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SEO writing: multiple ways to write for SEO and for people

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Are you trying to write articles for SEO? You have come to the right place because in this post covers almost everything you need to know about writing content that is SEO friendly.

Knowing how to improve your search engine rankings and get more people to read and enjoy your writing is a great thing, not only do you write quality content but you also you also stick to search engine rules.

You need to be creative in your writing so that you keep your reading on your blog posts much longer, but your main focus is turning your readers into buyers.

The are few definition to look at before we can go to the juicy stuff you actually came here for, Is very important for you to understand some of this definitions before you can start writing.

What Is SEO anyway?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a form of getting organic traffic(without using paid traffic) or natural traffic to your web content/web post through search engines. SEO is done mainly to attract visitors to your website pages.

Whenever you type a search keyword or search phrase on your chosen search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, those search results that display on your screen are a result of Search Engine Optimization. Get a full explanation of SEO here to understand more.

What exactly is SEO Writing?

SEO Writing might have many terms such as SEO Copywriting, Content Writing, Writing For SEO but in honest fact it simply means the same thing.

You Write SEO content by optimizing your page so that it makes it easy to search engines to find it.

Perhaps you want to start and online business as a SEO Specialist or take on a job as SEO Specialist or Content Copywriter at a private company, you will need the basics to do that.

As a SEO Content Writer or Internet Marketer it becomes your responsibility to drive traffic to any website that you are working on.

Knowing how Google works can also help you to write good quality content and to optimize your posts for.

Just a basics ways to Write For SEO, here is a list and they are described:

Keyword Research – As an Internet Marketer you should know the all the basics of SEO Writing which include one of the many topics which is keyword research.

Keyword research plays a vital part in SEO, search engines rely on keywords provided by the users to find related web pages that contain those keywords.

Should you miss this step when writing your content then you might have to back go back to the page and improve it. Why improve it if you can do it right the first time.

Keyword research might seem like a complicated process if you have never done it but is actually simple and it will save you a lot o time, possibly money as well if you do it right the first time.

It includes researching about the keywords related to what your page is about, selecting which focus keyword you can use for that page, you also have to find out which supporting keywords you could use in that very same page.

Supporting keywords would feature in your post, in most cases support keywords happen naturally while you writing but it does happen that you don’t some to get them in, take some time and rephrase you text.

While the focus keyword would be like the main subject on your page, you should also not overstuff it, overstuffing keywords might result in search engines punishing you. I my previous post I covered in full everything you need to know about keyword research.

Search engines rely on keywords to select what to display. You should do your research about keywords before writing a for SEO. There are many tools you can use to search for keywords.

There are many tools you can use for keyword research both free and paid tools. I’ll start with the free ones. Most of this Tools are good for any internet marketer who wants to do SEO Writing.

I use Google Keyword Planner which is free key word research tool, you need an AdWords Account to use this tool. It gives you results for every keyword you search for and it will also show you how strong the search is for that keyword and other related keywords.

I also use Google Auto complete tool, you always see google auto complete but I believe you might not think of it as something useful for an online business. Google uses auto fill every time you input a query search phrase it, those suggested keywords are just some of the keywords that you can use as part of supporting keywords in your page.

One of the best paid keyword research tool is Long Tail Tool, Get more long tail keywords that could be useful in your content writing.

Write for humans, search engines will love it

Write for humans and search engines will love it as well. Write good content that will keep readers coming back for more. While writing keep your blog readers in mind, if you already have some post written, check for comments if more comments then you are doing great but if not then seek help and improve your writing skills.

Search engines love long content, having 500 words on one article can be good enough but that is actually a short post. I personally would tell you to add more words but stay relevant, stay on the topic. I prefer writing 1500+ words articles or more in one post, because the more words you have the better for your ranking.

Some bloggers can do up to 3000 words per article, if you have more knowledge or interest on the topic then you could reach those 2000 or 3000+ words. This what SEO writing also about, is about having good long content that is enjoyed be your readers and search engines.

On the subject of long content you should remember, you could be competing with bigger articles who have more than 2000 words, that alone could put you under a lot of pressure, so yes, aim a bit higher.

Write your articles in short paragraphs not in long paragraphs this allows your content to be readable for both search engines and for people.

Optimized you pages for SEO:

Optimize you pages so that search engines will crawl pages, find you amongst the best bloggers and list you on the top search results. There are some basics you need to stick to when it comes to optimizing your pages for SEO. See them below

Use Meta Description:

Meta Description allows you to write a brief description about the post, include your chosen keywords on your description this will allow search engines and people to find your content much easier.

Keep your description very brief, if you put a long description search engines could punish you, make it easy to read and straight to the point.

Use keywords in your title:

Include your keywords both on the page title and post title, search engines often look for those keywords when crawling web pages on the internet. This is just another basic way to help you in  writing for SEO. 

Use HEAD TAGS in your Titles:

Using a HEAD Tag in your title or whenever you want to emphasis a point can also be a good SEO practice. While crawling your page, search engines can determine whether you do have keywords on your page title and post title.

Include your keywords at least a few times in your post:

Since search engines look for keywords, SEO writing highly recommend that you include your keyword phrases a few times in your post.

Try to have your keywords after every 50 words in your posts. A search engine can count how many times your keywords appears on your post and on which position, knowing that gives you a great advantage.

Put internal links:

Make a commitment to include internal links, internals links, are links that allow you to link to other pages in your posts. This method helps search engines and people to find other related articles on your blog, so make it point that you link to related posts.

Include External Links:

Link to other related sites, those sites should should be active and have enough articles that you can link to. You should have an agreement with those sites, linking to your previous blogs you’ve done guest posting for it would be a good idea.

You can also link to your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and others for a better social media strategy.

Highlight the links to be visible enough so that people wont skip them without seeing them.

Include images on your post:

Prepare images that you can include on your blog post but do not forget to include a description of the image on the ALT tg

You should include the keyword on the ALT tag description as well, because search engines also look for those keywords on the description.

What I’ve just shared with you is a basic way to do SEO Writing for any website or blog post. One of the basic tools to follow this guide is to use the YoastSEO plugin for WordPress.

If you are not using WordPress as your blogging platform then I world suggest that you start using it because it makes it easy for you to write good SEO content. It comes with a lot of free and paid plugins that you can use but YoastSEO is free. Those plugins allow you to set up your content for SEO.

All of the above techniques can be easily monitor by a single plugin. Yet if you are not using wordpress you could find yourself putting in more hours than you should, while wasting time.

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