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25 types of freelance writing jobs you can do from home in 2022

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types of freelance writing jobs Post

If you’re wondering what types of freelance writing jobs you can pursue you’ve come to the right place.  

There are many types of freelance jobs one can do and make money online. And writing can be a good career but it differs in many ways.

After taking some time researching writing careers I decided to share with you types of writing jobs you can do.

You can either become a freelance writer or be a full time content writer, it is all up to you.

Why writing is important and why choosing a writing job is important?

It helps people understand basic things about any subject, product or item.

Written text is cheaper compared to other forms of communication like videos and pictures.

Is easier to convey a message through written text compared to other forms of communication.

You don’t need extra or expensive equipment to start writing, just a computer with an office suite like Microsoft Suite or a free version like WPS.

Can you make money as a freelance writer?

The answer to this question is simple YES. Companies hire writers to help them create content and build brand awareness.

Every text you read anywhere, whether it be online, newspaper, magazine or user manual there was someone hired to write it.

The jobs in writing are growing with regards to new arising opportunities. Meaning for every new industry or startup there’s a new writing job that comes with it.

25 Types of freelance writing jobs you can do from home

Article writer

As an article writer your job is to write articles for business journals, news publishers, online magazines, etc.

Articles may vary in size or length and should be in-depth

Academic writer

Assist struggling students with their academic school work, including essays, assignments etc.

Ideal for college and university students or any one who is good in a particular subject.

types of freelance writing jobs

Blog writer

Blog writing can be a lucrative career if you put in effort. Your job is to write blog content for companies and other bloggers.

You can also start your own blog and write articles for yourself. This is one of the best ways to earn passive income online.

Social media content writer/creator

One of the main responsibilities of a social media manager is to write content. These include posts and tweets for different social media accounts.

Writing for social media is different from other freelance writing due to the character limitation.

Choosing the right type of words is important in this job when you write the content for a company or clients. This also means you need to write clear messages to your target audience in a few words.

SEO content writer

As a SEO content writer your job is to focus on the content that will rank high on the SERP. Your responsibility is to grow organic traffic and possibly concert the site visitors into subscribers.

It means you have to target certain keywords that help the content rank high. For that to happen you need to know how to do keyword research.

Knowledge of tools like Yoast SEO, Google Trends, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc is required.

Business plan writer

Self explanatory, there are many people who need well written business plans.

Brand yourself as a business plan writer and start offering this service. You might need good samples as  proof that you can really create good business plans.


Writing sales copy for brands that need leads or writing promotional campaigns for their business.

This is ideal for online marketing experts with experience in creating online sales ads.

Some copywriting jobs can offer good pay per job done. For a complete guide on how to become a copywriter visit Jacob McMillen site.

ebook writer

e-books are very short compared to ordinary on the shelf books. They are usually 10 000 words or less.

You can either write ebooks for yourself and sell them on Amazon, Take-a-lot or on your blog.

Or you can advertise your services on freelance platforms like upwork or fiverr.


Among the types of freelance writing jobs is the editor job. Identifying and rectifying other people’s mistakes while improving their content.

You can find editing jobs by spending time going through different websites.

Looking for typos, grammar and emailing the website owner while charging them for your service

Fiction writing

Writing fiction is one of the best freelance writing job ideas you can do.

You can write novels, short stories and poems. So you need to have a creative mind and produce interesting content.

Learn the 10 commandments of fiction writing from Writers’s Digest in order to make it in the fiction industry.

Web content writer

Writing web content includes a lot of things. You can be writing about pages, privacy and terms services, landing page content, blog posts or typical website content for companies.

Content written for the web must be search engine friendly meaning you should write for SEO.

types of freelance writing jobs copywriter

Ghost writing

Writing content for other companies, letting them take credit for your work while you are being paid for it.

Ghost writing is very common online especially for digital marketers. You can upwards of $500 for a single article once you gain experience.

Find out how you can be a well paid ghost writer and get those high paying jobs.

Guest writer

You can be a guest writer for other publications, magazines and websites. Other companies might want you to be a regular guest writer on their web sites.

Being a guest writer also means being compensated for every written article.

Resume and cover letter writer

If you are good at writing professional resumes and cover letters this is the best freelance writing job for you.

You can find job seekers in your area or online and offer resume writing services in addition to cover letters.

Transcription writer

Your job is to translate audio files into written text. And you can also write transcripts to be turned into audio files and used into radio and video ads.


Ideal for someone with great grammar and good writing skills. There are companies who always seek proofreaders, look for these jobs online.

Press release writer

Professional writers are required world over. You can write news and press for top publications.

This is a good job for professional journalists and other academic writers.

Technical writer

A technical writer can be someone who writes user manuals, product supporting documents, how to guide, etc.

This lady explains how she broke in to technical writing, you can learn a thing or two on this post.

Legal writing

Write legal documents, letters for law firms, lawyers, judges etc. This requires someone with experience in the law industry.

If you are not qualified in the legal field, start familiarizing yourself with the laws in the legal niche.

Research writer

Research is often required in many fields and businesses. Write research documents and articles for different companies.

Look for companies that require research to be conducted on their behalf.

Your research should be good and you should be able to back it up with facts, statistics and more.

Speech writer

Speech writing is very common in many industries, especially in politics. But you can write speeches for a lot of people including companies.

There’s about 4 types of speech writing you can do including”

  • Informative speech writing
  • Persuasive speech writing
  • Motivational speech writing
  • Demonstrative speech writing

All explained on this post on how to become a speech writer.

Writing translator

Translate written languages into a different language.

If you know a language and are able to read and write it, then you can pursue a career in this field.

Book writer

Hard copy books are still common and they still sell on the shelves. Write books for different people who require printed books to be released.

You should be able to write long content of over 200 pages because some books can be very long. Book writing can be anything from biographies, history, fiction or non-fiction etc

Jerry Jenkins will give you a more indepth explanation on how to be an book author.

types of freelance writing jobs - notepad

Magazine writer

Write for magazines in your industry or niche.

Even though magazines are not as popular as they used to be, there’s still many magazine publishers.Find online magazines or those websites who still print copies of their work.

Hand writing

You would surprised how many people still make money through hand writing jobs. If you have beautiful handwriting, seek for hand writing jobs.

You are not too short on in information when it come to hand writing jobs. Steve Razinski explans 5 ways you can earn from handwriting jobs.


As you can see, you’ve got too many options in the writing niche, there’s over tweenty types of freelance writing jobs you can go for. Most of the jobs listed above can bring good active income.

But if you want passive income you can start a blog and make money blogging.

Most of these types of freelance writing jobs can help you earn five figures or more per month depending on your approach and effort.

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