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SEO Optimization Tools: Which seo tools to use for your website?

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There’s quite a lot of seo optimization tools on the internet. Probably so many that you end up getting confused which one to choose.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these tools differ, they serve a different purpose. Learning what tool to use and where to use it is one of the great things for any internet marketer.

Learn about seo optimization tools before you can start your online business.

This page will cover most of the useful tools in seo optimization so stick around. I’ll explain some of the best tools both free and paid versions.

So first I will start with the most important tools in SEO, research tools. I will categorize them as “Keyword Research Tools”.

As the term “keyword research tool” suggests, the main objective in keyword research is to find keyword relevance or easily ranked keywords.

Learning how to do keyword research will help you when writing your content on your blog or company website.

When doing your research you should consider keyword competitiveness. Which plays a big role in SEO rankings.

Some of the tools listed here, have features dedicated for analyzing keyword competition.

Here’s a list of the top keyword research tools:

Google Keyword Planner

I had to start with this tool because it is one of the best in the seo industry on top of that it is free.

You can use this keyword planner tool to discover the best keywords that are searched by people online. Is up to you if you want to look for the global search or local search, searches that are most popular in your country, it always depends on your target audience.

It will show you both short-tail and long-tail keywords, which keywords are most searched, which ones have a high conversion rate and so on. In most cases long tail keywords have high intent and are the ones to go for.

Google Autocomplete Tool

This is not something you don’t know, you always see it while using Google search. Every type you type something on Google search box you are given a list of autocomplete keywords that are related to what you are searching about.

You can use this tool to get more keywords, perhaps choosing a few supporting keywords from it.

Ubersuggest Tool

Another great SEO optimization tool, which falls under website tracking tools. This tool is a bit more powerful than the Google Auto complete in that it erases the keywords suggested by the Google autocomplete and gives you the most searched long-tail keywords that begin with the term you started with when doing your search.

Take it as a better version of autocomplete because it suggests most long-tail keywords which have more value than short-tail keywords or head keywords.

While doing your keyword research and your keyword analysis you will need to check for competition on your keywords.

For that you need specific tools designed just for that. Those tools are categorized under “Keyword Competition Research Tools” in this post.

Some of the keyword competition research tool


SEOMoz(Premium but one of the best)

SERPIQ Keyword Competition Tool(Also Premium and one of the best)

Another important thing to do is to have a clear view of your competitor, you can spy on them, yep, it will give you a great advantage and it could keep you focused on your goal.

This website will have a full report about your competitors, just type in the URL of your competitors and learn about them to see what where you can improve in your SEO optimization.

Other keyword research tools

Each page of your website or blog is ranked individually in search engines which means they should also be optimized individually. I will categorize the type of tools shared in this section as “On Page SEO Tools”.

What you do with these “On Page SEO tools” is, you optimize your web pages or post pages with them. These search engine tools include features to optimize your keywords, page URL, page title,headings and subheadings, meta tags, hyperlinks, images, videos, body content.

So as an Internet Marketer you will need On-Page SEO optimization tools that will help you optimize your web pages. You will optimize your pages one at a time.

Here are the tools that will help you optimize your web pages for search engines.

Yoast SEO Tool

This is a plugin that can help you set up your blog for search engine optimization. If you have blog and is not build with WordPress I will suggest you convert to WordPress because it has many great plugins or seo tools that make it easy to rank high on search engines

Yoast SEO tool is the best tool when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. It allows you to work on your keywords, page title, meta tag description, body, hyperlinks, images and more.

All In One SEO Plugin

This WordPress plugin is similar to the one above. Is one of the best seo optimization tools that works well on On Page Optimization. It also includes features such as title tag, meta description, focus keyword and more. You can pick either one of these plugins to optimize your pages and increase your page traffic.

What are the best website Tracking tools?

Website Analyzing tools also known as website tracking tools that you can use on your website that should be part of the SEO Optimization tools list. These types of tools are good for tracking user behavior.

When your site is already live you will need a few tools that will help you analyse the performance of your website, those tools are very crucial, you can track the performance and work on improvement. Your website’s statistics give you a bird view on how your site performs or where you should improve.

Google Analysis Tool

You will need to track your users actions on your blog. This is one of the best seo tools that you should have on your list. 

It gives many statistics that are very useful such as analyzing your site visitors, where they come from and which page they visit most.

Tracking your visitors gives a clear view of what they want, it could provide you with ways to add other related content that they will enjoy, perhaps you could be solving a huge problem on their side.

 With Google analysis tools you can improve your site’s performance with ease.

MixPanel Tool

This tool is similar to Google Analysis tool, it gives you all the statistics of your website or blog. Having a second option tool is always good. 

You get to see both of them and compare their stats. You can use the MixPanel tool as an alternative to Google Analysis or use both tools to your advantage for your SEO.

CrazyEgg Tool

The CrazyEgg is a premium Tool, it gives you an option to see where your site visitors click most and which pages they view often.

Google Webmasters Tool

For all your website analysis Google has provided a master manager of all Google search engine optimization tools.


The check up tool is another of the free seo optimization tools with the option of upgrading to premium. One of the seo tools I enjoy using it can help you analyse a website’s performance.

You can analyse your competitors’ websites as well. You just input the website’s URL and see it’s performance statistics.

Alexa Rank Website

Though this tool can bring a bit of discouragement to most people but it can also motivate other internet markers or webmasters.

If you think of the top seo optimization tools alexa rank should be one of them. is a website that tracks and ranks all the websites in the world. The lower the website’s ranking position the better for the site. E.g Google is ranked #1, while Facebook and YouTube are ranked number 2 and 3 respectively, meaning these sites get more visits than any site in the world.

Your site needs to go lower in the rankings. The more visitors your website or blog gets the better for SEO. This SEO optimization tool should always encourage you.

If your site is ranked number 198 533 on Alexa Rank, work on it so that it reaches number 198 522 or less than that the following month because that would be a huge improvement.

Another of SEO optimization tools are tools that will help your website load faster, search engines love websites that load faster. Increasing your site speed is very important, it should take less than two seconds to load your page. Tools in this section fall under the category “Website Speed Increase Tools”.

W3 Total Cache

This is a WordPress plugin, Use this tool to increase the loading speed of your blog. All you need to do is install it and activate it, then it will do its job.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool shows how fast your website loads, it breaks down a list of the things you need to improve. You can do that for both desktop and mobile devices. Find more google tools here to help you in your digital marketing journey.


This website is a great tool to check the loading speed of your website. It will show some of the things that you need to improve in order for your site to load fast.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the seo optimization tools. I know there’s too many tools you can use to optimize your site. If you have some that I have not suggested here, you are welcome to share with us. If you have questions you are also welcome to ask, I will be happy to assist. Find out how to do internal links, you can also use these tools also on the off page seo when optimizing your site and building backlinks to your site.

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