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List of WordPress Plugins you can use to improve your site

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WordPress has the coolest features than most CMS’s but what makes it even better is the wordpress plugins that I’ll talk about here.

There’s thousands of plugins online, and they all have their valuable use. There’s almost wordpress plugins for almost anything that you can do online.

In this post I will cover some of the most important plugins that you can use. You don’t have to use all of them but you can select the ones specific to your needs.

List of WordPress Plugins you can use to improve your site

Security Plugins:

Every WordPress blog needs to be protected from spammers and hackers. There are many stories of people with their blogs being hacked online.

Surely you wouldn’t want something like that to happen to your work, you have worked hard to get it there. Which is why I had to start with security plugins so that you don’t forget about your site protection.

Akismet Anti Spam

This is a default wordpress plugin that you can use to protect your blog from spam. Is automatically installed, you just have to activate it and set up your API key for it to work.


This plug is one of the best security plugins, it includes features such as password protection, Google reCaptcha, a Two Factor Authentication(2FA), automatic scan and more.

There’s a free version and premium version that costs about $80 annually.

Sucuri Security

This wordpress plugin strengthens your blog by monitoring most of the security stuff. Securi logs all your site activity into a cloud to protect it.

Some of the main features of securi is providing Security File Integrity Monitoring(SFIM), Malware scanning, blacklist monitoring and more.

Backup plugins:

You should backup all your wordpress files and database so that you don’t lose any of them. Is better to be cautious than sorry. Let’s look at the plugins that you can use to backup your blog.

Database Backup Plugin

Since WordPress is a database driven software you will need a way to protect your database. The easy way is to backup your database whenever you want.

You can install the Database Backup Plugin, activate and set up to schedule the backup. The best way is to set it up so that it backs up your database daily.


This is a premium version of a backup plugin that comes from iThemes. You can set up your backup schedules, for multiple automatic backups.

It can help you backup other plugins, themes, and media libraries. All of this from a starting amount of $80 annually.

SEO Plugins:

When you start your blog you will need plugins that will help you optimize your wordpress pages and posts. You need on page seo optimization plugins in order for your site to do well on search engines.

You can choose either one of the below seo plugins to help your site to rank high. SEO plugins include optimizing your title, subheading, images and others.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most trusted seo optimization tools that I also use. It has all the necessary features that are required for page optimization.

You can optimise your site title, url, meta description, subheadings, internal links and readability of your text.

Another best feature is the keyword tracking which counts the number of keywords you have on your content.  This plugin actually beats all seo plugins and is free but you can upgrade to a paid version.

All in one SEO Pack

The All in one seo pack plugin is also free, it has many uses that you might like. But it also works similar to the plugin in above. You can optimize all your pages and posts with it.

It is compatible with PHP 7 and has features such as Google Analytics, Google sitemap and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Some of it’s features can be found on separate plugins.

Website Loading Speed Plugins:

Website speed is very important, I covered a post where I explained how you can speed up your wordpress site. Your website visitors are not going to stay with you if your site is slow.

There are many ways to make your site load extremely fast. There are wordpress plugins dedicated just for that.

W3 Total Cache

A free performance plugin that can be used to speed up wordpress in no time. W3 Total Cache includes the Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a feature that distributes your webpage files to multiple servers world wide to make them easily accessible.

It also includes Page Caching and Minify which removes whitespaces in files to make them smaller.

WP Super Cache

This plugin generates html files for every php file requested and displays the nearest files. WP Super Cache has most features that are available in W3 Total Cache, you can use either one of them.

It has default CDN integration, it caches for both desktop and mobile devices. Another good feature is that it includes Page compression and can do multiple cache. Best of all is a free plugin, you can download it and install it.

Sitemap Plugins

When search engines crawl your website files they also look for a sitemap. A sitemap helps to organize your website links for search engines. It structures them accordingly so that they are readable.

Google XML Sitemap

The most popular sitemap wordpress plugin you can find. This plugin generates a xml sitemap file which is stored on your website files to be indexed.

