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As a blogger you surely need effective blogging strategies that you can use on you blog. Have you taken the time to look at how bloggers do it? I mean how they manage to produce so much quality content on regular bases?

Well I believe you are also looking to be one of those top bloggers who can master blogging. Perhaps even turn it into a career, but you can’t do that if you don’t have correct strategies.

Blogging can be a great way to express your views but it can also be a good way to make money online. You might need to learn a lot before you start making money with your blog though.

Well on this posts I’m going to share some good effective strategies that will help you. I wish I know some of this strategies when I started my first blog.

This effective blogging strategies would have helped my blog to be one of the best blogs in my niche. This is why I had to share them with you so that you can stand out.

Effective blogging strategies that your should use on your blog for it to succeed:

Provide value

Whenever writing your posts you should write content that will provide value to your readers. If you write your blog posts for the sake of writing then you will loose readers.

Good valuable content is always appreciated by most people. So when you write your posts write content that will help someone. As you grow your blog you will find more readers that will be your every day readers.

The aim is to find more readers and help as many people as you can. Your blog will grow just by providing value in your content. Even though search engines optimization will be required you still need to keep your readers by providing value.

If people come to your blog but can’t find something that will could help them in anyway they will leave.

Picture all the bloggers that you are following. I believe there there are few top bloggers that you follow. Do you follow them sake of following or because you get value in their content?

That’s right, I believe you are following blogs because they provide something that some bloggers cant. You should also use the same approach. Learn from them so that you can be able to provide value in your blog posts.

Give quality post like the length 1000+ words

Usually when it comes to quality blog posts we talk about the length of the post. A long post with more content always goes a long way.

A 1000+ words post does better compared to a 300 words blog post. Which is why you should target long posts content in most case.

Most short posts rank very low on Google search engine. They also rank low on other big search engines like Bing, Yahoo and more.

Most posts that do well are long posts, they tend to do well in search engines. Some of search engine algorithms penalized low quality content or duplicate content.

Google released an update in February of 2011 called Panda Update. This update’s major purpose is to penalize low quality content, duplicated content or thin content which is created for SEO purpose.

No matter what don’t write content for purpose of search engine rankings because they will get you. You will end up getting lower on the SERP’s.

Look at most major blogs you will see that the long content marketing strategies are utilized. If you want your blog to be one of the big blogs the you should write long content.

Remember your long content should be incorporated with quality content, content with value. When choosing a topic go deeper into it and explain everything you can about. One of the things that would help you is to do a proper keyword research and competitor analysis.

What’s good about quality content is that it can help you get traffic to your website. This is why search engines value long quality content.

High Quality images

Images play major role in blogging and they should always be included in your articles. But low quality images are not accepted. There’s no excuse for low quality images in blogging.

If you want your blog to be attractive and get more readers you should put more time in high quality images.

Blog posts that have good quality images are more likely to have a number or readers than those who don’t. In most cases people loose their quality image resolutions when compressing their images. Yet there are many softwares that will help you keep your image resolution.

Is very important to keep the quality of your images as clear as possible. Image are behind videos in terms of bringing traffic to websites. They rank high on search engines images rank when optimized.

So even if you have an image if it’s quality is low you might still not get clicks on it. You should focus on high quality images and optimize them. Include the keywords on the alt tag and the description, and name it accordingly.

Constant content update

A some blog post constantly requires content update, this might be because you of the topic your chose. It might happen that you chose a topic that would require you to keep on updating some of the posts with fresh updates.

A blog on it’s own requires updates so that it can do well in search engines. I believe you have already heard that search engines love content, so keeping your blog updated keeps it active.

This does not work for search engines only, even human beings would love to see your blog active. So if you neglect your blog, your readers will also neglect it.

Set your self some time to look at older posts as well, check which ones need an update. Work on upgrading it and republish it. Some posts my need extra content, if your research was short and you have found extra info.

You can just go back to those post and add the new info that you have found. In some cases is better to create a second post, which is like a continuous post of the first one.

Creating a continuous posts with a slightly different keyword might be a better option. This post can also rank on it’s own. The more you update your blog, it will be easy to rank high on Google and you will receive traffic.

Text formatting

Format your text in manner that will allow your readers to scan through it. Text formatting can be another way to loose readers. People don’t like reading through long clustered paragraphs.

So you need to separate your content in very short paragraphs. The better method is to use a 2-3 line paragraphs. Then add some spaces in between your paragraphs.

As you can see in most of my text I apply the same technique, which is why you are able to read through.

Text formatting also includes subheadings in your blog posts. Subheadings are valued by search engines, they emphasis the importance of the section.

Another great strategy is to use 20 word sentences in your content writing. Longer sentences tend to end up confusing for most readers.

So keep them short and simple to read, it adds a bit of spice on your blog. Anyway if you are using the yoast seo plugin you will see that readability is important.

This wordpress plugin is good when it comes to formatting your content. By following it you will be able to format your content in a correct way.

Blog on daily or weekly bases or find what works for you

Decide how many blog posts do you want to publish after how long. You can publish one post everyday but this will take most of your energy.

Publishing one post per day might also result in non-quality posts. Instead of producing small posts a day you would rather write two long articles a week. That would give you quality posts that will be appreciated.

But the most important thing is to find a method that works for you. If you do have time to write show posts everyday then that can also work.

The only thing that you must make sure of is to be consistent so that you don’t keep your readers waiting. When your readers get use to reading one article from on daily base they would want to do it all the time.

So if possible make sure you can keep up with daily post. Or just start blogging a few times a ways, two times of three times would still be ok.

Plan your blog post in advance

Having too many blogs to write can be overwhelming, but if you plan them in advance you can do a good job. You need to plan your posts few weeks before you start writing.

The best way to plan your posts is to do it a month before, you should write the title of the posts that you are going to write the following month.

If is April then you should start planning two weeks before the month of May the posts you are going to write. This gives you more time to prepare all the posts for the next month.

You can even start doing your research for the first two or three posts that you are going to write. This will keep your blog posts schedule in order and you will be able to publish them on time.

Include internal links

You should link your blog posts when creating them. Links help search engine crawlers to navigate your blog easily. Including internal links is considered a good seo strategy by search engines.

Internal linking will give you more points on Google, the more links you have the better for your posts. You can also include the most important links of your blog in the header or sidebar section.

Internal links are also good for users, they make it easy for them to navigate your blog. Most users would like to more from page to page. So if they don’t find links they could leave your blog.

Use simple English

Some people think when blogging you should use technical jargon language. But in honest fact, no, you should write in simple plain English.

You writing should be easy to read by most people. If you use too many bombastic words, you might loose a lot of readers. The aim is to make it simple so that the illiterate ones can be able to understand you.

What’s the point of writing something that would be rejected by most people. Blogging should be easy and have a clear message.

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