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How to become a freelance writer in 2022 without experience

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become a freelance writer - Besana Motha

How to become a freelance writer in 2022 without experience: Ultimate guide

Looking for ways to become a freelance writer in 2022? You’ve come to the right post. In this post I’m sharing with you how you can start freelance writing and make money online by writing articles.

First, let me share a secret with you, freelance writing is for anyone.  And is also one of the easy ways to make money online. Did I say easy? No I’m kidding, but it can be, for those who are really serious about it.

Take your time and read through this article. I’ll unpack all the steps on how to become a professional freelance writer in a short period.

Few things you need to consider before you decide on becoming a freelance writer. Freelance writing is a type of freelance job you can do from home. You need to decide which freelance writing you want to take on because there are multiple freelance writing jobs or categories. It can be confusing for a beginner.

What do I mean by multiple writing jobs? Here’s a list of common types of freelance writing jobs:

  • General freelance writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Freelance blogging
  • Ebook writing
  • Book writing
  • Copywriting
  • Resume writing
  • Technical writing
  • Magazine writing
  • Research writing
  • Speech writing
  • Academic writing
  • Press release writing
  • Business plan writing
  • Legal writing

Choose the best type of freelance writing job to mke money from home.

What I’ve given you here is a whole list of writing jobs to choose from. You can decide on which ones you want to pursue.

You will need a Degree or certain experience to get the job.

Those are usually high paying jobs or full time writing jobs for big companies. But don’t get discouraged by all those requiring a varsity qualification.

Because there are many high paying jobs within that list and require no Degree whatsoever, just you and your ability to work.

Another thing you should know is that you should be able to sit on your laptop for hours doing research and writing.

What’s also important as a writer is to have good grammar which is something that clients take very seriously

Talking about grammar, I might not be the best person to give you advice on that. I’m a South African and English is my second language.

I was also not an A student in English at school. Yet that doesn’t stop me from pursuing freelance writing jobs.


become a freelance writer Poppular writing jobs

See LinkedIn popular writing jobs

How much can you make as a freelance writer?

I know you are wondering how much you can make writing articles online. Freelance writing is an opportunity where you can earn depending on your experience and effort.

Is possible to earn four figures in a month if you really take it seriously. I earned $20 for the first time in November 2018 as a ghostwriter after writing a 2000 word article.

After that I earned a further $220 in the same month from one client. This was a low paying job compared to what others are earning. But I was a beginner at the time, so it was good for gaining experience.

Just so you know, there are higher paying freelance writing jobs out there. You can charge $500 per article depending on your experience. The same amount can be charged for a 1000 word article. You just need to know how to delight your clients.

This was my first attempt in freelance writing and I can tell you, the experience was awesome,  knew after that, I really wanted to put more effort into freelance writing.

My story might not inspire you to get started as a freelance writer but I know people who can.

Take a look at this people who are earning 4 to 6 figures a month with freelance writing:

Bamidele Onibalusi of Writersincharge

Since I’ve gained experience in these, let me show you how to get started as a freelance writer. This is one of the realistic ways to get money online from anywhere. I can attest to this because I’ve tried other methods of making money online. So freelance writing is by far the best way for a beginner.

What do you need to become a freelance writer?

  • A computer/laptop – the most basic tool you will need
  • Internet connection
  • Time – to do your research and write articles
  • Writing skills – of course you can’t be a writer without writing skills

How to become a freelance writer without experience?

Here is a step by step process on how to become a freelance writer without experience.

Here’s a list of things you need to do to become a freelance writer

  • Decide on your niche
  • Create a profile (preferably a blog)
  • Practice writing
  • More writing as a guest writer
  • Decide on your rate
  • Seek freelance writing opportunities

Decide on your niche

A niche is an industry or set of topics that you can write about. There are many niches you can choose from.

You don’t have to be an expert in that field for you to write about it since you can do research online. Choose a niche that you won’t get tired of writing about. You can also turn your hobby into your niche.

Here are just few ideas of niches you can choose from:

  1. Finance
  2. Health
  3. Travel
  4. Parenting
  5. Cooking
  6. Arts design
  7. Crafting
  8. Marketing
  9. Comedy 

Create a profile

Remember this can automatically turn into a business. You will definitely need to build an online profile if you want your business to take off.

The best way to create a profile is to start a blog and start blogging. This will help you build your online presence with ease. It doesn’t take long to create a blog, it can take a few minutes.