Some of the plugins that include the xml sitemap feature are the Yoast SEO and the JetPack plugin.

Mobile/Responsive Design Plugins:

Most people access the internet using mobile devices, so if your site is not mobile friendly you will lose visitors. Having a mobile responsive site is no longer an option.

If your WordPress theme does not include the mobile responsive feature you can use a plugin to change it. Your site should also load fast on mobile devices so that your readers won’t leave.


This plugin enables you to set your theme to fit on mobile screens. It makes your site compatible both on desktop and mobile devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

After making your wordpress site mobile friendly you will need to speed it on mobile devices as well. AMP is a plugin that increases your website loading speed on mobile devices.

Contact Form Plugins:

You might need a contact form on your wordpress site. Instead of placing your email and phone numbers a contact form might be useful.

There are many contact form plugins that you can choose from them but you need ones that will fit your site.

Contact Form 7

This is the most well known contact form plugin used by many people. The Contact Form 7 plugin enables you to include a contact form on your website.

Download and install the plugin and activate. You might need to set it up to meet your theme needs.

Ninja Forms

With Ninja Forms you can build your own wordpress contact form by dragging and dropping required features. You can include your required fields and ignore those that you don’t need.

Commenting Plugins

As a website owner you need your readers to leave comments on your site. Comments are good for building engagements with your readers.

Comments also make your web pages rank high on search engines because they make your site active.

WordPress has a default comment feature but you can make it more advanced and easy to use. You need plugins that will help your user to leave comments using many methods.


The Disqus plugin is one of the most trusted commenting plugins that you can choose. It works well on desktops and mobile devices.

Is easy to install and to configure, you can make it fit your wordpress theme and look like it came with it. Some of its features include filtering certain words, spam control and more.

Social Media Sharing Plugins:

A blog needs a way for its users to share the blog posts on their profiles. This makes it easy for you to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Social share buttons can also help you build more backlinks to your website or blog. There’s quite too many social media plugins for wordpress that you can use but I’ll list only a few.

Social Warfare

This is amongst the best social media wordpress plugins that allows users to share the content. It can be customized to include only the desired social share buttons.

It has over 12 share buttons to choose from including FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also choose where you want to place the buttons on your posts.


SumoMe is not just an ordinary social share wordpress plugin, it includes many features such as Linkbuilder, Scrollbox, Leads, and more.

On top of all those features it includes a social share button that can let readers share your content. Best of all is a free tool which should never be missed.

Lead Generation Plugins:

If you want to survive for a very long time online you need ways to generate consistent new leads. Every online business needs a few email marketing ways to capture email addresses so it reaches daily visitors. A lead capture plugin provides such functionality. You need to choose wordpress plugins that you can use to generate leads.


As I have stated, SumoMe is like an all in one wordpress plugin that can help you with blog marketing. You can install this plugin and let it help you collect leads from your readers.


One of the greatest plugins, it let’s you collect leads on your blog. You can customize it to show lead capture form on the top, sidebar or bottom section.

It can also help you to send new blog post notifications to your email subscribers.

Traffic analysis plugins:

There are several wordpress plugins that you can use to analyze your website’s traffic. These plugins are very useful for any website manager.

Traffic analysis is a huge part if you want to improve your website. If you are using multiple traffic sources you will be able to see which traffic source brings the most traffic, can be able to see which country they are from, which device they are using, social media and so on.

Such plugins can be connected to your Google Analytics account where you will be able analyze the traffic from.


This plugin was known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP) and it changed its name to ExactMetric. ExactMetrics enables you to track website visitors and get a full analysis  report on your website performance. You are able to check real time stats, traffic sources, number of site visitors.  It also works well with AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) for event tracking.


MonsterInsight is one of the popular Google Analytics wordpress plugins with over 2 million installs. It lets you track website traffic, traffic sources, devices and so on. You can check how users found your website, like which keywords they used to get to your web pages or posts.

With this list of wordpress plugins you get a complete digital marketing strategy and you can improve your site.

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