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How to choose the best niche for your blog

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cgoose the best niche for your blog

How to choose the best niche for your blog?

Wondering how you can choose the best niche for your blog and make money through it?. This post will help you and give you a clear understand, the action steps required to choose the best niche for your blog.

When you start an online business you have to decide on what your business will be about.

Whether it be e-commerce, drop shipping or blogging, you have to pick the right topic for it.

Most people think  choosing the best niche is about following your passion.

Yes, it is good to choose a niche based on your passion. But there are few other things that you need to focus on.

But first,

What is a blog niche?

A niche is a designated topic that your blog content  will focus on.

Basically a topic that your business is about. So if you are a blogger your blog can focus one one particular topic.

Keep in mind that some niches can be broad in a way that it would be hard to cover the whole niche.

Therefore there can be sub niches within your niche that you might occasionally have  to focus on.

Why is it important to choose a blog niche?

There are many reasons why you need to choose a niche for your blog. Here are some of them:

Choosing a niche for your blog helps you connect with the right audience. Instead of spending time blogging about anything and not getting no audience, a niche helps build a real audience.

The best blog niche prevents you from getting writer’s block. If you think that broader topics are better then think again.

When your niche is too broad you might not know what your next article would be about. If you do run out of writing ideas take a look at my blog post ideas to write about.

choose best niche for your blog

A niche helps you become an expert in the field. Writing a little bit about everything can make you seem like you don’t know about what you’re doing.   

You are most likely to attract a great amount of audience once you start showing that you are dedicated to the niche.

And also when you are able to give an in depth yet simple solution to a complicated problem.

Looking for a better way to choose the best niche for your blog?

What are the things that one needs to focus on when choosing a blog niche?

As I’ve mentioned above, it is not good to choose a blog niche based on your passion only. But here are the four things you need to choose your blog niche based on.

  • Audience potential
  • Available affiliate programs
  • Growth potential
  • Keyword research possibility

Audience potential

When you start a blog your blog niche should be a great help to an existing problem. Meaning you should be focusing on helping those who require a certain help.

But here’s another thing, not only should you be solving a problem

You should be solving a problem that your audience is willing and able to spend money on.

Therefore as a blogger you need to fully understand your audience. By doing so you will be able to provide the right content for your audience.

Writing good content includes doing keyword research.

Your potential audience should already be searching for the exact targeted keywords you will be writing about in your blog posts.

Available affiliate programs

We already spoke about earning potential which brings us to affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income online.

So if you want to choose the best niche look for available affiliate programs in that niche.

If a niche has limited or no affiliate programs then it is a sign that you will not make money in that niche.

The more affiliate programs available the higher your chances of earning in that niche.

Most big companies have affiliate programs or partnership programs on their websites.

Google search for companies that are related to your niche.

Look for the affiliate program link at the header or  footer section of the website

choose the best niche for your blog affiliate

Click on that link and find out how you can apply for the affiliate link.

You might need a website and an email address to apply for the affiliate program. Most affiliate programs require a website url to see where you will promote their service or product.

You should also look for the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of that affiliate program.

To promote your affiliate links you can place the links in different places within your blog. This includes your sidebar, bio section and top section.

But the most effective way to promote affiliate links is to use affiliate marketing tools, apply email marketing strategies and build a sales funnel.

Growth potential

Before you start your blog you should know whether you will be able to grow in that niche. This includes becoming an expert in the niche.

How much are the chances of you becoming a go to guy in your niche?

Think of your blog as business. Look for potential growth that will propel your blog to higher highs.

Look at it like this.

A freelance writer can start by working with individuals. Helping individuals create online content for their websites. Seek for profitable blog niche that will be easy to grow in.

A freelance writer who works with individuals can leverage earnings by advertising he’s services to companies.

This will allow the  freelance writer to earn more since companies tend to have a higher budget for marketing than individuals.

You can learn a thing or two from Bamifele Onibalusi who branded himself as a freelance writer. He created a blog and he now works with startups.

Look for the potential growth within your niche.

Keyword research possibility

Keywords are a very good indication of what people search for. Therefore doing keyword research can help you in your niche.

You can use some blogging tools like Twinword to check for the monthly keyword search volume and also get other keywords suggestions.

As you can see in the picture below. Twinword also shows you SEO competion and Paid competion for the suggested keywords.

You should also pay attention to the Keyword Average search per month. A keyword search that is less than 10 000 per month is considered very low. But if you combine all the suggested keywords then you can end up with a good keyword search. Your articles can be based on all the keywords combined.

choose the best niche for your blog

You can also use Google Trends to see if the topic you are researching is trending up or down. If it is trending up then you are on to something.

But you should avoid choosing a niche that will only last for a certain period.

An example would be the 2022 Fifa soccer world cup.

The Fifa soccer tournament only lasts for a month then it will eventually fade out. The build up to the tournament can get you a lot of traffic.

That traffic will remain throughout the tournament and a few days or few weeks after it’s complete. Most people will stop searching for it a few weeks after the tournament is complete.

This means your traffic will start fading out as well. So this would be a temporary niche that won’t get you too far.

So build a blog that will last a lifetime. Choose a niche that will be relevant for a longer period and stay relevant no matter what.

Example of a good niche blog

Let me give you an example about the founders of Black And Married With Kids, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler . Him and his wife Ronnie blog about Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Parenting, Money and more. They’ve been blogging for over 13 years while winning numerous awards in the process. They’ve chosen a niche or niches that are relevant throughout our lifetime.

This is what I mean when I say choose a relevant niche that will stand the test of time. Your posts should be able to help someone even in ten years time.

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