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how to start a blog

When starting an online business you might also want to learn how to start a blog. Blogging is big everywhere in the world. Starting a blog can be intimidating for most people but it can also be fulfilling a profitable for others.

Most people are convince that it a complicated process but I’m here to tell you is not.If you are passionate about writing then starting your own blog can be a good thing for you and easy thing to do.

You just have to follow a step by step process that is shared on this post and you will get your self a good blog. Blogging has changed as lot of peoples lives with in the past twenty years or so. I have started two blogs already and one of them was a success until I let it go.

But in both occasions I’ve learned tremendously and I’m willing to share my experience on how to start a blog. My first blogging attempt came in 2012 with a blog that had over thirty articles and it was about IT, SEO, Paid Traffic and Web development. It opened my eyes in learning how to start a blog in those niches.

The second one was about crypto currency, mainly Bitcoin. I still blog about those topics here on this blog. Those are the topics that I like most and I believe I have valuable experience in them.

How do you start a blog and make money?

So firstly you have to know what you would like to blog about before you can even start writing. As they pick a Niche, something you are will enjoy writing about. It will help you to think things through while doing your research about the subject.

Choose a topic or the industry that you know very well that you will be able to handle and enjoy at the same time. Choosing sport while you are not a passionate sport fan will be revealed on your blog posts.

So choose a topic that will bring out your best blogging skills or the burning desired to write more posts. When you are sure about your self then you can move to the steps described below.

On this page I’m not going to explain too much about free hosting or free blogging platforms. Why?, because they are not good enough for any professional blogger. You need a self hosted blog and a professional domain name.

Can you image yourself having a big blog with a domain like this Obviously that might not do well against your competitors in your niche.

So if you want to start a successful professional blog you should follow the steps provided below.

There’s only a few steps to actually starting your own blog.

  • Choose a domain name and a hosting account
  • Install a blogging wordpress
  • Choose a theme
  • Start writing posts.

Choose a domain name and hosting packagehow to start a blog choose a domain

When learning how to start a blog, you also need to choose a domain name and web hosting, these two go together, But for now let’s focus on domain we’ll also discuss hosting below. Choosing a domain name can be one of the confusing process for most beginners.

Firstly you should go with a professional domain name. A domain name is like your main address is used to identify your blog. Examples of a domain name is, , and so on.

Doman suggestion

In case you were thinking of choosing free domain I would suggest you not to do so. Why? Because free domains don’t look professional since they usually have an extra extention.

You would rather take this one yourdomainname dot com. Creativity an simplicity is the best, you can choose to go with a domain name that is related to your blog.

Say something like tabletennislads dot com if your intend to blog about table tennis. This will help your domain to be easy to remember for table tennis lovers.

Yet again you can select a domain name that includes your name and surname like mine.

If your namesurname dot com is already taken, don’t try to add a number(s) after the letter. You can try some thing like nameonline dot com, example of this would be (one of the internet marketes I follow) instead or just use a different domain all together.

Choosing a hosting packagehow to start a blog bluehost hosting

I had to combine this two choosing domain name and a hosting account because as I said this two go together.

I don’t see any point of registering your domain name with another company then go and host your website files at another, that is just confusing for a beginner.

You can register your domain and host your blog with a single company. Look for a affordable company with reliable support services.

Hosting is  affordable for anyone whose serious about blogging. You can pay for web hosting for the whole year in one month if you like. So for domain registration and hosting I recommend bluehost, is a major hosing company for bloggers. The first package can go a long way.

They have a great support service or you can contact me if there’s anything that you need help with I would be happy to assist you.

You can click here for a comple guide on how to choose a web hosting for your blog or website.

How to start a blog with WordPress and Install WordPress

how to start a blog with wordpress

After registering a domain name you will have to install a blogging software or platform. Like many other internet marketers I prefer WordPress.

WordPress is the number one blogging platform and it has great features for a blogger. It also has a great community and is easy to learn and manage your content with it.

You get to choose the type of theme that you want and choose from a list of useful plugins to manage customize your blog.

There are two ways to install wordpress, you can do it manually or via the cPanel. If you don’t have any idea you can watch videos online and look what they do then you will be set.

You don’t need some technical skills to do install wordpress, anyone can do it.  It can take you less than 10 minutes to install wordpress on your hosting account. Most web hosting accounts offer a one click wordpress install.