I’ve shared quite a lot of information related to blogging. Here is a list of related blogging tips and strategies:

  1. How to start a blog a newbies guide to professional blogging
  2. How to choose a blogging platform for your blog
  3. How to choose a web hosting company for your blog
  4. How to promote your blog online and offline
  5. A list of blogging strategies for your blog

 Build processional social presence

I know you might be asking yourself, what’s this got to do with becoming a freelance writer? Hear me out, when prospective clients look for a candidate to work with, they tend to look on the socials. Make use of social media marketing and brand yourself accordingly.

Create a social profile in at least two social networks. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are very common networks to brand yourself in. Beef them up with quality content to attract potential clients. Find and learn the basics of online branding and brand yourself.

Practice writing

Practice makes perfect, Right? Your blog is the best place to showcase your writing skills. After creating your blog as your profile you will need to start writing and publishing articles.

Your articles should have good titles, be well written and be long enough to entice your potential clients into hiring you.

Share a few articles on your blog on weekly bases. It takes time to write good articles, so set yourself time every week to create your content.

In addition to writing on your blog you can do guest posting on other people’s blogs. That is called guest posting.  

Some blog owners need content contributors, they allow guests to write on their behalf in return you get recognition as a writer of that article.  All of those articles can help you build social proof. Some blogs allow you to link back to your blog which is a good SEO link building strategy for your blog.

Seek freelance writing opportunities

become a freelance writer - knock on doorsImage by Arek Socha from Pixabay

We can refer to this as “prospecting for clients”. There are a lot of freelance writing opportunities out there. In this section I’m just showing you which direction to go if you want to become a freelance writer and where to search for jobs.

But first, I want to show you what to look for when prospecting for freelance writing opportunities.

Potential client – If you’ve already chosen a niche it would be wise to search for potential clients in your niche.

Industry – Your ideal client should already be in business in the very same industry you are writing for.

Location – Filtering the location is such that you need to find clients that will afford your rates. Just to give you an example, it is easier for clients in the US, UK, Australia and Canada to afford high paying rates than some countries.

Contact person – Is good to search for the ideal contact person whenever you start pitching your ideas.

This will save you time and connect you to the right person to help you get published and also get paid.

In this case an editorial manager is your best ideal contact person when pitching. The other one is the marketing manager of the company.

Where to seek freelance writing opportunities?

  • Job boards
  • Social networks
  • Google search
  • Niche directories

The first places to look at are job boards since that’s where clients go to. Job boards are some of the good places to get your first job as a freelance writer.

But remember you are not limited to job boards, you can find great gigs even in places that you’ve never thought of.

It might be an overwhelming process finding your first freelance writing client. But you should be persistent in doing so because the results can be rewarding.

Some of the places to look for work on social media. I’ve seen quite a lot of jobs posted on social networks.

How to find freelance writing jobs on social networks?

Example on Twitter: some clients tweet a job when they are looking for writers.

You can find these jobs by searching for them on the search box.

Just type in “freelance writer needed”, “freelance writing job” or somewhere along those lines. I saw a lot of job ads including the one below.

become a freelance writer - Writers wanted

Another one is LinkedIn, as you might know LinkedIn is a professional business social network where businesses and job seekers build their profile.

You can build your profile on LinkedIn. Not only that, you can also search for available freelance writing jobs on linked in.

Using the strategy I showed you above, you can search for available jobs on LinkedIn. The recent jobs posted will be shown to you.

Start cold pitching

All those jobs you find won’t come to you easily. You need to start pitching for them if you want to get it.

Remember you are not the only one  applying for these jobs.

So your approach needs to be unique. You should also stand out from the rest for you to succeed.

What is cold pitching?

Cold pitching is sending an email to the editors or publishers asking for opportunities.

Instead of applying for jobs that everyone is applying for, look for relaxing websites  and send them an email requesting a writing job.

In your case you will be sending emails to editors, marketing managers or founders of the company.

Look for work on Job Boards

Job boards are your best friend in finding freelance writing jobs. You can find all types of writing jobs including but not limited to:

  • Freelance Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • Copywriter
  • Academic writer

There’s quite a lot of popular job boards to help you get freelance writing jobs. For your record, not all jobs boards you see provide good work. There are some that are well known yet don’t have a great working team behind to check the validity of the job published.

  • BloggingPro
  • Problogger
  • FrelanceWriting
  • Be A Freelance Blogger
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Mediabistro
  • Cision
  • JournalismJobs

Now that you’ve gone through all the steps on how to become a freelance writer, what else can you do to improve?

Take a freelance writing course

For you to excel in your freelance writing career you can take a freelance writing course. Take a look at the following wring courses from the write life.

These courses not only enable you to become a freelance writer, it helps you build a proper career online. The skills provided will enable you to be among the top freelancers in the industry.

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