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9 Online marketing strategies that you can use

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Online marketing strategies

If you’ve been searching for online marketing strategies that will help you build your business. Then If you’ve been searching for online marketing strategies that will help you build your business. Then you’ve come to the right blog post.

Everyone needs a strategic plan to build their online business. If you are not using a well implemented internet marketing plan then you could be wasting a lot of time online. All businesses need to get traffic for them to be successful.

I’m going to share with you online marketing strategies that you can use to increase sales.

Even if you are running an offline business you should have an online presence since most people are spending more time online. It would also be good to start a blog so that you can get organic traffic.

You don’t really need to be doing internet marketing to use these online strategies. It is part of the digital marketing strategy that helps many businesses grow.

9 Online marketing strategies you should apply on your business

1. Make Use of videos

Videos are trending lately, if you look at most social networks have implemented a video uploading feature.

When you scroll down on Facebook you see more videos than any type of content.

YouTube alone had over 4 Billion videos viewed per day. Clearly there are many people who are willing to consume video content now.

This is actually not just a trend, online video marketing strategy is here to stay. So if you are not making use of these online marketing strategies you are losing a lot of traffic.

Starts have shown that one out of two people online visit YouTube. This should tell you the amount of people who want to consume video content.

By creating videos they are creating another form of content. Which means you are applying your online video marketing strategy.

Videos are good in helping you get traffic to your website or blog and also for someone who wants to build multiple traffic sources.

If you want to monetize them you can do so as well, and make money online via YouTube.

So videos are not just videos you can build a great content marketing strategy that can benefit your business. Video marketing has been one of the best online strategies for some time now.

If you are not taking videos you are missing leads and free traffic. This is traffic that you can get for a lifetime without ever spending a single cent.

online marketing strategies - optimize for mobile devices

2. Optimize for mobile devices

Users are taking the mobile device route. This means if you do not optimize your digital content for mobile you will lose customers.

You need to optimize everything,your blog, optimize your website for mobile devices, then optimize your social media. A website that is not mobile optimized is rejected by most users.

No one has time to scroll sideways; they need to scroll up and down only. So make sure that your website fits even into the smallest screen.

You should also optimize your landing pages, landing pages makes it easy for you to get subscribers. So knowing how you should optimize them for mobile will benefit you.

Optimize your emails as well, since most people use mobile devices they open their email via mobile devices. If your emails can not fit in their small device screen they will abandon your email.

3.Diversify your content

Diversifying your content gives many options, and multiple traffic sources to work with.

What do I mean when I say diversify your content? I mean create videos, blogs, emails, newsletters, infographics, social media content.

This way you can leverage you content marketing strategies and combine them in one. Your online marketing strategies will be more effective and you will receive more traffic.

Plan all of your content strategically and make it simple to manage. The best way to do so is to start a blog, then most of your content will be linked to it.

For you to prosper in internet marketing is to work with a plan, and follow that plan. Breaking your content into multiple content will get traffic to your website or blog.

Let’s look at the type of online content that you can create to improve your online marketing strategies.

Blog – You can join most of your content to it and write as many blog posts as you want.

Newsletter – You can use it on your email campaigns.

Infographics – You can use it as bait, bribe or lead magnet or share it on your blog.

Videos – You can use it to drive traffic from YouTube and other social networks.

Podcast – It can be good content for those who want to listen to you.

These are just some of the content marketing strategies that you can use for your business. There’s too many of them, choose the ones that you can be able to handle.

4.Use lead magnets and email marketing

For you to make money online you need leads. So this means you will have to collect leads. You get leads by creating an email list which you can use over and over.

You need to convince people to give you their emails. But no one will just give you their email for nothing, so you need to create a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that will draw people closer and give them their emails. Sometimes it is called a free give away, which sounds more attractive but is also called a bribe.

It does not matter what you call it, sure you need to choose a good sounding name for it. The term bribe wont work for you.

Anyway, you need something that will attract people so that they trade their emails with you. An example would be an ebook, a checklist, or infographic

online marketing strategies - lead generation tutorial.

You can come up with other ways to draw leads such as video tutorials, and so on. These types of lead magnets will draw a lot of leads for you.

You could build your email list in no time. Make them short and simple straight to the point.

If it is a video tutorial that you decide to use, make it as short as possible. A five minute video showing someone how to do something they’ve never done.

An example would be to edit a video. Most people might not know how to edit a video and they could exchange emails if you show them how.

An infographic is also a great lead magnet bait., you can design a nice looking infographic that you can use a lead magnet.

Infographics have a way to take a big complicated subject and summarize into a nice colourful pdf with images and diagrams.

