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11 Blog topics that make money fast

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Blog topics that make money fast

If you’ve been asking yourself about blog topics that make money fast then you’ve come to the right article. Most new bloggers find it hard to decide on the blog topic due to the overwhelming  information online.

There’s too many niches to choose from but one major factor is the competition within the niches. Some niches are too competitive in  such a way that you will find it hard to rank high on Google. 

And some niches are only profitable for a while due to the fast nature of the content.

So you should learn how to choose a niche and choose a niche that that will last a life time.

Choosing a topic that sends traffic for a short period can make good money for a short while. For example a blog post describing a top female celebrities a*s enlargement can only get traffic for a few days. 

The monetization method for that blog post can only be done through advertising networks like Adsense.

After a few days most people would lose interest and start focusing on something else. This means you will have to produce such content on a regular basis.

Another way is to choose a topic that can solve people’s problems. You can look for an everyday problem that people are faced with. 

Then create content that will not run out of fashion but continuously help people by solving their day to day problems. 

There’s usually too much competition in such blog topics but that does not mean you should quit. It might take weeks, months, even years to build a reputation  for yourself and also rank high.

But just because a  niche is profitable it does not mean it will also work for you. If you are someone who prefers writing one article per week, a fast faced niche might not be the best for you. Some topics might need you to produce one or more articles a day. And also how you structure your content, optimize your posts  and build links could play a major role.

As your site gains traffic and becomes one of the best in your niche you will start making money with your blog.

11 blog topics that make money fast

1. Make money online

The make money online niche  has too many blogs and most of them share value. This niche has been covered in different angles by many bloggers. 

If you decide to start a blog in this niche you should try to cover angles that have fewer  competition. Even though I doubt you’ll find any, because there are hundreds or thousands of blogs in this niche. 

Some of them are no longer active, your biggest challenge could be out ranking the top twenty blogs.

Better yet, you could niche up to a sub topic. Some of the sub topics in the make money online niche include:

The top blogs in the affiliate marketing niche include HiloSolo run by Paul Scrivens. You can never run out of ideas to make money with your blog in this niche. 

The monetization methods include doing affiliate marketing, offering services, selling your own products, adding AdSense etc.

2. Entertainment

This niche has been one of the blog topics that make money fast and still continues for many bloggers. The entertainment niche is one of the fast paced niches I mentioned above and is also a combination of multiple niches. This type of niche usually needs someone who can produce a high volume of content.

Yet, in terms of monetization it can be easy to monetize through AdSense or other advertising networks. This type of blog gets a lot of traffic because of the type of content they produce.

But most of its content does not stay relevant for too long, it runs out of fashion easily. So if you are running it as one man show you might have a hard time producing .

Blogs that fall under this category include Gossip Blogs like PerezHilton. 

This blog makes over $580 000 per month and it covers world celebrity gossip, Hollywood latest and so on.

You can start such a blog at any time, or better yet target certain parts of the World like Nigeria or South Africa. 

It does not mean you wont get competition in those parts of the world but you could compete.

Another great example of this niche is the viral content blog. 

There are also many of these and their main purpose is to get people to click on your links. With a viral content blog the focus on the headline.

3. Sport

People love sports and sports blogs get a lot of traffic. There’s a blog for every sport online, your challenge could be to get traffic the first few months.

As we all know not all sports are equal. Soccer is the leading sport in the world with the Soccer World Cup being the major sporting event. 

While basketball and baseball are big in the US and cricket is big in India and other parts of the world. Having such understanding can help you.

It does not mean you should limit yourself to them. There many other sport blogs that you can start including, boxing, tennis, rugby etc.

The only disadvantage with sport content is that it is not evergreen content. Most articles send traffic for a short period.

 This tells you should keep up with the latest news in the field and always write what’s relevant at the time.

The good news is that sports blogs get a lot of traffic in nature. This also means they are easy to make money with.

You can monetize them through affiliate links and adsense

4. Fitness and exercise niche

People are always looking for different methods to stay fit. So if you are passionate about doing workouts then a fitness blog could be the best for you.

With a fitness blog you can share information about physical body fitness. This includes workouts, daily exercises etc.

You can even niche down to smaller sub topics such as dance, pregnancy exercises, yoga, aerobics and so on.

A fitness blog performs better if it is linked to Youtube, Facebook or any video uploading platform. This means you need to continuously create and upload videos where you demonstrate your workouts.

You can make money with a fitness blog through AdSense, promoting workout machines from Amazon, eBay, or you can create and sell your own workout eBooks and Videos.

5 Freelancing

We can’t exclude freelancing as one of the blog topics that make money fast. Freelance sites are some of the best ways to help people make money online. They’ve been there for a while and they include Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer and now XBTfreelancer.

