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Off page seo: How to do backlink building

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Whenever seo has to be done one has to think about off page seo for their website.

This blog post will explain the importance of link building through off page seo and how you can increase traffic.

What is off page seo or off page optimization?

Off page seo refers to building links from other websites that point to your blog posts or website.

This link building strategy is different from on page seo since it focuses on work you do outside your website to increase organic traffic from search engines.The main objective of off page optimization is to increase your ranking score and get your posts to the better SERP.

There are other strategies incorporated within the off page seo strategy, some of those include link building strategy and social media optimization. SMO is one of the most important off page strategies which we’ll also discuss later on this post.

Do not confuse social media optimization with social media marketing, though they might seem alike. But there’s a slight difference.

In this article we will use off page seo, link building and social media optimization and give you a full explanation for all of them. This is so that you get familiar with all those terms.

Social media optimization is a lot of work, but every site needs backlinks to gain traffic. This process is time consuming but it brings long term results compared to paid search marketing or pay per click.

What is off page seo about?

Link building is about building relationships with other website owners in your niche. As a site owner you can target sites that have a high authority.

The goal is to build quality links, you should not be happy by getting just any backlink. Search engines value websites that receive high traffic, and will give you a high score for getting such backlinks.

Use the natural editorial link strategy. This is a strategy that will allow people to link back to your site without you approaching them. Is the best link building strategy by far.

Write content that most people would be willing to link to in your niche. The more quality content you write the more off page seo backlinks you might get. You can consider off page seo one of the many free traffic sources that you can take advantage of.

Where can you get good quality off page seo backlinks?

Unfortunately you will have to do most of your link building manually. You have to do that by submitting your site url to different websites, search engines, forums and rectories.

Search engine submission

Search engine submission should be the first step in link building. Submit your site url to different search engines. You can find an all in one site that will allow you to submit your url in different search engines such Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and more.

Another method is to use a plugin, good for wordpress sites. The YoastSEO allows you to submit your site URL

Directory submission

Submit your blog url to different directories. There are many directories related to any niche or business. Find them and submit your url.

There are paid ads on some of these directories you can either buy the ads to appear at the top. Or you can use the free submissions.

Social network posting and social sharing

Social networks play a big role in online marketing. Social media marketing is one of the major marketing strategies of internet marketing strategies.

So by posting your blog posts on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter you can get a lot of off page seo links. Social networks allow you to get backlinks to your site without doing much, just sharing your blog posts.

You should also include social share buttons on your website so that your readers can share your posts. This will create a lot of social awareness for your blog or website.

Blog post commenting

Start commenting on other people’s blog posts in your niche. Blog commenting has been bringing good results for most bloggers. You can share your links in most of these posts if the need arises.

Guest post writing

This one of the most popular ways to link building, most bloggers use it. Ask other site owners if they would let you write for them. Target bloggers in your niche, it will be better if you target them than others.

Share good quality content on that post and have backlinks to your blog. The more guest blogging you do the higher the chance of getting backlinks.

Forum posting

Forum posting has been there for a long time as well. There’s almost a forum for any topic. One of the big forums that have sub forums is Reddit they called SubReddit. Find a SubReddit that is related to your niche and be a regular there.

You can start a topic in some of these forums and share valuable content with other users.

You also answer questions related to some or the topics you have previously written about.

Video Submission

This technique works well if you create videos and post them on the YouTube description section. Another good strategy is to implement the video marketing strategy in your marketing. Create a video for every blog post and include the post url.

You should also link your site url in your YouTube profile. In fact Doing that in all your social network profiles will help get organic traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking

Use the social bookmark sites to bookmark sites that you are interested in. Most browsers have a bookmark option on them by default, which you can use to bookmark your favorite sites. Those website urls are stored on your browser, you can then revisit them later if you want to.

But this method of storing website urls on your browser works only on your computer only, which means you can not access those sites on another computer. This is where social bookmarking comes in.

You can use social bookmarking tools to bookmark your favorite urls or your own web posts then be able to access them on other computers, through the internet. The websites that have been bookmarked then create a backlink to your website.

Some of the top bookmark sites include: Delicious, Reddit Diigo, Mix and Digg

Classified Ads

These are small ads displayed in the classified websites. There are many classified ad websites that can help you get organic traffic. Place your site URL in some of the classified ads whenever you are doing a promotion.

Print outs

This is an offline strategy that you can use for off page seo link building. Whenever you do a print out whether it be a press release, business cards, flyers and so on. Include your site url to get traffic to your website.

Use competitors off page optimization backlinks

Look for other sites in your niche and find out which sites link back to them. Before attempting this method make sure you have written quality content.

People who have linked back to your competitors can also link back to you if you have valuable content. There are multiple tools that will show you the backlinks of your competition.

Here’s a few of them: – Go to this site and put your competitors url. Ahrefs will show you all the backlinks that your competitors are getting. If you use this tool wisely you can get a lot of potential backlinks. Contact those people who are linking to your competitors and ask them if they can link back to you as well.

Open Site Explorer – Also with Open Site Explorer you kind out the keywords that your competitors rank high for. You can also find the backlinks they are getting. Contact the site owners and ask for a back link.

WordTracke’s Link Builder – This tool will help you speed up your link building process. Find potential link builders you can use target to link back to, using this tool. Track all your links including the ones who have already linked to you.

Analyse you backlinks

You can use some seo tools that can help you analyse your backlinks. There are free seo tools and paid ones that you can use to analyse your back links

They include:

Backlink Analyzer – You can use this tool made by the seobook founder to do your link analysis.

Web Based Link Analysis – Another free seo tool that you can use to analyse your links. This is an online tool that can assist you in your link building and analysis.

Use the broken link strategy

One of the off page seo strategies I learned while doing my research for this article is the broken link strategy. Find seo tools that will help find broken links on other related sites.

Then tell the site owners that the link they once linked to is dead, tell them that you can link to them. This strategy might probably work wonders for you after a long time. But make sure you fix your broken links on your site.

Extra tips about link building

Create a free ebook or software that you can share with your readers. Include your site url and allow them to share it with their friends. This can bring them back to your site.

Build other small sites that you can use to link back to your main site. If you have enough budget you can choose a reliable hosting company to host all your websites. You can also use free hosting sites if you don’t have the budget to build another professional site.

Tell people about your site, use word of mouth. Word of mouth has been one of the best ways to promote businesses and services. The more visits your website gets the more it comes alive. Search engines will start seeing as an authority site.


I hope you enjoyed this post about off page seo optimization. This should help you do a better job in your seo link building for your website. There might be other strategies that you are using, you can share them with us.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below I would be happy to assist you.

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