Then after installing your wordpress you can move on to the next step.

Choose a theme or template

You have too many options when it comes to theme selection in WordPress. A theme is the one that will determine the look of your blog. You can choose to use a free theme,  premium them or custom design theme. A free them is ok for first time attempts who are learning how to start a blog.

The first one are free themes, which might be good if you don’t have money to buy a premium one. A free theme can have a few limits here but is still easy to customize and is still good for someone who still starting out.

You can choose to use a freemium them then save money to buy a premium one later.

You can go for a premium theme, a premium theme might have a bit more features than a free one but not a must to use. They can start from $39 to $500, but you can choose according to your budget.

You can get a Premium theme at StudioPress,  that’s were I get them. Then there’s custom design themes, for a custom them you can ask someone to design it for you. There many platforms that can connect your to wordpress theme developers,, Upwork and are some of them.

You can pay from as little as $40 to whatever amount for a custom designed theme. If you can’t find a reliable developer contact me, I can assit you with a custome design wordpress theme.

After selecting a theme you have to login in and upload it your wordpress dashboard and activate it.

Make a few changes

There are certain changes that you can make in order to make your blog to look professional search engine friendly. Your posts should be easy to read for both humans and search engines. You will notice that you post or pages look like this or something like that.

So you should change that, you posts and pages should look something like this

For that to change you need to change your permalinks.

Login into your dashboard and hover your mouse on Settings on your left, then click on Permalinks. Then select the radio button that says Post Name.

Another thing to make your site to be search engine friendly is to install a SEO Plugin. This plugin will help you optimize your pages and posts for search engines.

I use Yoast Plugin for wordpress, Is the best plugin, you will be able optimize your blog easily.

Start writing content

how to start a blog wordpress post

After going through all those steps you can start writing your posts? Wrong.

If your plan is to start successful blog you will have to do keyword research about the topic you want to write about. I have covered this subject in one of my post.

Yes is hard work, the main aim here is to write the type of content that people are looking for.

Keyword research will help you do that and, write content that most readers are searching for. Help them solve their problems, you will see them coming back for more, you need to keep those readers. This will help your write for seo, which is very important to rank your pages high. For a proper keyword research you can refer to this article.

Keep a writing schedule, decide whether you would post daily or weekly in your blog. Off cause posting once a month is not good a enough, you need successive blogging consistency.

The more post you write the faster your blog will grow. And also the faster your blog can rank higher on search engines.

Set yourself a target

You can do just what I did for this blog, you can start by writing at least 50 post and above before launching your blog.

It helped me a lot, I took some time to write as many articles as I could be for launching this blog. I was targeting 2 post a day though in some cases I would write one post sometimes none. But I kept my focus on launching my blog with at least 50+ posts.

In most cases I was targeting 1500+ words per post, If I reach I reach that number then I’m happy. If ever the time comes for me to make an update on those posts I know It wont be hard like the time writing them.

This is one blogging strategy I would recommend for most new bloggers learning how to start a blog. Keep a niche and start doing your keyword research and start writing be for launching your blog. Prepare everything from images to videos if you plan to use videos, and prepare your social network profiles before launching.

How to promote your blog

We move on to how to promote your blog. Which gets us closer to the end of our top on how to start a blog. After learning how to start a blog you will have to learn how to promote a blog.

In the section above we spoke about search engines. You will need a search engine optimized blog so you can get organic traffic. SEO will help you increase your page rankings.

If you have not Installed YoastSEO plugin, you need to do so and learn how to optimize your blog post or pages.

The other method to promote your blog is to install social share plugins on your blog. This will help you get more shares on your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ect.

Some of your readers might share your content on their profiles which will increase exposure to your blog.You will also be building seo backlinks to your blog if your install the social share plugins.

You can use paid traffic to promote your blog on search engines and social media. Search engines like Google offer pay per click, you can bid for keywords you want your blog to be known for.

Using pay per click will help you get targeted traffic to your blog posts. Your Ads can appear on the first page of search engines when people search for that keyword.

You can also buy social media ads, Facebook is one of the top social media network that sell ads. Using facebook you can target your readers based on their locations, interest, age and more. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to start a blog then I hope this post was helpful. I might have left something out on this post, you are welcome to share more.

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