A freelance blog can cover a lot of things including how to get clients or how to brand yourself as a freelancer. 

Of course it is easy to monetize a freelance blog, you can do it through selling freelance courses, ebooks, affiliate marketing and advertising networks.

It wouldn’t take that long to rank high in the niche since there are not too many blogs related to this niche. Putting your focus on it and writing relevant content with great headlines.

For a freelance writing niche you can take a look at Jordin Makelle of Writing Revolt.

6 Technology

Tech blogs are one of those that have a lot of options when  it comes to content creation. You can never run out of content if you start a blog in this niche. A tech blog  covers the latest technologies, gadgets and apps.

Since tech technology is ever changing, a tech blog needs regular content. The tech blog content might not be evergreen but is not as fast paced as the entertainment blog.

You would have to review some of the gadgets or share their features. Building readers can be a challenge but as your content grows you will get regular readers.

How can you make money with a tech blog? Through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, direct ad selling, AdSense and more.

7. WordPress

I consider WordPress the only true blogging platform since it is the leading tool with 30% plus websites running in WordPress. 

When new bloggers have to choose a blogging platform they usually have to stick to wordpress due to it’s features.

As a wordpress blogger you can focus on many of its uses including hosting, themes and plugins.

There are already big blogs in this niche that are doing extremely well, they include CodeinWP, WPBeginner and WPMU DEV. Some blogs can focus on sub niches like wordpress affiliate programs or wordpress themes and still do well.

When it comes to traffic, a wordpress blog get’s a lot of it. Many people use wordpress as the blogging platform so traffic is always available. The major task would be to create and make your blog popular which might take a while. What to know about wordpress content, is evergreen, you can create it once and forget.

The same goes with making money with your wordpress blog. Is not hard to monetize it since there are a lot of wordpress affiliate programs. 

The affiliate programs include web hosting, themes, plugins and other tools.

Take a look at WPBeginner’s WordPress tips to protect your WordPress site.

8. Personal Finance

The personal finance niche is one of the most lucrative niches online. Being a blogger in this niche requires more hard work and skills in the finance industry. 

Do not confuse this niche with making money online, even though they are related, this is more advanced. A personal finance give money saving tips, earning extra cash, side hustles etc.

If you are able to help people with their finances then a personal finance blog can work for you.

You don’t have to be an expert in the field but you might have to research and produce great content. Provide great finance tips so that people can trust and take your advice.

Take a look at this blogs

The Penny Hoarder

My Money Blog

Making Sense of Cents a popular blog in this niche, here’s thein income report for June 2021.

9. Food

Starting a food blog can be challenging but they are one of the most profitable niches online. Food blogs get a lot of traffic, anyway we all have to eat. 

So being able to share food recipes and showing people how to cook is one of the best ways to make this type of blog.

Your task would be cooking, writing articles and taking quality pictures of the food you cook.

All of that can take a lot of time, but all in all a food blog can be lucrative.

Some food blogs make well over $10 000 a month, take a look at this  income report from one of the top food bloggers.

To get a lot of traffic you can pin your posts and images on Pinterest or share on Instagram. Creating youtube videos is also one of the best ways to get more traffic.

You can learn a lot from Imma founder of immaculate bites

10. Health and Wellness

Most people go online to find health solutions. A health and wellness blog is a blog that helps readers with minor health problems like how to get rid of a headache. There  are many topics that can be covered in this niche.

You don’t have to be the only one writing the content on those topics. By letting other people share their own methods with your readers you can grow your blog faster.

A health and wellness blog tends to get huge traffic due to the content and problem solving. Such content can be shared on different social media platforms to attract more visitors.  Most blogs in this niche make money through AdSense but you can find other methods.

Apart from earning through ad networks you can write sponsored posts, and use sponsored ads.

11. Blogging

We spoke about wordpress above which is a blogging platform. In the blogging niche blogs cover more than just the blogging platforms. They cover  blogging tips, starting and managing a blog, building a profitable blog.

Most bloggers in this niche share their own blogging experience, how they improve their blogs. This topic is also ideal for someone who has started a successful blog.

There are a lot of blogs covering this topic so competition is high. Good examples on the topic are successful blogging, smartblogger you might also like bloggingwizard.

Some of the blogs in this niche makeover $50 000/mo and they monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, selling courses and offering services.

Final thoughts

You can choose from any of those profitable blog niches. This are just some of the best blog topics that make money fast. Choosing any of those niches can help you make money through blogging. It would also help to niche down to a specific topic instead of going broad.

A blog that focuses on a particular niche tends to do better. Keep in mind that all those topics are competitive. For you to be the best you need to add more effort and work smart.

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