

Target writing long articles in your web pages or posts. Search engines love long content, your content should be long enough so and have relevant key-phrases in it. And you should also write for seo when you write

The aim here is to write for SEO and people, keep your readers in mind when writing.

Write at least 500+ words on your pages or posts. Search engines tend to rank long content much higher. Your content should include keywords.

Your keywords should be sprinkled around your text together with your supporting keywords. This simple on page seo technique shouldn’t be neglected.

Include Internal links

Your web pages or posts should be interlined or contain inbound links. This is an on page seo link building strategy that helps search engines to index your site.

And also it helps people to move around your website or blog with ease.

Search engines will rank every web page that has valuable internal links. Point your links to the relevant pages that describe the keyphrase you’re directing it to.

Make your links to be visible, do not try to hide them within your text. Search engines might penalize you for that.

Do not use the focus keyword for that page to link to another web page, rather use supporting keywords.

External links

This might not seem so important to other people as well but linking to other websites on your content is good.

Your external links should point out to other sites that are related to your sites.

You don’t have to have too many of these outbound links though but having a few relevant ones is a plus. Only link to another page outside if you want your readers to find out more info about that topic.

This strategy can also help you to get links back to your website as well. You can get a lot of backlinks if you apply the strategy the right way.

Include Subheadings

You should highlight your content using subheadings such as H2, H3, H4 and so on. Subheadings help emphasize the importance of the topic.

Some of your subheadings should include your main keyword for that page. Below your subheadings you should not have more than 300 words.

Keep the paragraphs below your subheadings to be at less than 300 words each time you use them.

Use Bulleted Points

If you have a list of important things to emphasize, you should consider using bulleted points. List them and keep them as short and brief as possible.

That should make your content clear to follow and read.

Optimize your Images

Put at least one image on your posts and optimize your images. Your image’s title should be named accordingly.

And also your image Alt tag should include a keyword relevant to your post.

Image optimization includes putting or specifying the Title, Alt tag and image short Description.

The Description part is much longer or bigger. Try to write a full sentence with twelve plus words including your main keyword in the process.

The Yoast SEO plugin already makes it easy to optimize images.

Search engines give a few extra points for such clarity on images, and also they can rank those images high.

Social Media Sharing Plugins

This topic might not seem to fall under on page seo optimization category. But it definitely comes back to on page seo rankings.

Having social media sharing buttons on your pages can help you get your content more shares. In return you can get a lot of traffic back to your site.

Include a Sitemap

A sitemap can also be seen as the external part of search engine optimization. But in fact it can increase your on page seo rankings.

Your website should include a sitemap, a sitemap will include all your links to your site.

Search engines also use the sitemap to index your website. Create your sitemap and upload it to your site directory files.

You can create it via Google Console and upload it to your site to be indexed.

Create a Mobile Friendly Site

As you should know by now, Billions of people use mobile devices to access the internet all over the world. Make sure your web pages are mobile friendly, this is known as responsive design. You also have to optimize your site for mobile seo for it to perform well on mobile devices.

Your web pages should be optimized for mobile devices and tablets. As the owner of the site you don’t want mobile users to reject your site because it is not mobile friendly.

This goes down to your entire website or blog. If you are using wordpress you might not have to worry about this. Just double check to see The latest themes come with responsive design already.

If in case your website is not viewable on mobile devices you should change it and make it mobile responsive.

Increase your site loading speed

A website needs to load faster in order for it to be ranked high in search results. You need to check your website speed and increase it if you can.

The faster a website loads the better. If your website takes longer to load visitors can reject it, and quit visiting.

There are many free seo tools that can help you analyse your website speed and help you increase it.

Pingdom is one of the free websites that will show you how fast your site takes to load. It will also help you identify the points you need to improve.

One other plugin to increase your site speed is W3 Total Cache plugin, install this plugin in your dashboard and activate it.

Look for other WordPress plugins or any tricks and tricks that can help you increase your web site speed.

In conclusion

We’ve covered a lot of on page seo optimization on this post. Following these simple steps would increase your page rankings.

You should not forget the off page seo optimization as well which is also part of search engine optimization.

Considering putting everything in order can help your page rankings to increase in a short period of time.

Should I have missed some valid points and or ways to increase on page seo optimization you are well come to share them.

come to share them.

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