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A set of affiliate marketing tools, What You Need To Get Started

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affiliate marketing tools

Every successful business needs a set of tools to make it so does affiliate marketing. You will need this set of tools outlined in this article to be successful with your affiliate marketing business.

As we all know, people are different, some might require a long list of online marketing tools while others might just require a few. In this article I’m only going to share the ones which I believe are important.

Here’s a set of affiliate marketing tools you can use

A reliable web hosting service:

Web hosting plays a major part in a successful affiliate marketing business. All your web files and databases should be stored in a secured server that is worthy of your money.

Most successful affiliate marketers will tell you, if you happen to choose a wrong hosting company it can cost you. So you need to choose a reliable hosting company where you will host your websites.

They are part of the best affiliate programs you can promote online.

There are free hosting premium hosting companies.

If you are thinking of using a free web hosting then forget about making your affiliate marketing business a success. All free web hosting sites don’t provide the required services to make it online.

Some of the free hosting sites do not allow affiliate links on their sites

Instead you should go for a cheap shared hosting and upgrade if you start receiving more traffic or when your business grows.

Shared web hosting can be anywhere between $3.95 to $10 per month. The most reliable shared hosting can be found at bluehost, you can use your web site with peace.

A niche for your affiliate marketing business:

Affiliate marketing works well if you choose a niche that you can focus on. For example if you want to promote food products, it would be wise to choose the food niche as your main focus. 

Don’t try to be all over the place trying to work with different niches all at once.

Instead focus on creating content that is suited for your target audience. Look around the internet, you will see that successful affiliate marketers are the ones who focus on one niche for a while.

It would help you if you know about the niche you are choosing. If you don’t know anything about it yet you can take some time and learn about it. 

You should also learn more about the products you are planning to promote. Do your research and write content related to the niche, and avoid writing content without doing proper research.

A Content Management System:

You truly need a content management system in your list of affiliate marketing tools. A CMS helps you manage your website content easily without using HTML. 

The most useful content management system is WordPress. But you can learn different blogging platforms so that you can make a wise decision.

There’s nothing you won’t be able to do with a CMS like wordpress. Is free and is designed to be used by both beginners and expert online marketers.

You can also design your own website without hiring a professional web designer. All you need is a premium theme that can be customized to suit your needs. 

You are allowed  to install a wordpress theme of your choice anytime you want.

With wordpress you can also install any plugin on your website. Some WP plugins are free while some can be purchased online on a wordpress marketplace or a website store.

A List of Traffic sources:

Affiliate marketing relies heavily on traffic, if you want to be successful in this industry choose a few traffic sources to work with. 

There are too many traffic sources to choose from off course. But you need to make sure that your target audience can be reached on those traffic sources.

The best traffic source for affiliate marketing is the paid traffic source. With paid traffic sources you can target your audience much easier compared to free traffic. 

Paid traffic can be found through Google’s Pay Per Click advertising. While paid social media advertising like facebook, linkedin can also be of good use. 

You should also consider looking at online forums, in fact there’s a forum for every niche.

Is also a wise thing to use multiple traffic sources that focus on one. When you use many traffic sources you increase your chances of gaining more traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization:

Even though SEO is considered to be hard to do, it also plays a major role in affiliate marketing. It might take more time than expected to create content that ranks well in search engines but is worth more.

Learning all the seo basics might also take a while, is not something that a beginner can grasp in their first try. But one you understand SEO you could be well on your way to riches.

The disadvantage is that your content could compete with some of the best internet marketers who have invested a lot of time and effort in SEO.

If you don’t have time to do SEO for yourself you can find an SEO expert to help you with it. Is obvious,  SEO experts don’t come cheap, but it could be worth every penny.

If you can not afford one then you might have to learn all the basics of SEO. The SEO Book by Arron is the best resource for SEO.

Email marketing tool

An email marketing tool or autoresponders is crucial to have in online marketing. Autoresponders help you  collect email subscribers from your audience and build an email list. 

You need a reliable email marketing tool to start collecting emails.There are many free and paid email marketing tools to choose from.  You don’t have to wait until you start receiving traffic before you start building a list. 

For those working on a low budget they can use a free email marketing tool like MailChip and start with their email marketing.

A tool like Aweber is the best for most beginners who want to choose a premium auto-responder instead of the free one.

Both these tools are great, with MailChip you can only collect up to 2000 emails and send up to 12000 emails per month on their free plan. With these tools you get a friendly user interface and are able to see the performance of your campaigns.

As a beginner you don’t need complicated email software, this one can work well for you. You can explore other auto-responders as your knowledge increases.

Landing page tool

In some cases you might need a lead capture page or landing page to promote your affiliate programs. For that you will need to design attractive landing pages.

A capture page might explain a bit about the product, and include a form containing an email and a name or just an email. This is where your target audience will give you their email and subscribe to newsletters.

But first you need to design the capture page and give something away for you to receive their email.  

A great tool is required for you to design that landing page. An example of a landing page can include a bit of text, a video explaining the product and enticing your audience to subscribe.

One of the best landing page tools is LeadPages, it can help you design a professional capture page for your affiliate programs.

Affiliate link management tool:

In most cases affiliate links can be long complicated strings of urls mixed with funny characters and numbers. You can create a unique affiliate link instead of using the one you get from the affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing management tools are those tools that enable you to manage your affiliate links. These are affiliate link cloaking tools to help you shorten your affiliate links. They also help you track the performance of your links.

You get to analyze the data of your links and see which ones get more clicks and so on. The best tool for that is the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin.

it has all the features I’ve just mentioned. This tool helps bloggers with link cloaking, click stats, automatic affiliate linking, geo-location links and so on.

Final thoughts

If you really want to succeed in your affiliate marketing business consider using all those affiliate marketing tools. As I’ve already mentioned every business needs certain types of tools to get results.

As an affiliate marketer you need to have at least this type of tool. The first one being a hosting company, while others being CMS like WordPress, SEO, a link cloaking tool and the rest.

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