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How to choose an email marketing tool for your online business

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Email marketing is one of the important strategies of online marketing or digital marketing as a whole. Whether you are new into the online business or not you are bound to face this challenge of choosing the best email marketing tool for yourself.

If you really want to build a successful online business you need to build a list of subscribers. But first you need to choose an email marketing tool to help you build that list. 

Choosing a good email service provider is not easy, there are certain features to look at. For most newbies it takes much more time to choose an email service provider.

In this article I’m going to focus on showing  you some of the best methods you can use to choose the best email marketing tool for your blog.

You don’t need to start getting traffic to start with your list building. Is something you should do the first time you start your online business. 

For example if you wait to get traffic, you might lose a lot of potential email subscribers in the beginning. It does not matter whether your blog is new or not, you should focus on email marketing and start creating campaigns.

How to choose a email marketing tool for your online business or blog

Reputation or History:

The history of the email marketing tool can help see what kind of service they offer. To see how long and how good their services are, you can use Google. 

That will help you see product reviews written by various users who have experienced the service.

When the service provider gets more good reviews then it simply means they are trustworthy and offer great service. Is always wise to check the number of years the company has been running, who runs it, is it a team or an individual, where they are based and so on.

The reviews usually explain most of those details. If you can not find any information related to the company it might still be new in the industry.

 In most instances if a company has been running for a year or more it would have a couple of reviews.

Total numbers of email subscribers:

The number of email subscribers you are allowed to have in a package should be enough for you. In some free email service providers you get a high number of subscribers while in others you get less. 

For example on MailChimp you get up to 2000 email subscribers in the free package While you get the same number of subscribers on StreamSend. The only difference is that one is free while one is premium.

This can be a challenge in most cases, trying to find a tool that allows hundreds or thousands of subscribers can be a daunting task.

There’s one thing you should know though, that with a free email service provider you get limited features. Even if you get a higher number of email subscribers you will be limited. This means you will still need a paid package of that tool.

Number of emails you can send:

In some email marketing tools you can only send up to a certain amount of emails per month. It could be so even in some of the premium packages. You should be aware of that before you choose that tool, to avoid appointments.

Always go for a package that will allow you to send as many emails as possible per month. When you are new you might have less subscribers, that could mean you wont send too many emails at first. 

But if your blog starts receiving more traffic and your list grows, you could find yourself sending more emails per month.

Monthly cost:

Similar to choosing a web hosting service, the price is important in this service. Email marketing tools can be free, low

or expensive. The price plays a major role in the form of service or features you get. In most cases free email marketing packages offer less compared to premium packages. Sometimes it can be hard to choose an email marketing tool because of a low budget.

If you are still starting your business and have very limited funds then a free package can get you underway. Just don’t get used to the habit of using free tools because you will not get the same features as premium users. So if you do have funds to invest in your online business whether it be blogging, affiliate marketing then choose a premium tool.

Paid email marketing tools can start from $6 to $800 per month. In some you only for the number of subscribers you have.

Analysis and Insights:

The best email marketing tools often give insights on the emails. The insights might include the open rate of your emails, click through rate to your official site and so on.

It might happen that you choose a tool that does not offer all the insights you need. You should know that analysis plays a big role in improving your email marketing strategy. 

Always check for other types of analysis features that can help you be a better online marketer. The more insights the better.

Upgrade possibilities:

A great email service provider will allow you to upgrade to a bigger email marketing plan at any time or when you need to. Find out how often you can upgrade your plan. 

One thing that you don’t need is a ESP that denies you to upgrade when you want to. If you can afford to upgrade to a plan you want you should do so without a hustle. Also you need to find out what you will receive in case you do  upgrade. The features should be detailed on the website. You should also see the terms and conditions related to the use and upgrade.

Payment Method:

Email marketing tools use various payment methods. Surely you should choose the one that makes it easy for you to fund your account. 

Payment methods also depend on the country you are based. If you are outside of the US you might have to check which payment will be suitable for you. Most email tools accept PayPal as payment processor. 

You just have to make sure if the Payment Processor can be used where you are. Apart from PayPal what other alternatives do you have to make payments to the provider.

If your aim is to make money online then this is one of the features you also need to look at.

Friendly User Interface:

You might not know about this until you start using the tool. One of the things that can help you are online tutorials on how to use the email marketing tool. 

Go through the website to see if they have a guide, visit their YouTube channel to see if they have videos teaching you how to use their application. It would be easy to see a friendly user interface through a video.

If the ESP offers a free plan then it might get you started. You can use it to test the friendliness of the app.

Support Service:

A reputable provider often has support services in place. This is to help you communicate with them in case you need to. There are several ways you can communicate to the support team. You can do so by calling them directly, use a live chat, or send them an email. 

Find out how you can contact their support. How long would take to respond to your message. Usually emails take longer to be opened, so a call and live chat might be faster.

Final thoughts

We’ve looked at several ways you can use to choose an email marketing tool for your blog or online business. There’s no other way around this, you need to go through this process one way or another if you want to do email marketing. Building a list involves having a great tool to help you handle your email list.

You will need to focus on the email subscribers you will get, the price, insights and all that. One of the best email subscribers in Aweber, it offers most of those features.

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