That would be your lead magnet, which can draw email leads to you. Infographics make your online marketing strategies look good if you design them well. It will make you look professional.

5. Get leads directly on Facebook

Facebook added this lead generation feature that you can use to generate leads directly from Facebook.

Lead Ads Forms are available on facebook, you can set up the ad campaign using the Lead Ads Form. Then let it run for some time and you can get subscribers directly from facebook.

The ad form only has a sign up button. When someone clicks on that sign up button they are already in your email list.

You don’t need an autoresponder to do this, even though this facebook lead generation has some drawbacks. This facebook feature does not have a proper way of handling the emails.

It stores the emails in a spreadsheet which you have to download. Then you can transfer those emails to another auto responder.

You don’t need a landing page, or compliance contract whatsoever.

This might sound great for most people but it has a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that most of the time when someone uploads a list of emails in a spreadsheet they end up losing 50% of the email leads.

Nevertheless you can still use this method to generate your leads directly from Facebook. This will work well for you if you know how to integrate Facebook with another autoresponder.

So liberally you can build an email list with minimal work and generate leads that will be yours for life.

6. Build relationships

Build a relationship with your customers potential customers. You need to have a close relationship, people need to trust you.

Interact with your followers on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Pay attention to what they say, ask them questions that can draw them closer to you.

Share your knowledge with them, give value. The more you do that you will be popular and your posts will receive more comments. This is the best and simplest of all online marketing strategies that you should never forget.

All social media networks have a way of ranking high performing posts. The more your posts rank high the more traffic.

So build that relationship with your potential customer on social media and on emails. Emails are also great for you to build one on one relationships.

You need to make them trust you, that’s the whole point. When people trust you it becomes easy for them to buy from you.

Don’t think about selling, let people know you first.

7. Focus on your Analytics

Put more focus on analytics, this should help you see what works for you and what does not work. This is important for many reasons.

It can break down what works for you and what does not not. With a frequent analysis of your traffic, your social media performance, your email and others you can see where you need to improve.

Since you could be working with different platforms and multiple traffic sources and frequent analysis is required.

Pay more attention to analytics if you want to see your  online marketing strategies grow.

There’s too many tools that can provide the answers you want. Google Analytics is the best tool for that. It will allow you to see where you are getting traffic.

It will show you the geographical regions where your users are coming from and what type of devices they use. You can go deeper to check which of your traffic sources get you the most traffic between the free traffic sources and the paid traffic sources. These methods could enable you to make more money for you and which one you should work.

Also with social media it is the same, you can track all your posts, what your users like and dislike. You check everything from their age to whatever you want.

Google Analytics can give you most of that information but you can also find tools for social media analysis. Some of the social media management tools are Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

Online marketing strategies - set target

8. Have one target action per site page

You should have at least one call to action on your web pages. A call to action can be placed anywhere on the page. But we usually place it on the sidebar of our website.

A call to action will help you get leads, is something that should always be available on your website or blog. You can also place it on the header or footer section.

In some cases instead of asking your readers to leave a comment you can place the call to action form. That call to action should be on the bottom just after your post content. It might work for you if you constantly send traffic to your site.

Another alternative could be to make your call to action pop up after the page loads. Or a few minutes after the page loads, that strategy could work if your readers stay longer on your pages.

You should analyse the average time your users spend on your web pages. Making the call to action to pop up if your users don’t speed too much time on your site would be a waste of your time.

A call to action is one of the important online marketing strategies to pay good attention to. It works well if you want email subscribers, building a list.

9. Start leverage retargeting or remarketing

A user might have visited a website and showed some interest in a product but did not manage to complete the purchase. Retargeting is going after those potential customers and offering them the same product they showed interest in or other.

Start retargeting the people who have visited your site before and re-market to them. Ask them if they are still interested in the product or suggest alternative products.

Campaigns that can do remarketing in Adwords and Facebook ads.

In most cases people opt in on an email list or visit a certain page whereby you are promoting a product. But could end up leaving and not filling the order.

This is where retargeting should help you, you should go back to those people and ask them if they are still interested.

This might make a few more sales, since those people already forgot about that product. Reminding them can work after some time can help you.

You are able to trace most of the people who have clicked on your sales link. Is easy if they are in your email list, you can check the start on who clicked on your link.

Apply this strategy and see if it does not work. Retargeting usually works especially if you build a relationship with your subscribers.


This has been on some of my selected online marketing strategies that I hope will be useful to you in your business. There’s just too many strategies that I can share with you but these are some that you can start with. I might add more, keep an I on or subscribe to my list.

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